Aries Girls: The Good and The Bad (Including Sex) about Them

Surprise your Aries crush, bae, or wife with these tips!

By Evelyn
Aries Girls: The Good and The Bad (Including Sex) about Them

Personality of Aries Girls

Have you met an Aries girl? Are you currently involved with one? Would you like to be? Well, good for you, just beware that you're not with a wallflower, just the opposite. What makes an Aries girl special? What do you need to know about her to woo her and win her heart? Stick around, we'll tell you some tips that can help you surprise her. wink

The first thing you need to know is that Aries girls are standouts, they like to make a statement no matter where they are or what they're doing. Said statement could be in the way they dress, in the way they speak... what's for sure is that they get your attention. If you're currently in a relationship with an Aries girl or wish to be then you know that she's fun and free-spirited. She's like a burning candle and that's because her element is fire and everything she touches lights up. That something you can get on board with? Are you enjoying those personality traits in your wife or girlfriend?

Aries girls have such unique personalities and like everything it has two sides, one good and one bad. You need to accept both parts of their personality, embrace the good part, while at the same time try to understand and learn to live with the bad. We'll talk about the good first. What good traits stand out in the personality of an Aries girl?

The good personality traits of an aries girl

If you're interested in an Aries girl you've noticed that she's bold, joyful, passionate, a delightful friend... there's much that can be said about an Aries girl personality. Pay attention to these other good personality traits so you can get her and find a way to her heart. 

She gets things going

All she needs is some tinder and wood and she can do anything she sets her mind into.  She loves to initiate endeavors and she gives everything her 100%. She does all with great enthusiasm. She needs a lot of love and attention so she can keep functioning at the speed she's used too. Think you're up for the task?

She has her own unique perspective

No matter what she's doing (giving her opinion, getting involved in a project, what she's wearing), she always brings a new and completely unique perspective. You can bet she'll have something to say about everything and everyone. She has her own way of seeing the world, and if your a "jaded" guy, then you'll find this refreshing and welcomed. Beware though because "she'll call it as she sees it" and maybe you won't like that?

She's the life of the party

An Aries girl has a sense of playfulness and an appreciation of the absurdity that allows her to be the life of the party. Obviously, she's not shy and she's not afraid to be a little silly. She likes to be in control of how is perceived so don't try to call her out when she's in the zone. you may not like what you'll get in return.

She's independent and outgoing

. An Aries girl is very independent, and she can be like that because she's confident too. She knows what she wants, how to get it and it's not afraid to go for it. This could be very intimidating when it comes to dating her but if you're a confident man too, you'll know how to manage it and enjoy it. She's got an outgoing personality that allows her to be bold and fierce. 

The Negative Personality Traits of an Aries girl

As you already glimpsed, an Aries girl is a force to be reckoned. She's like a little very energetic kid that runs around like a cyclone going from one activity to another throwing an over-the-top tantrum if another kid dares to take one of her toys. The thing is that all the negative personality traits of an Aries girl are just one of the reasons she's so driven.

So according to astrology, these are the negative or bad personality traits of an Aries girl.

She's impatient

Since she likes everything to be quick, she doesn't have time for BS and most definitely doesn't want to be left behind If you're with an Aries girl you'll have to be aware that she's always going a 100% and if you're not ready she's going without you. If you're not up to her speed, this could be exhausting.

She's hot-headed

Don't anger an Aries girl because you'll be feeling her wrath. She's quick to anger and that anger can be triggered by the most trivial of things. You will be the recipient of her wrath even when you least expect it. She's also combative, she will find a problem just so she can confront you and cause an argument.

She loves to be the best always

She always aims to be the best in everything she does, she likes to be the hero, the one to stand out. She doesn't enjoy being stuck behind people, she wants to be the leader. If you want an Aries girl to do something don't tell her to do, make it a challenge. and things will be done.

She's blatantly sexual

If you happen to catch the eye of an Aries girl, prepare to be pounced. You'll be hunted down because she likes to be the pursuer in a relationship. she'll come to you and express directly what is it she wants. Beware that this can be scary or a turn down if you don't like aggressive women. Once she's got you, she's very possessive, she'll expect total fidelity and commitment from you but that not always include hers.

Aries Girls in Bed

Astrologers say that if you're dating or are involved with an Aries girl, you'll be getting a lot of sex. When it comes to bed sexy activities she is feisty, she has an energetic attitude toward sex so be prepared to do it anywhere, anytime. If you're on board with that then you're in for a treat. Aries girls are confident and that confidence they bring to bed.

What's the good and the bad about an Aries girl in bed? It all goes hand in hand with her personality. Let's start with the good.

She likes sex... a lot

For her, sex is fun, is playful, and a free thing to do. When you're in a relationship with an Aries girl frequent sex is non-negotiable. The like it because it's a mix of all they love: action, fire, intensity, and conquering, and they get a prize at the end.

She's very passionate

That's how she rolls inside and outside of the bed. She can be aggressive too and liked it a little rough. If you're into this then you'll definitely enjoy your encounters.

She makes life in the bedroom interesting and fun

She likes to buy all kinds of toys and lingerie for the bedroom and knows how to excite her man. She's got a lot of enthusiasm and energy so if you're her partner, your sex life will be a very happy one.

Now for the bad, what's not so great about an Aries girl in bed...

She's doesn't like schedule sex

If you're not spontaneous when it comes to having sex, then you'll find this trait, not a good one. An Aries girl finds schedule sex a turn-off. They want it when they want it.

She's not the bonding type between the sheets

Once committed, sure she can become very romantic but don't expect her to "bond" with you while in bed (unless you do some dirty talking). She's more into intimacy when it involves a strong mental connection, the heart not so much.

She's not into foreplay

Foreplay with an Aries girl will not last very long because she'll want to get to the main event really fast, and once there she goes all "fast and furious".  Plus she won't linger in bed and cuddle when sexy time is over. 

How to date an Aries Girl

if you've got a crush on an Aries girl and want to win her heart so you can date her, pay attention to the following tips. Just remember that according to her personality traits, she needs freedom in all her life's spheres.

  • Be honest, remember that they're bold and don't tolerate BS.
  • Give her space when she demands it, it has nothing to do with you. It's something she needs.
  • Take the initiative, yes she likes to lead but she'll enjoy being lead once in a while. Just do it assertively.
  • Don't point her mistakes. She will not like it (and she knows what they are).
  • Expect complicated and don't try to get it.

How to seduce an Aries Girl

If you're set on seducing an Aries girl you need to shed your shyness and be as bold as she is. Also, keep in mind these tips and follow them.

  • Let her take the lead, show her with acts that you're willing to follow her lead
  • Take the direct approach, just go ahead and tell her that you're totally into her, make it crystal clear, and then let her do the chase.
  • Always be truthful, shoot straight from the heart, and tell her how you feel. She'll very much appreciate it because when it comes to expressing emotions she won't hold back.
  • Give her lots of freedom, otherwise, she'll lose interest. 
  • Continually present her with fresh challenges, don't ever let routine and monotony enter the relationship.

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An Aries girl will be a total challenge to date or have a relationship but if you're willing to let her lead and go at her speed, you'll find a route direct to her heart.