10 Couple Yoga Poses You Can Do To Keep Fit Together

Couple yoga poses – find out the range of poses for both

By Diana Nadim
10 Couple Yoga Poses You Can Do To Keep Fit Together

Easy And Cute Yoga Couple Poses

Yoga refers to a cluster of spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines that originated from India. There are very many types of yoga and their main purpose is usually to build harmony, awareness, and strength in both body and mind. Yoga has many benefits and some of them include mental benefits such as helping in the management of stress and physical benefits such as increased flexibility, among many others. The following are some of the easy and cute yoga poses that you can try out as a couple:

1. Partner Twist

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This is one of the easiest poses that you and your partner can do as beginners. To perform this pose you will both have to start in a seated posture with your backs resting against each other and your legs crossed at the shins or ankles. Then, place your hands either on your knees or thighs and allow yourself to connect with your partner. The next step is inhaling while reaching your arms overhead – this step enables your spine to stretch. Breath out and twist to your right while bringing your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left knee while placing your left hand to the outside of your right thigh. You should both hold this posture for about 4-5 deep breaths before breathing out gently and untangling. Repeat with your partner the whole process but on the opposite side.

2. Partner Seated Forward-Fold

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For this pose, you and your partner will have to start from a seated position while facing each other with your legs stretched to create a “V”. You should be close enough to each other to ensure that the soles of your feet are touching. While maintaining that posture, stretch your arms towards each other, holding opposite palm to the forearm. Breathe in deeply while stretching up your spine and then breathe out calmly while one person slowly folds forward from the hips as the partner sits back with his/her back and spine straight. Alternate with your partner so that everybody comes into the forward fold pose and for the best results, you should both stay in the posture for about 4-7 deep breaths.

3. Twin Trees

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For this pose, you and your partner will start facing the same direction and standing only a few feet apart. Bring your palms and elbows of your left and right hands together with your other arm raised. Then slowly begin to transfer your mass onto your left foot while your partner does the same with his/her right foot. You and your partner should then arc the knee of the other leg bringing your foot to the inner thigh or ankle of your standing leg, effectively drawing the opposite leg into a tree pose. You should both hold this pose for about 4-7 deep breaths and repeat on the opposite side; this yoga pose helps to increase your focus.

Cool Yoga Couple Poses

4. Temple

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This is another easy pose for you and your partner. You should start by standing a few feet from each other while facing each other. You and your partner should then inhale and slowly stretch your arms up above and start to hinge forward at the hips until your hands converge. Start to forward fold, until the forearms and elbows of you and your partner rest against each other. The next step is for you to rest against each other and slowly set loose your chest and belly toward the floor. For the best results, hold the posture for about 4-7 deep breaths after which you should both walk slowly towards each other, bringing torso upright while releasing your arms down.

5. Seated Cat-Cow

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For you and your partner to achieve the seated cat-cow pose, you will both have to be seated down facing each other with your legs folded. Reach for each other’s forearms and entwine in order to conceive a robust bond. Jerk your shoulder back and down so as to find balanced opposition between you and your companion. Breathe in and lift your chest facing the sky with your head bent backward. Breathe out calmly while drawing your chin to your chest and round your upper back and spreading out your shoulders wide.

Funny Yoga Couple Poses

6. Partner Ragdoll

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This is one of the entertaining yoga poses out there you can do as a couple and it is very easy to perform. You should start by being in a back to back standing position with your backs of your heels close to each other. With your legs straight slowly fold forward from the hips one person at a time. While in that posture, latch on to each other’s arms to ensure that you do not fall over. For the best results, you and your partner should try holding this posture for about 4-7 deep breaths.

7. Partner Boat

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This is another fun yoga pose for couples! Begin by seating down while facing each other and hold each other’s hands outside your legs. Then slowly lift both your legs placing the soles of your feet together. Smoothly straighten both your legs in order to find some balance and you can be able to adjust your distance from each other depending on your flexibility as the closer you will be to each other the more difficult the pose will be to pull off as it will demand a lot of flexibility from you and your partner. Try holding this great pose for about 4-7 deep breaths for the best results.

Extreme Yoga Couple Poses

8. Seated Spinal Twist

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To pull off this amazing pose, you and your partner will have to start in a seated position facing each other and with your legs crisscrossed. Then lace your arms and gently reach for each other’s hands. Commence a twist from the core of your spine, turning in contrasting directions and using each other’s hands to intensify the twist while breathing in deeply. This pose can be difficult for those who are not flexible enough so it’s good to be checking on each other at all times to make sure you are both comfortable. Lastly, breathe out calmly and repeat the pose on the other side.

9. Lateral Side Bend

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This pose is not as difficult as the seated spinal twist but it’s still a demanding one. You and your partner should start while seated facing each other in a straddle spread with the soles of your feet touching. Hold out for each other’s same side hand and link forearm to twist and then take deep breathes calmly. Incline sideways toward the extended arm as you both stretch the opposite arm overhead and exhale. This posture helps you to create more room between your ribs allowing you to have deeper breaths. You can try holding this pose for about 4-7 deep breaths for the best results.

10. Backbend-child’s Pose

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For this pose, you will both have to start in a seated position with your backs touching each other. One person should then spread his/her legs and drift forward into a fold while inhaling as the other person places both feet on the floor and gently presses rearward to form a backbend. This position is very difficult especially to beginners and persons with inflexible hamstrings and sensitive lower backs which is why you should always check on each other to ensure you are both comfortable. The purpose o this extraordinary yoga pose for couples is to help in stretching your chest and spine and also to open your hamstring and to release your back.

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Yoga is a very good tool for couples looking forward to improving their physical and mental health. Doing this poses also brings you and your spouse closer together as you learn to strengthen your partnership. Yoga should not be taken lightly as it has very many health benefits which are the reason why so many people are taking yoga classes today. Yoga is also diverse as it has over one hundred different schools which ensure that everybody finds a school or a type of yoga that suits him or her perfectly - no one is left out! Yoga gives you an opportunity to test the limits of your body enabling you to strive for transcendence.