All Guys Will Secretly Love Big Boobs But That's Okay

Find out why guys are so into big boobs and what else attracts him

By Sophia R
All Guys Will Secretly Love Big Boobs But That's Okay

Why Guys Get so Smitten with Big Boobs

The human being has evolved over time, as well as his fixations. Today, large breasts are the focus of attention, especially that of men.  However, specialists say why they are attracted to women, and the explanation goes far beyond that they are attractive.


Mothers breastfeed most babies, creating a bond of love between the two thanks to oxytocin. This relaxes the participants and provides them with incomparable rest. The same happens when a man plays with your "girls". By releasing this hormone, a much more special connection is created.

They represent fertility

Have you wondered why men like big breasts? This has been like this from the far past. Why then? That is because hips, butts, and thighs represented fertility in prehistory even. For example, big buttocks were a fundamental piece to conquer the alpha male.  According to evolutionary specialists, such as sexologist Alfred Kind, the breasts have evolved in the same way nowadays. 

They are part of you

Did you know that humans are the only species of mammals that grow their breasts during puberty and remain that way? Therefore, we will always have them, so they will always be a part of your body, which your man, of course, loves and is attracted to so much.

In conclusion, these are the 3 reasons why men and women are attracted to large breasts. Let's show off cleavage, then!

What Else Guys Can Get Attracted To

Of course, men are not only and exclusively attracted to your boobs. There are other things about women, and not only physically, but that also makes men crazy over ladies. Want to know which these are and get the best out of these features? Keep reading!


It is the eternal sexist debate on the preferences of men regarding the anatomy and personality of women. We have always heard some generalizations and stereotypes from movies for example, like those that men are more attracted to blondes or myths regarding the size of the breasts, the buttocks, or the length of the legs that oppress women in a single and limited canon.

However, Professor David Bainbridge, a specialist in evolutionary biology at the University of Cambridge, affirms that men are interested in other qualities beyond a beautiful face and body and ensures that they put intelligence far above big breasts and long legs.

Although this article kind of  puts large breasts as the maximum of femininity when it comes to choosing a mother for their children, men seek intellect first: “Intelligence is by far the most attractive quality for men who are looking for a long-term partner because she is likely to be a responsible mother, ”explains Bainbridge

So, is beauty just a superficial matter? However, as much as there is talk of "beauty is inside", there is also a component of physical attraction that cannot be avoided. We will talk about this later.


Everyone wants to be surrounded by a person who reflects happiness. A girl who is smiling all the time always gives an approachable image and that welcomes everyone. That is generally why the smile of a woman is very attractive to men. Unfortunately, we are in a society that also focuses on details such as teeth, lips, etc, and some even want these to be perfect, which generally means that they are more attracted to perfect and taken care of teeth.


Silky, stylish, well-groomed hair will always be something that attracts men. You send a vibe with the type of hair you have, whether it is long, short, or medium it can just tell a lot about you. As long as it is clean, has a good aroma, or is bright, you can conquer whoever it is. Let us just say this one is a very fine male trap.

Way of walking

The woman's body and its movement is something that attracts men in an impressive way. The sway of the hips, the security with which they walk, the confidence they inspire in each step. Everything is fundamental! Mind you, it is not about you walking like a supermodel, or trying to be someone you are not. Just make sure not to go hunched or shuffling, which sends the signal of insecurity that will not benefit you at all. Remember, confidence is always a positive trait no matter what you want to conquer or do, and your walking shows exactly that.


Any man is attracted to a woman with striking lips to kiss them. What do "provocative lips" mean? Despite the trend among women to use different methods to make lips thicker, surveys have shown that men prefer thin or medium lips.

Now, don't forget about a nice sexy lipstick. It was invented for something, after all! A University of Manchester study found that men can notice women with red lips in less than seven seconds. The power of makeup is pretty much amazing, but, if you are a natural girl, your natural lips will work just as fine, too.


As you might have heard a thousand times before: eyes are the windows to the soul. There is really nothing more to explain about eyes been attractive: they can just transmit so much emotion and feelings.

Men prefer to look at women with big eyes and there is a reason! When a person is looking at another person with whom they are in love, their eyes unconsciously widen and look larger. This is why a person with bigger eyes seems to be happier and more attractive. The studies say it!


In the same line as with the way of walking, always keep a good posture, girls! Your posture can say a lot about you. Generally, people with poor posture have socialization problems. They are shy and are closed to meet new people. People with good posture tend to be more self-confident and attractive. Your posture greatly influences the first impression you make on people. Change your posture if you want people to think something different about you.

Is Your Man a Boobs Man?

We can clearly say that the vast majority of men are attracted to boobs. It is even weird when one is not. I mean, do you even know one who is not?  I don't think so. That is why we can say that almost any man is a boobs man. But, it is actually true that some prefer butts over boobs or even other parts, but the attraction will always be there. 

Is you man a boobs man? How can you know that? Well, it is pretty much very easy. You will instantly know If he has a particular attraction to your girls. He will always grab them, look at them, find them extremely arousing and unresistible, be specifically focused on them during sex. These are just a few of the indicators that he is, but trust us, you will find out.

How to Make him Appreciate You More Than Just the Boobs

Nobody likes to just be appreciated by a part of or body or something superficial like that. All of us got internal characteristics that we would like to be loved and appreciated for. That is why it can be a little off-putting when someone just likes us physically. If this is the case of your relationship, there are some things you can do for him to notice other traits about you and start appreciating them. Follow these tips:

Acceptance and patience

Men are not perfect, ... what a great discovery. You have to accept that men have their hobbies, their concerns, their limiting beliefs ... in short, their defects, and toxic behaviors, so don't get too crazy about that. 

There will be many times when things do not go well and it is not your fault, perhaps it is his or simply the circumstances were too unfavorable. This reality must be accepted, and as many say, patience is the mother of science. Don't get frustrated, you will eventually connect deeper.


Empathy is the best communication skill you can count on to seduce men and make them fall in love in the long term. It is the ability to understand their needs and feelings, and thanks to that knowledge that putting you in their shoes will give you, you will be able to see what they need and feel. And to know what that man needs to fall in love with you every day.

At the same time, men and women need to feel understood. You may not agree on something with him, but if you make him feel that you understand and accept him, even though you maintain your position on it, he will also understand and accept you. Now, if he feels that he is not heard and thinks that you are going to your rhythm only or what interests you, then his mind will give him motives and visualizations that will encourage him to move away from you or just want you physically. If you think about it, the same thing would happen to you (remember, empathy).

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The mystery is solved, am I right ladies? Al this time you have wanted to know what is so special about boobs, well, now you know, so we deserve a thank you! We hope you got all the information you need to further conquer your man with both your boobs and other assets!


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