35 text messages you can use right now

Text messages to close up the physical gap between each other

By Sylvia Epie
35 text messages you can use right now

If You Don't Know What is Sexting...

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Not too long ago sexting was considered an activity for sexually starved, hot-blooded and hormones filled teenagers. But in recent years it has evolved into an art practiced by the majority of adults, it has become a standard for adult relationships as well. In fact, a recent study from Drexel University revealed that 80% of adults sext quite often. It was further revealed in the Journal Computers in Human Behavior that sexting is actually good for your emotional and sexual health. This alone is reason enough to start sexting if you. 

If you decide to give it a try, here are some guiding rules you should take into account for the best impact and be secure in your sexting escapades. 

Don’t reply too slowly

Responding to a sexy text long after it was sent is a total buzzkill, for sexting to be effective, you have to maintain the pace. It’s like having sex if you wait too long it gets cold and kills the mood.

Don’t write too much

Sexting is all about swift and dirty texts, no one gets horny reading long paragraphs( well maybe some weird people do) but most people don’t find it sexy. Make it snap so you can go back and forth in a few seconds. 

Be direct

For sexting to have the desired effect you have to use direct language, being shy or too vague can kill the mood. You have to try to communicate in a way that leaves little or no room for a misunderstanding, be explicit while leaving room for your partner’s imagination. If you and your lover know each other well enough you’ll know exactly how you can nuance being direct and mysterious at the same time.

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Make sure you text the right person

Trust me you don’t want to be the girl /guy who accidentally sends a dirty text to their parents or their boss. We’ve all heard of such cases and how embarrassing they can be, so if you don’t want to start figuring out how you’ll face your parents or show up at work ever again, double-check the number before sending a sexual text.

Never send photos with your face

It is highly recommended never to send dirty photos with your face in them, no matter how much your boyfriend begs for it, just don’t. Even if you trust your partner with your life, their phone or yours can be hacked and your photos may land in the wrong hands. To be safe, refrain from showing your face in your nudes when sexting or video chatting.

How Sexting is Helpful in Social Isolation

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Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, social distancing and cross country lockdown have become the new normal. Chances are if you and your partner don’t live together, you most likely can’t be with each other these days. Physical contact even with loved ones has become a luxury and everything is done remotely including sex. Video calls and sexting are the new ways in which couples who apart unwind and bond.

Sexting helps couples keep the flames burning in their relationship despite the social isolation, it is a good and safe way to release sexual tension for couples who are normally very active sexually. Lockdown doesn’t mean you should shut everything down and miss out on all the fun in your sex life. 

In addition, sexting can serve as a way to build up the sexual energy between you and your boyfriend, it’s a kind of pre-foreplay you can use to build up desire before you get together with your partner. 

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For those who are shy, sexting is a great way to tell you're significant other what you want without all the awkwardness of doing so face to face. You get to share your fantasies, preferences, and show your dirty side without the fear of rejection.

During this social isolation, sexting may be just what you need to take your mind off the growing coronavirus situation, the stress in being stuck at home, financial insecurity, and everything else that has surfaced because of the pandemic.

To reduce the legwork we have come up with some of the sexiest and dirtiest sexting lines you can use right now to make your partner eager to ravage you when he sees you next. Thank you later.

35 Text Messages You Can So Use Them Right Now

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1. The way you stroke me gets me every single time. Your hands in my hair, your fingers gliding over my skin. Your way of feeling me all over makes me addicted.

2. Everything about you turns me on…I just can’t get the thought of you out of my head!

3. I will be your prisoner tonight, do to me whatever you want.

4. “Hmm.. I don’t think I licked enough places on your body last night…” wanna have a re-do.
5. “I’ve soaked through three pairs of panties today just thinking about you…”

6. “Is there anything you’d like to do to me or me to do to you tonight?
7. “I might leave my apartment and move in between your legs. It’s my favorite place.
8. “What would you do to me if I showed up at your house in nothing but panties and a large coat?”
9. “I have a surprise for you … could be lingerie, a new sex toy, a new sexual technique I want us to try out.
10.“I’m going to tie you down and make you beg before I fuck you”

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11.   I just bought some cute new lingerie. Would you like to rip it off me tonight?
12. I had such a hot and heavy dream about you last night. Maybe we could make my dreams come true?
13. When I see you, just to let you know, I won’t be wearing any underwear.
14.   I’m at my work desk right now and it looks a little boring. I’m just thinking how much better it would be with your hands all over me.
15.  Is it bad that every time I see you I just want you to pin me up against a wall and have me, right then and there?

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16. I can’t tell you how much I want to be on top of you right now.
17.  Would you prefer me in lingerie or fully naked when you come over?
18. When we get together I want you to take me so hard that I can barely walk in the morning.
19. Maybe one morning you will wake up to me with your cock in my mouth, then we can have some fun before starting the day.
20.  I was just thinking about how great it would feel if you took me from behind up against the kitchen cabinet.

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21. Imagine if you walked in on me and my girlfriend both naked on the bed, having a pillow fight. Would you come and join us, taking us both in turns.
22. Imagine if we did it in public. We could be laying in the park while I unbutton your jeans and pull my panties to the side. To everyone else, it would look innocent, but you would actually be deep inside me.
23. They say idle hands are the devil's playthings, but don't worry: I've got a great idea about how you can occupy your hands.
24. How loud do you think you can make me scream before the neighbors complain?
25. You better prepare yourself for a wild ride, because I've been dreaming about you all day.

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26. I'm naked in bed fantasizing about you. I wish you were here right now so I could show you what I'm thinking of.
27. When I close my eyes, I can feel your hand running up all over my body in all its secret places.

28. I'm looking forward to the moment I slide inside you and feel you wrapped around me.
29. I hate sitting here when I could be over there doing filthy things with you.

30. You will walk in one day to my body laying on the table, covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I will be your post-gym snack, and you will lick every bit of me clean.

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31.  “After the next time we fuck, you’re going to have a hard time sitting down for at least a week.
32. I've been working on some new yoga positions, and I can't wait to show you how flexible I am.
33. How many times do you think we can have sex before I wear you out? Let's investigate.
34. One day you will walk into the bedroom, and I will be naked, laying on the bed with my hands cuffed to the bed frame. I will tell you to take me as your personal sex slave, for the day.
35.  I miss feeling your skin on mine, I miss the taste of you in my mouth.

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Sexting can be a very powerful tool if used right, you have to find the perfect balance between sounding sexy and naughty without being too dirty. Sexting does not have to be XXX porn to be effective, it has to be explicit but also leave room for the imagination to kick in. To create an impact your partner won’t be forgetting anytime soon, incorporate personal memories, and inside jokes to personalize your texts and make them unique to your relationship.

Sexting is in sense sex for the mind and pre-foreplay for the body, the desired effect is to get your partner eagerly racing through the door to ravage you as soon as they can. And if you stick to these guidelines, by the end of the lockdown your significant other will be hornier than you could ever imagine.

Happy Sexting!


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