162 Never Have I Ever Questions Flirty and Dirty versions!

Have a never ending list to spice things up with your bae

By Aey
162 Never Have I Ever Questions Flirty and Dirty versions!

Never have I ever has been an age old game to get to know other people, while it was pretty PG  then, it doesn’t have to be now. If you’ve been interested in a person for quite some time but just don’t know how to move forward with your infatuation and know whether these feelings might lead somewhere, then we’ve got you covered. If you want to know how kinky your crush could be, you need to bring it up without seeming suspicious. What better way, than to play a game of never have I ever that has something a little extra. Grab a bottle of your favorite drink call your friends and your potential crush over and let’s get to it.

To Ease In to the Juicy Bits

Never have I...

1.         Sent someone a naughty pic.

2.         Received a lap dance.

3.         Given a lap dance.

4.         Taken a sexy selfie.

5.         Flashed someone.

6.         Had a threesome.

7.         Role played.

8.         Been skinny dipping.

9.         Driven drunk.

10.       Said ‘I love you’ just to get laid.

11.       Spied on neighbors.

12.       Doubted in my heterosexuality.

13.       Been unfaithful.

14.       Had a nightstand.

15.       Kissed someone of the same sex.

16.       Swam naked in a pool/beach.

17.       Kissed someone without knowing him/her.

18.       Been with the former love of my best friend.

19.       Seen a topless on the beach.

20.       Had friends with benefits.

21.       Made love with someone from the university

Kinky Questions

Never have I...

22.       Been mistaken for a hooker

23.       Not had any panties on

24.       Lied about a hickey to my parents

25.       Had a taste of someone’s body fluids.

26.       Slept with someone within an hour of meeting them.

27.       Been seen by my parents while I was fooling around with someone

28.       Had a relative walk in while I was getting it on.

29.       Licked food off someone.

30.       Been fooling around in the car and accidentally honked the horn.

31.       Showered with the opposite gender.

32.       Done it with someone five years younger.

33.       Been kissed by a celebrity

34.       Been choked.

35.       Gotten myself a pleasuring toy.

36.       Peeked at someone else while they were changing.

37.       Put a thumb in it.

38.       Passed out from suffocation during…

39.       Had a full-body massage.

40.       Been shy in the bedroom.

41.       Showered with the same sex.

42.       Made out with someone in public.

43.       Removed clothing in public that was not mine.

44.       Gone in public without a bra.

45.       Shaved my partner’s pubic hair.

46.       Made out while I was drunk/high.

47.       Ran into someone you know at an adult store.

48.       Been too tired to have sex.

49.       Stayed with a group of nudists

50.       Had an open relationship

51.       Game someone a hall pass

52.       Tried to write an erotic story

53.       Been upset with a partner for not performing well.

54.       Faked an injury to get out of having sex.

55.       Taken nude photos of myself/someone else.

56.       Had sex on your parent’s bed.

57.       Adjusted my buttons based on who’s in the room.

58.       Talked dirty.

59.       Faked an orgasm.

60.       Faked a scream during sex.

61.       Screamed while having sex with family in the next room.

62.       Seen my partner have sex with someone else.

63.       Looked up how to masturbate on the internet.

64.       Been a booty call.

65.       Had sex more than 5 times a day.

66.       Regretted sleeping with someone.

67.       Lied to someone to get them to have sex.

68.       Fantasized about someone else while having sex

69.       Had sex with some in return for things

70.       Made out with a former teacher

71.       Had sex on my period.

72.       Ripped your clothes while making out.

Ex- Territory and One Night Stands

Never have I...

73.       Went to my ex just to have sex

74.       Made out with my ex while I was in a relationship

75.       Had a dirty dream about my ex

76.       Had a threesome with my ex

77.       Deliberately went to a party to see my ex

78.       Purposely dilled by ex and said it was a butt dial.

79.       Drunk texted my ex

80.       Used my ex for money

81.       Sexted with my ex

82.       Thought about my ex while having sex with my partner.

83.       Forget the name of my one nightstand.

84.       Had a one night stand without a condom.

85.       Lied about my virginity for a one night stand.

86.       Gone to the club just for a one night stand.

87.       Called out your ex’s name during sex

88.       Sexted your ex deliberately and pretended it was an accident.

89.       Stole something from your one-night stand's house

Where did you get it down

Never have I...

90.       Had sex in a tent.

91.       Put my hand down someone’s pants from underneath the table.

92.       Had sex in a public bathroom

93.       Screwed around in an elevator.

94.       Had sex in the outdoors

95.       Had sex on the car

96.       Had sex with the window open

97.       Had sex on the floor

98.       Had sex on a first date.

99.       Had sex in a Jacuzzi.

100.     Made out with someone on a pool table.

101.     Fooled around in a car and accidentally honked the horn.

102.     Given someone a handjob under the bleachers.

103.     Given a hot stranger a blow job.

104.     Had sex at a hostel restroom.

105.     Given oral sex in a public place.

106.     Received oral sex in a public place.

107.     had sex in the sea

108.     Had sex behind a bush

Online shenanigans, Masturbation and Dares

Never have I...

109.     Made a fake account with my nudes.

110.     Posted nudes on a porn website.

111.     Looked up new sex positions on the internet.

112.     Gone on the internet to improve my sexual performance.

113.     Had to look up where the clitoris is.

114.     Had to look up where the G spot is

115.     Masturbated to a YouTuber.

116.     Masturbated using an edible.

117.     Masturbated in a public bathroom.

118.     Sexted with someone I didn’t know on a dare.

119.     Dared  my partner to  use a sex toy

120.     Played strip poker on a dare

121.     Kissed someone while my partner was in the other room.

122.     Kissed someone while their partner was in the other room.

123.     Showed a friend’s nude to someone else.

124.     Sucked toes.

125.     Done it with a family member in the same room (dirty!).

126.     Done it with a family member in the same building.

127.     Used a random object to masturbate

128.     Used lubricant

129.     Been with someone 10 inches or longer on a dare.

130.     Sucked on a toe on a dare.

131.     Made any naughty videos on a dare.

Experiments and Accidents

Never have I...

132.     Experimented to see my sexual orientation.

133.     Accidently sent a nude to my professor

134.     Accidently sent a nude to my parents

135.     Done the walk of shame

136.     Hurt by self during sex.       

137.     Hurt my partner during sex.

138.     Had sex standing up.

139.     Used Viagra

140.     Asked by partner to use Viagra

141.     Had to go to the hospital due to a sex accident.

142.     Tried a flavored condom.

143.     Been to strip club.

144.     Owned a Kama Sutra book.

145.     Worn lingerie.

146.     Been choked.

147.     Attended a swinger’s party.

148.     Paid for sex

149.     Used a sex toy in public.

150.     Had sex with more than two people in a day

151.     Had sex with different people seven days a week.

152.     Tried BDSM

153.     Performed a striptease for someone.

154.     Had sex with someone more than twice my age.

155.     Dominated a sexual partner

156.     Worn your partner’s underwear to work

157.     Used a sex toy

158.     Tried having sex on video call.

159.     Had sex in the library

160.     Had more than 3 sexual partners at the same time.

161.     Had sex on a pool table.

162.     Tried having sex on a sex swing.

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Once you go through all these questions you’ll surely now a lot more about your crushes sexual side. While there are many versions of the game out there try going for the drinking version of the stripping version. You’ll have more chances to make a move and maybe you end up having an amazing encounter that you might never forget. So, without further ado, get started.