9 Easy Sex Positions for The Starters And Less Experience

Sex positions that will not expose your lack of sexual experience!

By Sophia R
9 Easy Sex Positions for The Starters And Less Experience

After having sexual intercourse for the first time, it is normal to be curious about other sexual positions. The desire to please your partner and the need to experience other sensations are reasons for wanting to innovate those first intimate encounters.

It is true that at the beginning there is a certain feeling of insecurity or shame that can limit the sex. However, as confidence increases as a couple, the fears disappear and both look for a way to break the routine to feel fuller and get deeper satisfaction.

9 Easy Sex Positions for The Starters And Less Experience

The practice of different sexual positions is one of many ways to improve the experience when having sex. Through these different sensations are awakened, almost always depending on the stimulated area or the level of penetration it allows.

Many beginning couples limit themselves to a single posture due to a lack of knowledge or fear of what one says about the other. However, it is of great importance to find out how to innovate it, since it is the way in which both discover how they feel more comfortable.

There are dozens of poses that can help you have more passionate and fun encounters. Now, if there is little experience, it is best to start with those that do not require too many maneuvers or strange movements. Now, which are these? Stay tuned to find out!

1. Missionary


Without a doubt, the missionary is the most famous position and also one of the most practiced around the world. The reason? It is usually a very comfortable posture for women and, in addition, it allows a good couple connection to be established. To do it, you just need to lie on your back, relax, and wait for your lover to penetrate you. It is one of the ideal sexual positions for beginners!

2. Legs up

Do not worry, you do not have to be very flexible to do this position, all you have to do is lie on your back and rest your legs on the shoulders of your lover. In this way, the penetration will be much deeper and you can have more intense orgasms!

3. On your sides

Thanks to this position, neither will have to bear the weight of the other, and it will be very easy for both of you to move and they will be able to establish eye contact at that special moment. All that you need to do is to lie on your sides, in front of each other, and get closer until your bodies come together and enjoy to the fullest!

4. Spooning

It is a very romantic and comfortable sexual position, ideal for beginners and for the cold of this season! If they want to put it into practice, your partner will have to lie down right behind you and penetrate you in this way while holding you very tight, kissing you and caressing you. Guaranteed pleasure!

5. On the edge

Sit on the edge of the bed and let him kneel in front of you as you hug his hip with your legs and they both move at the pace you both prefer. We suggest that you place your hands behind you and lean on them. After trying it, you will want to repeat it very soon!

3 Easy Kamasutra Positions For Beginners

In bed, there are more effective postures than others to reach orgasm: the Kamasutra teaches you how to practice them. As in all fields, there are "great classics" in lovemaking. If you are starting your sex life or need to cheer it up a bit, we present you 3 easy Kamasutra sex poses ... These positions will easily help you get started or renew your repertoire. And although others consider them banal or routine, for many couples they are reassuring. You will love them!

First, what is Kamasutra?

The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra

Kamasutra means desire (kama) and maxim (sutra) in Sanskrit. At first, the Kamasutra was integrated into a book that contained several collections specialized in romantic and sexual relationships. Illustrations in the Kamasutra did not appear until the 16th century to be understood by illiterates as well. The book was reserved mainly for the wealthy classes. It was not until 1963 that it was allowed in England.


The Kamasutra was created so that the men and women of the Indian aristocracy could have harmonious sexual relations. Therefore, it is an erotic and non-pornographic collection, which teaches the art of caresses, kisses, moods, and positions that favor orgasm. There are also 64 sexual positions with names that are sometimes misleading, so they are all accompanied by an illustration. The illustrations make it easier to see the position and be understood by everyone, especially when the original book has not yet been translated. And if previously, the positions of the Kamasutra were reserved for connoisseurs, today, everyone can have access to nirvana!

Are there easy positions in Kamasutra?

Yes, of course, there are! When we think of Kamasutra, we imagine ourselves with one foot behind our heads or something extremely difficult and crazy. As we have said before, the Kamasutra is a book that proposes to study the sexual behaviors of man through sexual poses. It is an old, classic book and above all, it is a universal book, addressed to everyone.

Source: kena.com

We know that all people are not acrobats so do not put pressure on yourself: You do not have to be hyper-elastic to try it! However, some sexual poses are more difficult to test than others. 

Vatsyayana, the author of the Kamasutra, stated that there are 8 basic ways of making love and 8 main positions. The Kamasutra has a total of 64 arts, a name given to the combination of a way of making love with a position. Some Kamasutra positions are very famous, such as the missionary pose, the lady pose, the wheelbarrow pose, the lotus flower pose, or the scissors pose ... Whatever your preferences, the Kamasutra proposes an infinite number of easy sexual poses for you to change, entertain yourself, and enjoy! And now that you know everything, show what you control of the subject!

There are many easy poses that can be practiced and that promise a sulfurous melee, guaranteed pleasure! Discover them and practice the Kamasutra without getting tired. We offer you the 3 best and easiest sexual poses of the Kamasutra to enjoy as a couple. We know it is not much, but it is perfect for you to start getting into this world! Here they go:

1. Spectacular view

In this first Kamasutra position, the man sits with his legs half-closed and stretched out on the bed or floor. The woman turns her back on him and sits on him, letting him penetrate her.  Extend your legs back so that your gut rests on your partner's legs. Then, the woman needs to slides up and down, leaning on the man's feet for support. Easy, enjoyable, sexy; you will love it. 

2. The star

This one is for both hetero and homosexual relationships, as it is an ideal posture for lesbian sex! It consists of one of the two lying on their back, with one leg stretched and the other bent. The other straddles them, passing one leg under their bent leg and throwing one of their arms back to support themselves. The posture of the star can be a little exhausting, although it is very stimulating since it leaves you hands-free for extra caresses and grabs. 

3. Rock & Roll

This last Kamasutra is also very satisfying and extremely easy for all the beginners that are reading us right now. All you have to do is:  have the woman lie on her back and stretches her legs toward her head backward (as in a backflip). The male now has to kneel before her, spreading her legs slightly and placing them on either side of his head, on his shoulders. Then, he grips her hips tightly and leans over her body. She leans on him as well and enjoys the rocking movements. Lovers can even have eye contact and can use both hands to caress each other, which makes it better altogether. 

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Now that you have got all of these new positions to try out, what are you waiting for? There are no more excuses, lack of experience won't be a limitation anymore as they are all so easy and beginner-friendly. We assure you you will have the best time without having to do crazy and hard things. You know what they say: sometimes, less is more!