15 Herbs and Plants to Attract Money and Grow Prosperity

Harness plant powers to garner money and abundance to your life

By Madiha A.
15 Herbs and Plants to Attract Money and Grow Prosperity

Plants and Herbs Used for Magical Use

Money can’t be grown on trees but certain plants can bring you the money. Yes, you heard that right. Some plants and herbs are believed to have magical properties and powers to attract money. One thing is for sure, you have to have faith in the powers of these plants.

Plants have always been used for the benefits of humans in one way or the other.  They are not only used for eating they are grown and kept for certain other purposes. From medicinal purposes to skincare and fragrances to witchcraft; the uses and benefits of plants are endless. The use of plants in magic is not new. Plants are believed to have spirits having powers to grant wishes. In witchcraft, magical plants are often grown in the kitchen garden for easier access.

These plants are either transferred from one generation to another or are collected from around the world for special purposes. Besides these, some other plants have special properties. Some of them detoxify the air, some relieve stress, some boost creativity while others bring prosperity.

15 Herbs and Plants to Attract Money and Prosperity

Plants have a tendency to change your mood, release stress and bring peace to the indoors. The ability of plants to bring positivity has been proved by science. Although supernatural or magical effects of plants are not supported by the science but those who have tried and tested believe that plants are powerful beings and can bring prosperity and money to the plant bearer. Mentioned below are 15 herbs and plants that are believed to attract money and prosperity.


The benefits of herbs are well known. Herbs are used to treat minor illnesses, as taste enhancers in different recipes, aromatherapies, and magical potions. Where most herbs serve almost similar functions, some are used to bring the user prosperity and monetary benefits. These herbs are used in various rituals and techniques to harness their powers. The metaphysical properties of some herbs are very beneficial. Here are some herbs that can bring you money:

1.  Cinnamon 

Cinnamon has been in use since 2000 BC by Ancient Egyptians. Now used as a spice, cinnamon has several medicinal properties. It is used to treat sore throat, cough, and arthritis. Cinnamon tea, if prepared with an intention to bring money can do wonders. People drink cinnamon tea as part of a prosperity spell. If you are looking for a new job, want your business to make more money, get a raise, you should try it and see the results for yourself.

2. Thyme

Not only does thyme bring all the necessary vitamins it brings you money. Thyme is a powerful magnet for money. Make a tea or use it in your day to day cooking to harness the power of thyme. You can even put a few thyme leaves in the washer while washing your work clothes and see how the spirit of thyme brings you prosperity.

3. Ginger

Where most people think ginger a vegetable, in the culinary world, ginger is considered an herb. Most herbs are used as part of spells and rituals. Ginger can be used fresh or in powdered form in various prosperity spells. It not only wards off evil spirits but gets you rich quick.

4. Basil

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for digestion. What most people don’t know is that it is an herb with magical properties. The regular use of this herb not only brings peace but also prosperity. It is believed that if sprinkled on the floor and swept out the back door, basil can ward off negative energies because as they say, “no evil can come where the Basil has been” and “where basil grows, no evil goes”. 

5. Nutmeg

The powerful and magical properties of nutmeg can be judged from the belief of some people which says that merely carrying the nutmeg in your pocket brings you good luck. Because of its money attracting properties, it is called “gambler’s spice” and gamblers are advised to sprinkle nutmeg powder in their shoes before entering the casino. 

6. Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is a witch’s staple. It is an easily available herb and is used in most of the money and prosperity spells. The simplest and easiest way to use the bay leaf to attract money is to write your wish on the leaf and burn the leaf; your wish will soon come true. 

7. Chamomile

This sweet apple-like smelling herb is mostly used for making tea. Chamomile comes from a daisy-like flower and its tea is consumed as a natural remedy for many health conditions. Chamomile tea is not only great for bringing you sound sleep but also wealth while you sleep. Dried chamomile is used in many money spells. It is said that if you sprinkle dried chamomile around your house it will not only keep your property safe but will also bring you wealth. 

8. Lemon Grass

Growing lemongrass is very simple and easy and this great herb can bring you lots of money. The best thing is, if you have lemongrass in your kitchen garden, you have an unlimited supply of magic to attract money.


Plants not only uplift the look of your home and office they can bring you monetary benefits as well. You must have seen a special plant on a colleague’s workstation or in the home of a relative and wondered the purpose or significance of the plant besides decoration. Plants inside the home and office not only bring good mood but also love good luck and wealth. Shared below are a few plants that if added to your collection of indoor and outdoor plants will bring you a fortune.

9. Bamboo

Bamboo is considered very significant in Chinese culture. Feng shui, a traditional practice in China that uses energy forces to bring harmony utilizes a special arrangement of bamboo stalks to harness different benefits. 3 stalks for happiness, longevity and wealth, and 5 stalks for money and fortune and several other numbers for various other benefits are recommended. If you want great wealth you need 21 stalks of bamboos for your wish to be granted.

10.  Jade Plant

An ordinary-looking plant with small puffy leaves can bring you prosperity and good fortune. Of its money attracting property, the jade plant is also called money plant or dollar plant. The shape of its leaves resembles a coin which according to Feng Shui symbolizes it with wealth. These can be given as gifts to friends who got new jobs or those who started a new business. 

11. Pachira Money Tree

It is an ornamental plant mostly used in homes and offices for decoration purposes but people who know a little about the hidden properties of plants know that it also attracts money. The braided stem of this plant in a combination of three and five ensures fortune and good luck. The tree has a legend associated with it about a poor man who saw this strange looking tree. Considering it lucky he started selling the plant and earned good money.

12. Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a very common house plant. It not only purifies the air but also brings wealth and prosperity. It can be very beneficial if placed in the “wealth area” of the home and office. The shape of the leaves of rubber plant symbolizes abundance and fortune. The best thing about rubber plants is that it is easier to maintain and grows well without much care. 

13. Swedish Ivy

This house plant also named as gossip spur flower and money plant is mostly kept for good luck but it also attracts money. The legend says that it attracts money to the part of the house where it is grown.

14. Citrus Trees

Citrus trees not only bear fruits they are considered lucky in many cultures. Whether planted in the garden or indoors, citrus plants bring good luck and fortune. Citrus plants are extensively used in Chinese Feng Shui to bring home prosperity. 

15. Pothos

Pothos or devil’s ivy is considered lucky in many Asian countries. It is believed to bring good luck and a big fortune. It is a beautiful decorative house plant that not only detoxifies the air but can attract money to your home.

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It takes lots of effort and hard work to make wealth. People spend lives working and collecting pennies to add up to their fortune. There is an easier way around. Plants, many of them, are known to have magical powers. If kept in a certain way and in a particular place, plants can bring you good luck and fortune. Many plants are kept for their air-detoxifying and stress releasing properties. These kinds of plants boost your productivity and hence your capacity to work hard and earn. Mentioned above are 15 herbs and plants to attract money and grow prosperity. All these plants are widely available and can even be grown at home easily. For me, it is a simpler recipe to collect money. Try it yourself and see how it works for you.