18 Intimate Ways to Appreciate Your Man in Bed

Take the initiative to make him feel treasured and loved

By Aey
18 Intimate Ways to Appreciate Your Man in Bed

We all need to know that almost everyone is a little conscious in bed, whether it's a man or a woman. Just like we need our partners to appreciate us to feel more comfortable, so do our partners. The media shows us that guys are just somehow always in tune with their bodies, but this is not always the case. Like women, men have many layers and one of them is vulnerability. With tons of content on how to appreciate women, here I am trying to break it even and tell you girls 18 intimate ways to appreciate your man in bed.

18 Intimate Ways to Appreciate Your Man in Bed

1. Always be honest

As mundane as it may sound, honesty is the best policy. Know that while you can lie using words, most of us aren't trained to lie through our bodies. Being in bed is supposed to be intimate and wholesome. Sometimes its sex and sometimes it isn't. Intimacy is different, and it evolves. So, try to be honest with your partner in bed. You don't need to fake it, or just do it for him. Know that a relationship caters to both, if you tell him how you feel and that you might just cuddle for tonight, he'll appreciate that rather than you lying to his face. (Knowing that your girl faked her orgasm is every guy's worst nightmare)

2. Don’t talk too much

While men do like it if you talk dirty, talking too much can kill the mood. Try making statements that urge him to keep going. While in bed your body language speaks more than your words, so, try to show him how much you enjoy being with him rather than going on an appreciative rant.

3. Hold them

As much as we think cuddling is a girl thing, it isn’t, I once fell asleep right after I had sex, and I still remember my boyfriend saying, “What? No hugs?” “Aren’t you going to hold me,” it was so adorable, and it led me to ask all my friends if they’re into cuddling, and the vote came out unanimously. Who would’ve thought guys loved cuddles? But, understandably, cuddles are an intimate way of just being in love and appreciating one another.

4. Compliment the way they kiss

Just like you don’t like your man fixating on sex and only sex, he doesn’t like that either. While complimenting his bed skills can get him excited, complementing the way he kisses you or the way he holds you are an intimate way to show him affection.

5. Compliment new techniques

Regardless of gender, we, as human beings, are always scared of changes. When we do gather the strength to go through with it, other people's compliments make or break our confidence. So, when you feel your man trying out something new, let him know that you like how it makes you feel.

6. Tell them how their body makes you feel

If your man says you make him peak hard, or you make him go crazy while having sex you’re going to be smiling all day and patting yourself on the back. So they deserve the same feeling too. Tell them how their body makes you feel. What you like about it and how it’s your home. Saying all this is surely going to give them a boost.

7. Compliment their sexual appetite

Another thing that can increase intimacy is complimenting their sexual appetite. I'm sure you've gone to your group of friends and raved about how much he's into it, but have you ever talked to him about it? Have you ever told him how much his sexual appetite entices you?

8. Foreplay

I'm pretty sure we've all had that one boyfriend that always had a special place of focus on our body that made us lose our mind. I once had a partner who had a foot fetish to the extent that I felt jealous of my feet! I was like, "dude there's a whole person that goes with the pair of feet mind keeping that in mind?" Initiate the kisses and gradually explore his body as he does yours.

9. If you’re eager, show it

Be open to showing your freaky side. Take initiative and let them know that you’re into it as much as they are. You should be comfortable with your sexuality and not be ashamed of how you feel. Showing your partner that you’re into him is going to make him feel appreciated.

10. Be comfortable in your skin

Being comfortable in your skin is beneficial for both, you and your partner. When you’re comfortable in your skin it is a way of showing the person that you know how much they love you. It also shows that you consider being with them a safe place.

11. Tell them what you want

While in bed guide them through what you want. Guys love their partners telling them what to do in bed. It shows that you’re having fun and that you’re ready to turn it up a notch. A guy's biggest wish is to make his girl scream with pleasure (and who doesn’t like a body wrecking orgasm) so, be open about what you want him to do and how you want him to do and make both your lives peaceful.

12. Be ready to experiment

While sex is always intimate, you should also be ready to experiment. Talk about your fantasies and which of them you can play out, tell your partner what you’re into and what you’d like to try out. Experimenting is only possible when you have a certain degree

13. Kiss their body

Most of the time we’re brought up in a way that we think that we are entitled to receive pleasure but that is not the case. Just like you like your partner to love every bit of you, so do they. So, remember to love their body the way they love yours.

14. Look into their eyes

Eye contact is an age-old way to appreciate someone that you love. Lie down in bed, relax, and just look at him. Look into his eyes and tell him all your fears, reservation, and insecurities, you’ll come out on the other side closer than ever. Even when you make love, look into his eyes, and let him know how much love him.

15. Play with their hair

Playing with your man’s hair is another way to be intimate. As tough as they may seem, this will get them purring like a little kitten. That’s always a great way to put them to sleep too. As insignificant as it may seem, it can take their inhibitions away and make them tell you about anything.

16. Kiss them while they’re asleep

Kissing someone while they’re about to fall asleep is one of the purest forms of showing that you love a person. Even though they might be asleep, they’ll feel loved and cared for regardless. Being loved is an instinctive feeling and there’s no better way for making someone feel loved.

17. Give them a massage

After a tiring day at work, when they come home give them a massage. Make them lie down and just rub their shoulders till the knots in their shoulder are gone. Granted that you can’t do this every other day, try doing it once or twice a week.

18. Listen to them

Know that your bedroom is your safe space and everyone should have the right to open up within that. Being patient and listening is a great way to increase intimacy. Ask him about his day and then listen to what he has to say. Even if you might not be familiar with other people in his life you might be able to take him out of a tough spot and he’ll always love and respect you for that.

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So, if your partner has been complaining about you not appreciating him enough, the pointers mentioned above are sure to help. Not only will it improve your sex life, but the feeling of closeness will also seep into your relationship.

Know that we often fall victim to notions toxic masculinity and think men don't need all these lovey-dovey things associated with women; remember that they're just like us, so love them, cut them slack and know that appreciation shouldn't be gendered.


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