15 Ways to Attract Her With My Dry Sense of Humor?

Humor, even deadpan humor works magic on attractiveness

By Kimmy
15 Ways to Attract Her With My Dry Sense of Humor?

What is a dry sense of humor?

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A dry sense of humor, deadpan, or deep pan, is a sense of humor that is delivered with no apparent emotions attached. It's supposed to sound unintentional, blunt and ironic. It's a common approach taken by comedians for their stand-up comedies.

For example, they would tell a joke with no emotions, like they're talking about the time and weather. The lack of emotions adds the hilarious element to their jokes as the audience laugh but not the comedian himself. People with a dry sense of humor are usually thought to be entertaining and smart. They know how to crack a joke and make it even funnier by not laughing at it themselves.

Girls are easily attracted to guys with a dry sense of humor as they are usually calmer with a funny side. Want to be one of those to get the attention of your dream girl with your dry sense of humor? Keep reading and learn how!

15 Ways to Attract Her With My Dry Sense of Humor

1. Come up with jokes that are ready to go

Always remember a few of the classic lines, preferably something original by you. One thing that makes dry sense of humor stands out is that it's really not about the joke itself, but the way you deliver it. It's about how you present yourself. In case you get cold feet and lose your sense of humor and can't come up with a good one on spot, always come up with a few beforehand that's applicable to most situations so you sound smart and funny.

2. Don't mix it up with sarcasm

People confuse sarcasm with a dry sense of humor easily. A sarcastic person usually makes comments with a bit of an insult. Like when you ask if the hiking is cancelled because of the rain, a sarcastic person would reply something along the line of "no, we are going to climb 8 hours in the rain". It comes off as an ironic comment to your question and at the same, telling you the answer is very obvious and that you're asking a very stupid question.

Sarcasm can come with an insult, if the person doesn't take it well. But a dry sense of humor joke never intends to bring down anyone. It's funny because of the way you deliver it, not the content of it. And it should not be related to anyone that would bring the other person down. Don't mix with dry sense of humor with sarcasm. Some people think they have a dry sense of humor and that they are funny, but they can just be sarcastic and even rude and impolite.

3. Read your surrounding well

If you look to impress a girl with your witty sense of humor, read your surroundings. In order to impress a girl, it would be good to crack the joke for her and not to a bunch of other crowds. During a group hangout, try to only show your wit to her. Look for opportunities to be with her. Don't be that comedian to crack jokes everywhere loudly to everyone at the table. Then you will just be the funny guy, that's it.

4. Ease into it

Some girls don't react to dry sense of humor well at first, especially if you are a stranger. Gradually ease into it rather than being blunt up front. It's hard to read a stranger so even if you think you're being funny, to her maybe you're being sarcastic, rude or arrogant.

On the other hand, if she has to same sense of humor and shows it to you right from the start, you better jump into it as well! Seems like you've found someone to share your witty sense of humor with!

5. Control your emotions

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It would be really embarrassing if you crack the joke, trying to play it cool, but end up burst out laughing before you could even finish telling the joke. You need to look confident and indifferent to the things you say. People with a dry sense of humor are always the most confident and intelligent. You're not affected by your own emotions and shouldn't be showing your emotions.

6. Step up your game with some dark sense of humor

Like-minded people find the same things funny. People with a dry sense of humor often have a dark sense of humor too. You would find morbid, unsettling things funny. You can be cynical. Time to reveal your dark side if she too is into it. Read her well to see if she usually enjoys jokes like that, if so, simply step up your game with some dark sense of humor to talk about how you both don't believe in Utopia.

7. Using your wit to save the day

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That's always how you impress a girl. Getting stuck in an awkward situation where your friends are aruging and fighting and then you come in and use your dry sense of humor to end the fight. That would be something epic and legendary, surely will impress the girl.

You don't have to pick a fight or drive a wedge between your firends for this plan to work. Just keep in mind that next time you see a fight. Time for you to man up and step in.

8. Don't be bothered by others

Dry sense of humor is not for everyone. That's why people that have it are confident, because they are not bothered by others. Don't let others bring your self-esteem down if they tell you your humor sucks in front of your girl. Still act confident. After all, ladies love a confident man.

9. Use everyday topics

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Often times, the easiest way to make someone laugh isn't telling the most complicated or sophisticated jokes. It's about finding the humor in everyday life. Say something about your day and make it funny. If you can find the humor in everyday life, you already show that you know how to live your life right. And that's something that attracts the ladies.

Try practising it with a friend. Everyday try to come up with three things that you can turn into a joke and you can still be casual about it.

10. Turn misery into a laugh

Now, this is not about laughing at others' misery and misfortune. It's about smiling and staying positive even if something bad descends upon you. Learning to joke about your own misfortune is hard but it shows you're a positive person. Don't make fun of others' misfortune if you only want to show off your dry sense of humor. Remember a dry sense of humor doesn't come with an insult.

11. Be cynical

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Being cynical is also very lovable. You're not fooled by any illusions that the world is a perfect place and everyone is just an angel around you. People all have their agendas and it's good to recognize it. Being cynical doesn't mean you're just whining about life. Most likely you've figured life out. You've seen life. A real person is always more attractive than a delusional person thinking the world is perfect and wonderful.

12. Think quick

You've got to be a quick thinker if you want to impress your girl. You can never fully predict how the other person is going to react to things you say. What if they don't like your joke? Can you save it? Being a quick thinker gets you out of situations a lot easier. This takes time to train but it's so worth it. Then whatever situation you get stuck in you always find a witty way to get out of it.

13. Let her know you're not complicated

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People with a dry sense of humor aren't comlicated or drama queens. They are smart and they are true to themselves. They know what they want and everyone that knows you knows exactly what you are like. You don't act differently around different people and that's something great about you. Being straight-forwad and blunt is your selling point. Show her you're not complicated like her previous crazy ex.

14. You don't care

Your indifferent attitude when telling the joke is your biggest selling point. How can you be so funny that you don't even laugh at your own jokes? This indifferent attitude is what a lot of girls find attractive, and somewhat mysterious, altough not complicated.

15. Talk about small things

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What are the little things in life that people tend to overlook but not you? Look for those things and find the humor in them. Being able to look for things others can't is what makes you stand out and be special. Carefully observe and look for all those little things in life that can be your inspiration.

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Do you have a dry sense of humor and you are proud of it? Well, that's great. Your dry sense of humor will get you far in the dating field. We've already taught you how! Your wit will surely capture the lucky girl's heart as long as you follow our tips! Do it now. Don't wait. You are the type to go for it instead of dreaming of it!


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