Female Led Relationship: What Type of Guys Benefit The Most

Not everyone is suitable for a female-led relationship, are you?

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Female Led Relationship: What Type of Guys Benefit The Most

What is a Female Led Relationship?

Times have changed. The world is no longer dominated by men. Women take charges too, whether in the workplace or in a relationship. FLR (female led relationship), as its name suggests, is a relationship where women take the lead, make decisions for the relationship, take initiative and steer the wheel, a role typically taken up by men, especially generations ago.

FLR is rather common in our society, especially among younger generations. Not all can handle FLR relationships, just like not all can handle being dominated by their husband. Sometimes the level of control may seem excessive but for those fit for it, it's the best one ever.

What is it like to be in a FLR?

Same for all types of relationships, there will be good and bad sides. A FLR will make you feel protected and loved. You can follow the lady and not worry about a thing. The decisions are beneficial for your relationship and it saves you the stress and fuss from having to analyse every situation.

The bad side is, sometimes it feels like having a boss you can't say no to. You can raise your objection, but like in real life, how often does your boss take in your complaint seriously? You may also feel you're not encouraged to have your own mind and most decisions are taken up by you. She makes the final decision if you can't agree on the same issue, it can somehow diminish your sense of self-worth if you aren't confident in yourself to begin with.

The point of being in a FLR is to feel satisfied to have a stronger figure to handle your problems for you and you just have to keep her happy. She takes all the problems and troubles for you. It will be an easier life if you learn to appreciate it and love it.

3 Type of Guys that Benefit The Most from FLR

1. Guys that want the "housewife" role

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FLR benefits guys that want the typical "housewife" role the most. They want a sense of security. Women in FLR are usually strong and independent with a solid career, leaving the men at home with the kids while she fights for her goals.

If you're the type to enjoy being home and not dream big with your career, stable life is good for you. FLR would be ideal for you. Taking care of household chores and giving a home for your partner to go back to after a tough day at work are the only tasks you need to attend to.

2. Indecisive guys that want a strong figure to take the lead

Indecisiveness is a common trait in humans. Always afraid of making a subpar decision and end up not deciding. If both partners are indecisive, the relationship will likely to come with lots of arguments. One has to step up and take charge.

Knowing your personality isn't the one to take lead, it's good to leave the job for your detemined counterpart. Being forced to make a decision is stressful, especially when you're not born for this role. Following what your lady tells you makes you feel better about yourself and no need to burden yourself with all the decision-making frenzy when all you want is for someone to do it for you.

3. Guys with lower self-esteem

Being with an authoritative figure isn't going to diminish your self-esteem, on the contrary, lots of time they lift you up with their confidence and you feel better about your self-worth. They set their goals and they go for it. Being by their side you feel good as they give you the confidence that you are worth it as well.

Although  FLR you may feel voiceless at times, your lady will often live you up by telling you how well you're handling things at home and how you are taking off their burden by doing so.

3 Type of Guys to Avoid FLR at All Cost

1. Guys that believe in traditional gender roles

Although we live in a modern society with gender role definition blending in and blurring together, there are still lots of guys raised in a traditional household believing in gender roles, especially those that grew up in the outback. They believe men and women were born for different tasks.

Believing women should stay home to take care of kids and not out there making a living, this mentality will push the relationship to a heinous end. Mentality is the hardest to change. You won't change what your lady believes in and if you know you don't believe in it, it's best to avoid it at all cost.

You can't "tame" your girl and make her believe in her roles. It's a diversified out there. You don't have to delve into the question of who's right and who's wrong. There would be women out there sharing your belief and want to be a housewife and nothing more. Matching yourself with someone holding similar views is better than trying to change someone.

2. Guys that like to take decisions with much confidence

Two confident people coliding together is a dangerous combo. You both believe your decision is the best and won't back off. Not only will you not reach a consensus, you will begin attacking each other in defence of your decision, thinking the other person is making a subpar decision.

Being confident is good. But if both of you like to take the lead and are confidence in your decisions, the relationship won't work out. You can't convince someone as confident as you are that their decision is wrong. Conflicts arise when both are strong-willed and determined.

Not able to take the lead deprives you of the joy and your self-esteem. Same for your partner. Get away from any FLR relationships for your own sake so you don't colide like two planets and destroy each other.

3. Guys that can't handle having a smaller role

Any one-sided dominant relationship is less equal, whether it's taken up by a man or woman. If you can't handle being in a less equal relationship where the other person has the final say when an argument arises, a FLR isn't for you. Your role in the relationship will be smaller than you desire.

You won't be given most of the important tasks and your partner will make most of the decision for the future of your relationship even if you might disagree. There's no place for any guys refusing to have a smaller role in a relationship.

How to Know if Your Relationship is FLR?

She makes most of the important decisions even if she consults with you, like where to live, what jobs you should take up, and where your relationship is going. You can raise your voice and discuss it with her, but in the end, she holds the final decision.

You also feel that you are tasked with more internal household chores while she provides for the family and has control over your mutual social circle. You can have your own career but you are expected to put the family first. If you have kids, the responsibility of taking care of the kids falls upon you.

You know you are in FLR when you want to take the lead but can't, or you don't want to take the lead and someone is happy doing it all for you.

Can You Openly Declare to Your Date to Have a FLR?


To be fair, women are more dominant and men are more submissive in FLR. That's a role that won't change. Given your personality, there's not much to ease in for your partner to accept. Either you can accept it or you can't, this is not something that time will change.

Asking your date public if FLR would be okay is the best honesty policy for both. You save each other's time and trouble to figure it out along the way. If your date isn't okay, you move on. Pragmatic and efficient. This also sets the tone for the relationship which is beneficial for both to understand their roles.

A lot less arguments will arise if you know your roles. Most certainly it may make you feel uncomfortable to openly declare to have  FLR. You can take your time but know that clearing things up as soon as possible is the best for any FLR relationships.

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Being in FLR relationship isn't news in society. Gender roles are constantly switching and being redefined. We're fortunate to live in a century where our gender nor nationality defines us. We get to do what we want. Many strong ladies already can't wait to show off their true strength and worth. They are fully capable of making any decisions a man can.

In modern relationships, FLR is becoming increasingly common. Although it's not for everyone, it's worth a try if you think it fits your personality. You will feel protected and loved by a powerful and strong lady!


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