Your 101 Guide on How to do Sexting With Your Boyfriend

The Definition of Sexting and How to Do That With Your Boyfriend

By AcaciaJ
Your 101 Guide on How to do Sexting With Your Boyfriend

Sexting is a fun and interactive way to connect with your significant other while you're apart. It's also a great way to use your imagination and dirty talk skills to get your boyfriend heated and in the mood for that special moment. If you're planning to sext with your boyfriend and you have never done so then it's completely okay. It's ideal as it's interactive and it can help to draw you both even closer. 

However, it's important to remember only do what you're comfortable with. Also, remember to only sext with your boyfriend if you know you can completely trust him. There are a few stigmas surrounding the topic of sexting and one includes revenge porn(I know, not cool!). So if you're in a relationship that is otherwise supportive, loving and all around healthy, but you want to spice things up then sexting could be the remedy you're in search of. 

The Definition of Sexting

Sexting is defined as sending sexy videos, pictures or messages to someone, in this case your significant other. Sexting it typically used as a fun way to get your lover in the mood. Whether you're taking revealing pictures, or sending dirty chats it can all be categorized as sexting. Some people use sexting for various reasons as it's not something confined only to relationships. 

Some do so casually as it's their preferred way to enjoy something sexually in comparison to other avenues (porn, etc.) Even if you're new to the adventurous digital world of sexting, have no fear. It's not something that takes a lot of thought, only a little spunk, and imagination. 

The Reason for Sexting

If you're in a relationship and you're in need of a little excitement or spicing up, then sexting your boyfriend certainly is the answer. Believe it or not, sexting is a great way to reconnect and establish communication with him. Life can get so hectic, sometimes you don't realize you're losing touch with your partner. Between work life and home, sometimes you simply don't have the time just to sit and talk. These are typical causes of relationships not working out as it can drain the relationship and people in it.

This is why doing something like sexting can help you press the refresh button in the relationship and establish new connections where they are missing. 


There are several studies that show sexting can help improve your relationship. According to Men's Journal, one study conducted at Drexel University studied 870 adult participants to see just how many people were sexting. Researchers found that of the 870:


  • 88% had sexted at least once during their life

  • 82% reported sexting once during the last year

  • 74% sexted throughout the course of a monogamous relationship while 42% sexted during a cheating relationship    

Moreover, it was discovered that sexting was tied to "greater sexual satisfaction" more for those who did so in relationships. It's also believed that sexting can assist couples in developing a better foundation for healthy ways of communicating.

In turn, this can strengthen your love life as you discover what works for each other as a couple. Sexting also helps when you're apart as it provides a way to remain close. Sending one another sexy pics and messages allows for excitement and anticipation for if one partner is out of time. This also rebuilds the desire and can contribute to a renewed, more positive outlook on your relationship.  

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How to do Sexting With Your Boyfriend

Now, for the fun part. Let's look at some tips on what you can do to bring out the sexiness in your chats with your boyfriend!

How to do Sexting With Your Boyfriend Over Text Using Words

Of course before you start you want to make sure your boyfriend can engage in some hot conversation. If you know his schedule at work (or college) could have him too busy or tied up, simply check in about a better time to chat. Perhaps during his lunch break or after he's done with class. Either way, you want his attention to be all yours so you can let him know what he has to look forward to later. 

1. Consider Your Comfort Zone

As previously mentioned, it's important that you're comfortable when sexting your bf. This means you have the right to talk in a way that you're most comfortable with starting out. If you decide you want to become a bit more detailed about your chat as time goes on, that's your prerogative. 

Just keep in mind to stick to what you're comfortable with. Don't send nudes or anything too revealing if you aren't comfortable, despite what he wants. Sexting is meant to be a fun and sexy way to get your message across, not a something you're pressured into. 

2. Don't be Afraid to get Dirty

If you're open to uninhibited and steamy sexting conversations with your man, then dirty talk is definitely the way to go. You can start out by sending him a hot pic and ask for one in return. From there you can go into detail what you're gonna do once you see each other

You can even go for a bit of role-play if you're up for it. The idea is to highlight the fantasies you have and share them with him. This will turn him on undoubtedly and he will be ready to pounce upon seeing you;)

3. Don't be Afraid to Ask

It's important to ask questions throughout a sexting conversation. This is great as you can get a better understanding of what will turn your partner on. Some examples:

  • What do you want to see?

  • What are you gonna do to me later?

  • Would you like to try this position?

  • Are you turned on right now?

These all lead into even sexier conversation which you can take into any direction you want. So, the more questions the better. I mean, what better way to know what your partner is thinking?

How to do Sexting With Your Boyfriend Over Text Through Emojis

There are literally countless emojis you can use to express what you want to do to your boyfriend. You can even express what you want him to do, or to flirt throughout your sexy talks simply. Emojis are fun as they are used to illustrate what you clearly are thinking. Most of us use emojis through text everyday. A 2016 study found that 92% of the world's population was using emojis (it's gotta be 100% by now, right?)

The report also found that alongside sending pictures and videos, emojis were seen as the most valuable experience when instant messaging. Imagine the endless possibilities throughout dirty chats? Believe it or not, there are a million and one ways to express your sexy desires for your man through emojis. The best emojis you can use throughout a dirty chat are: 

1. Hot dog, Tongue and Wet Emoji

What better way to make a powerful, bold and tasty statement about what you want to do with your man?  We all know the tongue emoji immediately means 'yes please' and a hot dog...well...I'm sure he can guess what it all means;) A very simple and daring way to strive up some hot convo with your bf!

2. Hand Emojis

Talk about getting the message across! Hand emojis are the perfect emoji addition to just about any other emoji, as they help to enhance what you already want to say. There are several popular hand emojis and among those, are the "pointing" and "okay" emojis. These provide a very simplistic way to tell your guy what you want, when you want it!

3. Pickle, Honey Jar and Water Sprinkles Emojis

If your boyfriend doesn't know how bad you want him, this combo will certainly make him understand. Pickles and honey jars may not go so well together in real life, but in the digital world of sexting, they make a great pair;) If you're looking to really get things going, send these emojis to your bf and watch things get spicy!

4. Dinner and Dessert Emojis

Maybe you want to add a bit of romance into your sext chat? Maybe suggest that you want to spend a nice evening with your guy? These emojis are the perfect way to say you want to spend some time with him and later end it on the perfect note. Dinner first, dessert later;)

5. Flowers, Fruits, Tongue and Water Emojis

If you want to make sexting with your guy extra steamy, this emoji combo is ideal. Everyone knows the peach emoji may be the freakiest symbol of them all, so couple that with a flower (a representation of the delicate lady parts), the wet emoji, and a tongue you will get your man's wheels turning instantly. He'll definitely know there's no need to hold back during your sexy convo!


Relationships are meant to be a beautiful experience. It's especially great when you can share something as fun as sexting with your boyfriend. Just keep in mind to relax and try to push your nerves aside. Think of how much he means to you and simply express your deepest desires for him. Be bold, and remain confident, and show him your sexy side. Your boyfriend will thank you for it later!

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