How to Maintain Your Sex Life with Your Long Distance Partner

How to Maintain your Sex Life with Your Long-Distance Partner

By Aey
How to Maintain Your Sex Life with Your Long Distance Partner

Is Distance Keeping Both Of You Away?

Distance is a tricky business. To be precise, it’s a roller coaster ride. Sometimes we find peace without the physical existence of the other while other times we miss them to the point it’s hard to breathe. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be apart from their partners but when you’re confident that the other person is worth it, you decide to give it a try. If you ask me, I’d give anything to have the person that I love to be with me. It seems so frustrating not to be able to hold or console the one you love just because you live apart. While all those lucky people who live close by can drive over and shower love or sign up for cuddles anytime they want to – people with long-distance need the best alternative out there to experience even a tad bit of the real thing.

Well, if you’re sick and tired of distance becoming a hurdle in your relationship and you think this might not last, here mentioned below are a few ways that can make it easy to bear and give your relationship a chance to run its course.

12 Things To Do if You Are Both Hungry for Each Other

1. Use a Couples’ App

There are numerous apps available that can help couples stay connected in a long-distance relationship. While it may sound like a cliché but sometimes you do need technology to get things going. Some apps have a GPS, a screen sharing option, and other cute things that will help build your relationship. Some apps also have a raunchy section where you can send each other R-rated gifs. With the distance tensing things up, sometimes you do need a visual aid to kind of remember what things used to be like and how they could be once you get the time to meet up.

2. Talk on Whatsapp

Plain old texting can be a bit monotonous when it comes to keeping things interesting in a long-distance relationship. Instead, engage in Whatsapp sexting. Talk about your sexual fantasies, try a little bit of role-playing, and use naughty emojis. Even though it doesn’t even come close to the real deal, you have to admit that sexting has its place to be in a long-distance relationship or not.

3. Use Skype or any other video call

Skype is an amazing app especially for people in long-distance relationships. It’s a great tool to video call and maybe have a date where both of you can eat together over video. But when it comes to sex life, Skype can do wonders.

When you live apart, you can never have too many ways to spice up your sex life. So, consider having Skype sex. It’s understandable to be paranoid in front of the camera. This is why just setting up the camera to capture both your faces should be enough to feel the intimacy while doing it. I can guarantee that after trying this once, you will get more and more comfortable.

4. Phone sex

Sometimes your partner’s voice can be the biggest turn-on of the day. While phone sex may sound something that people in the ’80s would do, it’s efficient and will surely open you up to new experiences. Phone sex sounded like something a horny teenager may do when my partner floated the idea, but it turned out to be exciting and fun. It will make you admire your partner’s effort to keep you close. 

5. Plan beforehand

Talk about all the things that you would do together once you meet each other. It can range from small gestures like going for a drink to grand plans like a formal dinner date. These conversations will keep you fired up and excited for the next time you guys see each other again.

6. Have deep conversations

Being connected in a long-distance relationship does not always mean conversing about sex only and talking dirty. Sometimes, discussing your plans with your partner, telling each other your fears and insecurities, chatting about your future as a couple can be therapeutic and intimate at the same time. While talking dirty might work wonders for guys, nothing can be sexier than a guy thinking about their future with us. As crazy as it may seem it does work that way. So, try taking the intimate route to sex next time.

7. Send sexy emails

The email inbox is the last place to find something steamy in. Surprise your partner by sending a lovey-dovey email. It can include some intimate pictures or a list of romantic things that you would like to do when you two meet. This will surely make your lover’s day! Apart from it being a thoughtful surprise, it will also give them something to look forward to.

8. Leave love notes or little gifts

You can catch your partner off guard by leaving a love note, a small present or any of your belongings like your favorite perfume at their place when you are about to leave. This will make them enjoy your presence even when you are not around. While it might not seem like much, it can make your partner think about you for the days to come and that can play out in your favor the next time you visit. The more they think of you, the more they want to be with you. 

9. Stripping game

This one will do more than just spice up your sex life. Play strip poker over the video while dressed sexy. I cannot stress enough on how amazing of an experience this was when I tried it out with my husband. It was erotic, sexy and fun. If you don’t life poker, it can be any game that you both enjoy and decide the rules. When one loses, make the stripping part as sexier and playful as possible. There is also an option to dim the lights and put on nice music in the background to create a mood.

10. Write your erotica

Instead of reading things that might turn you on, try to write erotica about yourself and your partner. Think of it as fan fiction but erotic. If you’re shy and don’t like talking about your likes and dislikes in bed, this is a great way to get the message across without being too direct. This will help you inculcate your personalized sexual fantasies and provide you with a fun way to bond and know more about each other’s deepest darkest fantasies

11. Simply talk about sex

Long-distance relationships give the perfect opportunity for couples to talk about sex without any embarrassment or shyness, which they can face when they discuss this in person. This is a great way to get over that obstacle and explore the other’s sexual fantasies. Apart from getting turned on, it kind of gives you the chance to make sure that they are on the same page. Talking about things like this can help you prepare for what may come and what to look forward to. 

12. Reminisce sexual experiences

A lot of us don’t know how to talk dirty, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  A great way you can get excited is by talking about the last time that you were together. For example, you might have done something new, you might have liked a new move, or maybe you’ve thought about bringing some changes.  Talk about the way their body makes you feel or what they did that made you go crazy. Once you start talking about the past, talking about the future will become easier, and come more naturally to you.

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Sure long-distance is hard but if it’s for the right person, it’s always worth it. I hope that we were successful in bringing you 12 interesting ways to make your sex life easier and interesting at all points. As mentioned before, you can never have too many activities when in a long-distance relationship. Not giving up and trying different things to find what works for both of you is the way to go. So we wish you all the best and may the distance make the hearts go fonder!