Thin Penis: What Is Considered Thin And How To Have Good Sex

Find out if you have a thin penis and what to do about it

By Evelyn
Thin Penis: What Is Considered Thin And How To Have Good Sex

What is Considered a Thin Penis?

Most everything in life comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors... and penises are no exception. Are you worried about the look of your penis? You're not alone, many men worry about it. Is it too small, is it shaped weird, is it too thin? When it comes to penises some are thick, some are thin... and some are something in between. Regarding color, they can range from the palest pink to the deepest purple. Penises can also point down, up, or of to the side. What's "normal" then? Well, there's no such thing as "normal", what's "normal" is what works for you.

Many men worry about their penis's girth. What's the average girth? According to some research, the average penis has a girth of 3.66 inches (9.31 centimeters)  when flaccid and when erect,4.59 inches (11.66). So what is considered a thin penis? All your body organs and glands, including your penis, have a generally accepted and average size, length, and thickness. Your penis will be considered thin if it is somewhat thinner than the average. A thin penis is a condition and according to estimations, it is found in about two percent of males around the world. It may occur as a single disorder or it may be associated with a small penis.

Having a thin penis may cause insecurities when it comes to sexual performance and it puts a huge dent in confidence. The good news is that when diagnosed, it can be treated, usually by a team of hormones specialists and surgeons. 

So, how to determine if you have a thin penis?

How thin is thin? There's no one option here, no fit for all because, as said before, there are several variations in shape and size regarding the penis. You have to factor in region where you're from, your race and familial inheritance, so there's really no universal average thickness or length. Researchers at the Kinsley Institute and other human sexuality research institutions have estimated that the average thickness of a penis is about 4 to 5 inches, imagine an empty roll of scotch tape.

What can cause a thin penis?

A thin penis is a condition, there are causes and these are the major ones:

  • By birth, this is also known as "congenitally thin penis". Some chromosomal abnormality happens at the time of conception and the person develops this condition.
  • By family, it runs in the family. The condition is passed by means of heredity or genes.
  • Thin phallus without a known cause, all hormone growth factors and everything else is normal but some men still have small genitalia. The occurrence of this is due to the decreased capacity of the penile tissue to grow. It can also be defective morphogenesis of the penis in the uterus during pregnancy, this causes a decrease in growing capacity later in life.
  • Hormonal disorder, this is the most common cause of developing the thin penis condition. Men with hormonal disorder/abnormality or deficiency of the following hormones are prone to have a thin penis. Hypogonadism, this leads to the underactive testis and a reduction of testosterone. Pituitary gland disorders, this leads to growth hormone deficiency.
  • Other causes. Infections like mumps can cause a thin penis, also mechanical injury as well as any genetic defects. 

17 Ways to Still Have Good Sex with a Thin Penis

Since a thin penis can seriously reduce sexual satisfaction for both men and women, what can you do or what you need to know to still have good sex? Just remember that an attentive and sexually creative guy with a thin penis trumps a clueless and egotistic guy with a thick one.

That being said, consider these 17 ways to still have good sex with a thin penis. There are ways to arrange yourselves so that both can have an enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience.

1. Perfect your oral technique

If you find it hard to give your lady an orgasm through penetration, then consider satisfying her sexually by oral stimulation of the clitoris. You can move your tongue around, go in a circle, up and down or side to side. Mix it up. Pay attention to what she needs and what she likes.

2. Try fingering

Sometimes (or often enough) an unforgettable sexual experience involves more than penetration. Intense pleasure can be achieved not with friction but with pressure (like a massage), so use your fingers to accomplish that.

3. Bring in some toys

Consider bringing sex toys to the play. they can offer some additional stimulation. You have the choice to bring them early on during foreplay or directly to the main event. You can bring a handheld vibe to stimulate the clitoris, a vibrator. Be creative.

4. Consider having anal sex

If you're not already having it, maybe you should talk it out and try it. It may be worth it for both of you. It's recommended because the anus is tighter than the vaginal canal so penetration with a thin penis this way may offer more stimulation for you and her. Just remember to keep the following in mind:

  • You must use lube, preferably water-based.
  • Start small, don't go all the way in on the first try, you can start with a finger and go from there always checking with her so it doesn't get uncomfortable.

5. Incorporate some props

Some props you'll have around the house like wedge pillows and ice cubes. Stack the pillows under her but and raise her legs onto your shoulders while penetration. You can also invest in sex-specific props like a yoga hammock to suspend her at whatever height you like best or use some bondage play.

6. Avoid using lube

The one thing you can do without if you have a thin penis is lube. If your lady is naturally well lubricated you don't need to add more, You just need a little bit of friction to increase the sensation. If she's dry, then focus on turning her on so she's ready for the main event.

7. Be the king of foreplay

Regardless of what positions you'll try during intercourse, one thing that can make the experience pleasurable and enjoyable for you and her is extended foreplay. This will build arousal, which is key to more intense orgasms. Building her arousal and bringing her to orgasm first during foreplay can take away the pressure for when you go all the way. 

8. Try a tiny tilt

This sex position is a good choice for a thin penis. Make her lie flat on her stomach with her legs slightly spread. Position yourself on top of her for penetration and ask her to shift her legs so she can press them together while yours are outside. Then ask her to tilt her but for better penetration.

9. Have your lady put her legs up

By asking her to put her legs over your shoulders during missionary position (for example), you'll achieve a greater sensation and pleasure during penetration.

10. Her thighs need to be close together during intercourse

This makes the vaginal canal narrower increasing the chance of bringing her pleasure with a thin penis.

11. The Super Girl

She is laying on her stomach on the bed or on the floor with her feet squiz together (tightly), just like Super Girl flying through the sky. He lies on her back and enters from behind. In this position, her hips are more close than open so there's more friction on the vaginal walls. 

12. Use the sofa

To spice things up, try the sofa instead of the bed, He sits on the edge of the couch and then she lowers herself all the way down on his penis side sidle style. This position also offers great contact with the vaginal walls.

13. The Pile Driver

This position requires flexibility and works better on a carpeted floor. She lies on her back and swings her legs back and over her head. He can help by lifting her but up an over then he squats on top entering her from above. 

14. Improve your flexibility

Improving flexibility in the hip can be a game-changer when it comes to sex, especially if you have a thin penis because it'll allow you deeper penetration. The more coordination you have on the hip area the better you can move and manipulate your penis.

15. Reverse Cowgirl with props

He lies on his back with a pillow under his but so his hips are forward and his penis is more exposed. She sits on top of him facing his feet. Here she has control of movement and pleasure of both of you.

16. Cris Crossing her legs

She lies on her back with her legs crossed, he then kneels with her but on his lap. In this position, he can increase his girth and can give her clit stimulation with either his penis or his finger increasing sensation and pleasure.

17. Be in the moment

The way to have the best sex is not to focus on the way the penis looks, it's about how you look at her, how you touch her, and how you treat her. So be passionate and be present, that's guaranteed to make the experience pleasurable and memorable for both of you.

Getting Out of the Small Penis Syndrome

Men with a thin penis tend to have severe psychological problems that could lead to what is called small penis syndrome which is a type of Pervasive Developmental Disorder that distorts a person's perception of their body. This triggers anxiety and shame about their penis. Since this severely disrupts sexual performance and life in general, reaching out and seeking help is highly recommended.

What can you do to get out of the small penis syndrome?

  • Talk to her about your insecurities about your sexual performance. Sometimes her reassurance and support will help more than you know.
  • You can seek medical treatment too to help with your anxiety about your penis size. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you find ways to reduce anxiety. Sex therapy or couples counseling can also help to work on the problem as a couple.

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You can still have a great sex life even with a thin penis. Don't get stuck on the size or girth of your penis, work with what you have, and be creative. You'll find out that she cares more about how you treat her and touch her than about your penis's girth.