Erogenous Zones For Zodiac Signs (Part 2)

Covering from Libra to Pisces, find out what turns on these men

By Diana N.
Erogenous Zones For Zodiac Signs (Part 2)

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones can contribute to sexual arousal, and knowing how to identify them may improve your sexual health. These are the spots that when touched get your motor running because they are somewhat related to sexual arousal. Stimulating these zones can ramp up sexual feelings of pleasure that can make sex more satisfying.

You should always pay attention to the different erogenous zones in your man’s body. Pay attention to the parts that you find sensitive to your man when stimulated during sexual encounters. Some vulnerable regions in the man’s body can instantly lead to an orgasm when triggered.

The General Erogenous Zones On The Male Body


This is pretty obvious as the penile stimulation significantly contributes to sexual satisfaction. Touching the penis is enough to cause an erection as it's the most sensitive part of the male body. Men view the penis shaft prone to orgasmic sensitivity compared to the rest of the bottom area.

Mouth and lips

The male lips respond to any gentle touch, pressure, or temperature. Kissing triggers, a considerable amount of hormone release that’s involved during intimacy.


This is the part behind the penis and is believed to have the ability to produce sexual arousal and its one of the men’s notable erogenous zones. The area has a lot of nerves which dictates the high sensitivity when touched. Gentle squeezing, sucking, and cupping helps the men to reach climax easily during sex.


The same way with the women, men’s nipples are a hot spot. The fact that the men’s nipples seem not to serve any real purpose does not mean they are entirely useless. They have plenty of very sensitive nerve endings which dictates the sensitivity.


It is the area between the anus and scrotum and is hooked up to perineal nerves which convey sensual of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain. A slight touch on this part will get the man going crazy.


The high number of sensory receptors in the ears makes them sensitive parts to touch. The ears are believed to help a man’s orgasm when reached or stimulated.

Erogenous Zones For Zodiac Signs From Libra To Pisces And What Turns These Men On

Libra - Anus

Libras are collaborative, considerate, open-minded, and merciful. They try their best to do what they should to maintain a connection in a relationship. In bed, they are imaginative and original and seek balance.  A Libra man pleases the partner as she wishes. Libras are also loyal and enchanting.

Libras' erogenous zone is the anus and the lower back. If you have dated a Libra, then you can attest that they have an extreme curiosity about doing butt stuff in the bedroom. Males love it when pegged by their woman. When under stress Libras experience anal fissures as this are their sensitive part. 

If you are the curious Libra, you can start with just a finger, and you can see what happens from there. Also giving a Libra a simple massage around the lower back can be a fantastic way to send their libido soaring.  Throwing a few light scratches on their back will have them losing their mind.

Scorpio - Genitals

Scorpio is known to be passionate and assertive, determined, and decisive. A Scorpio is never afraid to express his emotions. To them, intimacy and passion are what matters, and they always want to have intelligent and honest partners. They remain faithful to their partners and tend to be careful with relationships as they take a lot of time to build trust and respect.

Scorpioserogenous zone is the sexual organs. If you are looking for a way to turn on a Scorpio, give close attention to their genitalia. To bring out the best in him gently touch kiss or massage his genitals.

Scorpio is notoriously regarded as the sign of sex which does not, however, make them horny dogs. Instead, they are cautious about the number of partners. If you want to leave him bothered, you just have to touch his junk which is extremely sensitive at the slightest touch.

Sagittarius - Thighs and hips

Sagittarius are among the most passionate people. They love their own space and freedom and hate it when controlled. The best way to leave the Sagittarius man hot is by concentrating on his thighs and hips. They are the erogenous zones for men under this sign. A simple kiss on the thighs will stimulate your man.

Do not forget the inner thighs as this is a spot that can leave them weak at their knees. You just have to put your hand on a Sagittarius thigh, and this is a way to get a party started. Sagittarius men love to grab their women by the hips when they want to get her to bed.

Capricorn - Knees, legs, and bones

If you are born under this sign, you are generally pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined. When it comes to sex, Capricorns are straightforward, and sometimes they lack romance and sentimentality. They are not adventurous in bed, but they appreciate honesty in the bedroom. If you find something that’s putting you off don’t hesitate to let him know.

One of the qualities of a Capricorn is that they are hardworking, and this makes them suffer weak knees and bones. This makes these parts their weak points. If you want to make a Capricornmore vulnerable, you can use your hands to gently touch their knees.

Don’t hesitate to touch that skin behind the knees which will have a Capricorn is aroused by slight touch and sensual massage. Try to run your hands up and down each of their legs and also lightly tickle them, and this will get them giddy real fast.

Aquarius - Calves, chin, and ankles

An Aquarius is rebellious at heart, and you can quickly identify one for their fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and non-conformist attitude. They are compassionate, and closeness to them means vulnerability. They can do anything to the one they love even if it means self-sacrifice.

Aquarius are sensitive on their calves, chin and the ankles. You should pay close attention to these parts, and you will be amazed by their reception upon touch. You may also try getting into 69 positions and give attention to the ankles and calves. They also love it when you play with their feet. The calves back are the highly sensitive part of an Aquarius. You can also try kissing the ankles as it will leave him freaky and aroused.

Pisces - Feet

Pisces are creative, empathetic, overly emotional, and closed off. The erogenous zone for the Pisces is the feet. Little massage on their feet will leave them feeling crazy. During foreplay, you should focus on their feet as they are the most sensitive. Additionally, you don’t have, to have a thing for foot fetish as this is what will excite your man and you must execute.

Sucking on toes is the Piscean favorite, and this quickly gets them steamed up ready for the action. A Piscean can never turn down a foot massage and playing with their feet by giving them gentle rubs leave them feeling utterly relaxed.

If you are into foot play, you can incorporate this into your sex routine with your partner as the foot play has many techniques to get a Piscean turned on.

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Sexual arousal may be termed as a single thing, but generally, people should agree on the spots that get them hot when stimulated. For the Libra to Pisces men, the above indicates the ergogenic zones for these zodiac signs.

It will be essential to put in mind your partner's hot spots to get them feeling steamy and aroused during foreplay before the action. However, don’t kill yourself if you can’t figure out these parts as you can be easily acquitted to the same. Use these signs to help you boost your sexual satisfaction and that of your partner. Adding two erogenous zones together can be very pleasurable.


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