Fab Swingers, Yay or Nay on This Hookup Site? Find out Now

What is drawing thousands of people to this UK Hookup Site?

By Kimmy
Fab Swingers, Yay or Nay on This Hookup Site? Find out Now

What is Fab Swingers?

Source: Fab Swingers

Everyone, welcome to the biggest, kinkiest, most exotic and erotic hookup site in the UK.

How wild are Fab Swingers you ask? Well, even Tinder is timid in front of it. Fab Swingers is a web page with the layout of a 2005 penpal club website style. On the first glimpse, it looks nothing fancy or sexual. It's what you picture your granny to go on to look for other elderly to talk to.

The magic starts once you register. There is a sea of dick pics flowing around. Your profile pic can be your dick pic if you want. People dm you and judge if they want to have sex with you by the dick pics or nudes you put up. There's a place for everyone, you can be single looking for a couple. A straight couple looking for a gay couple. Any fantasy you have, write it out and someone shares your fantasy will reach out.

If that hasn't shocked you enough, you can leave a review for your partner after sex. Give him a thumb's up if he satisfied you that night. Trash him if his dick is nowhere as big as advertised. This is the ultimate hookup site in the UK with over 200,000 members and always with 25,000 online at any given time.

Sounds too crazy to be true? Not at all. Users have loved this site. No one judges your craziest fantasy. Read on to find out the reviews for Fab Swingers!

Reviews of Fab Swingers

Users have been loving this site. You can get well above 100 dick pics in under 6 minutes and hundreds of invites to a wild sex party. What fascinates users the most is its transparency. You can write down anything you are looking for, from orgy to kidnapping and abduction fantasy, to even rape fantasy (of course, they all have to be nothing but fantasy). You can chat with people that can make your fantasy happen (all staged but you will get the experience you want).

There are people looking for the wildest dreams. A guy wants to have sex with someone's wife while the husband watches on. You think it's crazy, you think no one would ever want that. On Fab Swingers, there are many couples like that. The wife wants to be f**ked by a stranger and the husband wants to watch it happen. There's no reason why this turns people on. It just works for them. Mutual consent can't hurt anyone.

Mutual consent is the one and only rule in Fab Swingers. Anything is acceptable as long as everything has been discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Users love it for this. From diaper play to an orgy to BDSM with grannies, fantasies you have never even think of exist on the steamy page.

Reviews for Fab Swingers have been majorly positive. People seem to have found a paradise for their sexual quirks. A lot of people that don't feel too attractive in real life go on Fab Swingers and others come and compliment their dick. It's a real ego-booster and there's nothing wrong with that. Some get praised for their looks, some get praised for their work, some get praised for their dicks.

Fab Swingers work wonderfully because you will get accepted as long as you are willing to go naked and talk dirty. What's even better is that you get to rate your partner for their performance. If you spend a night with someone highly praised on the site but they turn out to be disappointing, rate him and let others know. Those reviews might've been fake or you are just looking for something different. Either, being able to rate and get rated is part of the excitement and makes the sit intense.

People go all out for a good rating. So they keep getting better hookups and people to collaborate on their ultimate fantasy. Everyone tries to keep each other satisfied. A good rating gives you a higher chance of a partner with the craziest dare. The rating system is also well-applauded by users. That way you have an idea who's a scam who's genuine on the site. Most sites don't let you rate and you can't tell if someone's a fraud just by their profile, or unless enough people report the users to get them banned, otherwise you can't really verify. The rating system Fab Swingers has provided somewhat security to users.

Don't worry if you are new with no rating, people there are always willing to give you a go. That's another beauty of it and why Fab Swingers is the biggest hookup site used in the UK and many other countries.

Go for Fab Swingers if you are...


Anyone and everyone can register on Fab Swingers and look for a memorable hookup. Of course, you have to have the intention to do it. You can't go to Fab Swingers looking for a study buddy. As long as you have the full intention to f**k, go on it.

Fab Swingers is the Bali for people with a free spirit, sex-wise. Don't judge other people's fantasy and they don't judge yours. Do you have a fantasy that you feel won't be accepted by the public? Fab Swinger is the place you should be.

You can coordinate your own kidnapping fantasy with people on it. Getting kidnapped on your way home from work, being kept in a dungeon with nowhere to escape, your captors are the only humans you can interact with, Stockholm syndrome starts to kick it and you start to have feelings for them. The juicy porn plot is at your disposal. There will be people on the platform that satisfy your lust and desire.

A group of common users on Fab Swingers are couples that have lived a boring marriage life and feel it's time to be rebels and do what others have been telling them not to do their whole life. They are there to experiment. They are not even sure what is their darkest sexual desire. They are there to observe and learn. This group of people is more open to any type of sexual acts as they are exploring. They don't have a preference yet.

Sometimes they do a group bang with another couple or they look for singles to have sex with their other half as they watch on. Anything to ignite the sparks in their marriage again. You can see those people trying really hard to be a part of something. They are trying to free themselves and consolidate their relationship. A very good type of people to try new things with. They are open-minded, easygoing and not picky. If that sounds like you and your partner, you know this website is going to save your relationship and you have got to sign up today.

Avoid Fab Swingers if you are...

Fab Swingers isn't made for you if you are easily stressed to new situations, too conservative, can't handle deep sexual fantasy or have a high moral standard.

Surely some of the sexual fantasies will sound offensive if you can't take it. They are some people's fantasies even if they don't seem morally correct to you. Besides, some people can get quick aggressive with their strategy. You will get an influx of dick pics from different people and a few of them may try to coerce you into their sex acts. If you are soft and don't take pressure well, stay away from the site as it might create more stress for you.

Although it's a hookup site, it's a site for people with socially non-acceptable sexual ideas. Not a site for conservative fellas that only want a traditional casual hookup. Most people go there to satisfy their needs that traditional hookup sites cannot provide for them.

Don't register on it if you have a weak stomach or easily cave into pressure. Stick with Tinder or other milder hookup sites.

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Fab Swingers just redefined what you knew about hookup sites! Still think Tinder is nasty enough for your taste? Not even close. Fab Swingers is free and easy to navigate. It's a safe place to show off your private parts proudly and share your deepest secrets relating to sex. The amount of people that will resonate with you is unbelievable. Time to sign up for a profile and see if you can break the record of getting 100 dick pics in 6 minutes!


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