DIY Ways to Remove Stains On Your Bed sheet (Blood and Cum)

Remove these embarrassing stains before someone finds out

By Sameet
DIY Ways to Remove Stains On Your Bed sheet (Blood and Cum)

Stains from Period, Sex or Wet Dreams

There’s no way you can get away from these things in life, they are a part of a normal and healthy routine. But of course, their pesky little stains do have to follow and make your life a little harder. So instead of just getting embarrassed about them, tackle them head-on and always be prepared and extra care for next time.

Why periods stains are the worst?

This goes without denying, periods are the worst. They start bothering you almost a week earlier, the mood swings, sometimes cramps even and the constant anticipation of a bad time. And when they finally hit, it’s no fun either. Now imagine you’re already having a rough time, had trouble sleeping too, your periods weren’t expected till another day but wait…they came earlier this time. You wake up in a pool of blood, your clothes are ruined, you’re already in a lot of mess and now you have to clean this all up too before someone finds out.

The tough stains from Sex and Wet Dreams

As much pleasure these give us, there’s a lot of mess to take care of afterward too. That is a bummer of course but you can’t get away from it. Sex dreams are basically our body’s needs being fulfilled if you’re not doing it for some time and sex is… well, sex. These ones are a bit different because they’re kind of very stubborn and sticky. It takes some time to get rid of them, the earlier the better.

Whatever the stain, whatever the worries, we got you covered.

Remove Blood Stains from Your Bedsheet

We obviously don’t want the period to be any more frustrating than it already is. Your bed sheets are the number one target and then your sofas, chairs, cushions, and whatnot. But if you follow these tips, things might not be as hard as you thought.

No Time? The Cheatsheet way

The best way is the quickest way, honestly. Even if you’re trying to remove the blood stains in a hurry because you can’t let your boyfriend, husband or roommate to find out, but that is truly the best time too. You don’t want the blood to stay on for longer and just leave a permanent mark or even stink too. So here are some tips to follow:

Cold water a.s.a.p.

The best way is to just take the sheet and run the stain through cold water. The quicker you wash it, the better. You will see the stains getting really dim and then just add any regular soap or hand wash there at your sink. Quickly dry it with an iron or just your hairdryer. You’ll be done in 5 minutes and no one will ever know.

Talcum powder

Grab your powder quickly and just make a paste with water. Apply a nice layer on top of the stain. Even if someone sees this, it won’t look bad as the blood, plus you get it cleaned as soon as it dries off. You can substitute the powder with cornstarch too if it’s available.

Put masking tape on it

Of course, it’s not a permanent solution but it will get you out of an embarrassing moment. Keep some neutral colored tape in your drawer always, if the stain is really small, put tape on it and you can even blend some of your makeup or powder over it to match the color of the sheet. If it’s white, translucent or talcum powder does the trick. Don’t forget to wash afterward though.

How to Remove Blood Stains the Natural and Commercial Way

Follow these tricks and say good-bye to those stains!

1. Salt or Saline solution

One of the best solutions is just sitting there on your kitchen shelf. It’s easy, cheap and really convenient. These accidents can happen anywhere and anytime so you need this salt hack to scrub away the worries. Simply rub salt on the stain, use a little cold water to help it dissolve. Keep scrubbing and rinsing it till the stain fades away. The same can be achieved using your saline lens solution if you’re out somewhere.

2. Lemon Juice

When life gives you lemons, use them to remove period stains. Lemon juice is acidic and works pretty well just like commercial products. A little lemon juice for 5-10 minutes on the stain will do the trick. Keep rinsing it with cold water and don’t let it wash off the fabric color.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda works pretty well especially when you’re using it on a white sheet. Make a baking soda paste is really easy; just take one cup of baking soda and half a cup of water. Rub the paste on the stain and let it sit for an hour. It will definitely take up the color and leave your sheet stain-free.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

This is your go-to product for the stubborn bloodstains. This miracle product is a lifesaver in many situations. The moment you apply H2O2 to the stain, it will start bubbling up and you can watch the magic happen. Simply take a cotton swab, dip it in Hydrogen Peroxide and apply directly to the stain. Rinse it with water and dry with an iron. Keep doing this till you’re happy with the results. It works even on dried and old stains.

5. Enzymatic Cleaners

Carbona 406/24 Stain Devils Blood

We’re certainly not in the medieval ages; you can easily find lots of laundry detergents with special enzymes that help clean out these specific stains. Make your life easier with these.

6. Meat Tenderizers

Yes, it sounds really weird but this product works too especially on old spots. Make a paste with water and apply it, leave it for around 30 minutes, rinse it and throw it with the rest if the laundry. The stain was never there.

Remove Cum from Your Bed sheet

First, you’ve got to know that semen stain is all protein. Protein stains are the hardest to get off so you need to be smart about it. Here are some ideas that will make your life easier:

Quick fix when there’s no time

If you’ve got time for sex, you need to take out time for the cleaning part too. Here’s what you can do:

Run it through hot water

Take your sheet and soak it in hot water. Simple fill a bucket of hot tap water and soak your sheet or part of that sheet in it. You can leave it there till you have time to actually wash it off, till then the stain will detach and make it easier to come off especially for cotton and light weighed fabric.

Flip the sheet over

Don’t flip and forget though but you can surely hid the scene by simply flipping the sheets over. This might look okay from the surface but it’s not going to help your mattress underneath.

How to Remove Cum Stains the Natural and Commercial Way

Here are some helpful ideas:

1. White Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic so it really helps to dissolve natural stains. Don’t worry if it’s your sheets, your shorts or the pillowcase just soak the stain a little in the solution and let white vinegar do the job.

2. Boric Acid

Also known as Borax, this acid is readily available at local stores. Grab some and make a paste with water, apply it to the stained area leave it for about a half hour. Rub it off nicely and enjoy your stain-free sheets.

3. Bleach

Bleach needs good supervision when using it as it takes off the original color and damages the fabric too. But if you use it according to instructions, it does the trick in removing semen stains and kills germs too.

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A bloodstain is a sight that no one wants to see. Luckily, there are ways that you can use to remove such stains from your clothes. Learn more about these tried and true methods of removing blood from anything, and trust us, you won't find any fake advice here!


Stains are going to be a part of your life forever, it’s better to gear up and deal with it.