Top 5 Erogenous Zones For Men And How To Tease Him

Find out what ticks him the most and 3 more overlooked zones

By Sophia R
Top 5 Erogenous Zones For Men And How To Tease Him

What are erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are those that, due to their sensitivity, provoke sensations of pleasure when stimulated, since many nerve endings accumulate in them. And they are not limited to the sexual organs, which in many couples can constitute a true obsession, to the point of forgetting about the rest of the body.

In a sexual relationship that aims to be fully satisfactory, it is necessary to know the each other's erogenous zones and to know how to stimulate them to produce excitement and pleasure. Each person responds in a different way to their stimulation and some are more gratifying than others. You have to explore them all to know the sensations that each one of them generates and thus be able to offer maximum satisfaction.

Top 5 Erogenous Zones for Men

1. Lower Abdomen

The lower abdomen is an area that if stimulated right, can drive any man crazy. This is the area between the pelvis and the abdomen, and it is very sensitive and pleasurable. As blood flows to the pelvis, it begins to accumulate pressure in his penis and get him ready for the action. Start by touching his navel and move your hands south. Walk your tongue from the genitals to different nearby areas; then go back to the point where you started and so on. He will love it on every level!

2. Neck

The neck and nape are very sensitive erogenous zones although they appear not to be. Just the fact of brushing with your fingertips on these areas will make your man get goosebumps and want you instantly. You can start with a light touch of your lips and tongue to the neck and clavicle area. Rest assured that with only that, his arousal will increase in bulk, if you know what I mean. Dare to multitask, lightly rubbing his neck or nibbling on an earlobe while also sliding your hands south. He won't be able to hold it in for long. 

3. Ears

The ears are another body part that many forget but it is also one of the most sensitive and important to stimulate during sex. The good thing about this area is that it is not only stimulated by touch, but by sound too. To start, you can emit sensual words combined with light moans on his ear. That's a good start to the seduction game and getting him completely turned on in a matter of seconds. You can also slightly nib at it and even use your tongue, but remember, slightly, don't start licking as a dog would or he will be extremely grossed out and turned off. Start by giving small kisses in the area and then, little by little, start combining kisses with bites at the same time that you tell him how much you want him.
Nonetheless, the protagonist in this part will be your words. The good use of them will make your partner almost explode with pleasure. 

4. Penis

Obviously, the penis is the most sensitive male erogenous zone in their entire body (but not the only one you should explore). Their body has specific places in that area that you must know in order to stimulate them correctly and achieve the maximum pleasure possible: 

  • The head responds better to friction, suction, and heat.
  • The shaft, especially the underside, reacts to caress and friction.
  • The raphe, which is located just below the head at the bottom, is one of the most sensitive male spots and stimulating it properly is extremely exciting for them.

5. Sacrum

The sacrum is that small triangle at the end of the spinal cord, better known as the lower back. Believe it or not, it is also an erogenous zone that makes men go absolutely nuts when stimulated. How can you do so? Have him lay down on his belly. Start by lightly stroking the area while passionately kissing it. Kisses, small bites, a combination of both. At that moment, you are the artist who seeks for the symphony orchestra to achieve the desired show for the only two participants involved, to reach ecstasy through seduction games.

Once you notice that his breathing is shaking, immediately, turn him onto his stomach so you can get to work down there. Also, whilst doing anything else during sex, you can stroke this area and give him more pleasure if that is even possible. 

Erogenous Zones Chart


3 Overlooked Zones

1. Nipples

Sometimes, we forget that men also have nipples, or we think that they are just a decoration. But, same as t happens with females, men's nipples are full of very sensitive spots, so their stimulation can be very pleasant. You can do it in many ways: pinch them, bite them, kiss them, with your tongue, anyway, it all depends on your imagination. But remember, be gentle, because they are extremely sensitive. 

2. Feet

Our feet are filled with nerve endings, many of them directly connected to sexuality and pleasure. There is one spot that is especially sensitive: the ankle bone and its surroundings. Stimulate it by applying gentle pressure just on the skin below the ankle bone, you will be amazed at how satisfying it can be. And many don't know this because they have never tried it, but trust us, do this to your man, and watch him love it. 

3. Mouth


Yes, we all know the lips take a very important role during sex, but we never put attention to actually stimulate them, do we? Actually, there is a spot that is particularly erogenous: you can find it between the lower lip and the chin. That small cleft that forms in this place is full of very sensitive points. Stimulating it is very simple and you can do it in different ways. Kisses, nibbles, caresses, you name it.


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Driving your man crazy and teasing him won't be a problem anymore after we have given you the places that he will love for you to stimulate. You have nothing to wait for! Go on and follow our tips. You will thank us later. 


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