False Twin Flame: Are You Forcing a Fake Connection?

Thought he was the one or are you forcing him to be the one?

By Kazuko Otsuka
False Twin Flame: Are You Forcing a Fake Connection?

What is a Twin Flame?

Many of us long to find the “perfect” partner or our soulmates. As cliché as it sounds and as much as we tell ourselves that they don’t exist, we still can’t help to dream about it. As humans, we long to create deeper connections with our partners that go beyond just having the same hobbies and taste in music. Luckily, twin flames exist.

If you’re an astrology enthusiast, you’ve probably come across the term twin flame. Similar to the concept of soulmates, a twin flame is described as the other half of your soul. Generally, finding your twin flame is more complex than finding your soulmate. This is because to attain your twin flame you first need to find your soulmate. Doesn’t make sense? You can think of twin flames as an upgrade or the next step after finding your soulmate.

Twin flames, or your mirror soul, is defined as the other half of your soul. Thus, first finding your soul mate is crucial to finding your twin flame. These types of connections are not always romantic. The intense connections can be felt with family and friends. The type of friendship twin flames have are the ones that last. If you’ve ever met someone for the first time and leave feeling like you’ve known them for far longer, that person could possibly be your twin flame. You’re drawn to each other like magnets and immediately feel a sense of acceptance just being with them.

Twin flames are a great thing to find for your self-growth will increase exponentially. This type of connection gives and takes. You help each other grow spiritually and mentally. Because of the nature of this type of connection, it is easy to see each other's flaws. The connection between your souls allows you to see things other relationships can’t see. Think you’ve found your twin flame? The question now stands if your twin flame is a false one. Let’s find out.

17 Signs that You Have a False Twin Flame

1. Disappears in time of need

We’ve seen this happen multiple times in any relationship. When you need the person the most, they vanish. This a big sign that your supposed twin flame is a false one. True twin flames will be present and be there for you when you need them the most.

2. Hides behind a fake disguise

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone and not knowing what is going on it their heads. You can’t read their emotions and you feel that they are not showing their true self to you. Hiding behind fake disguises is a sign of a false twin flame. A true twin flame will be open and vulnerable.

3. Scared of commitment

When talks of your future together become the topic, you feel them begin to get uncomfortable. A false twin flame is scared of commitment and does not see a future with you. Their goals are short term and only like being with you for convenience.

4. Superficial values

A twin flame connection goes beyond the superficiality and materialism. A big no-no sign that your connection is a false twin flame is when you are not able to have deep conversations with each other. If all they talk about is superficial things and digress from spiritual topics, that is a bad sign.

5. Brings up problems from the past

A true twin flame does not focus on the past but more in the future. If issues from the past are always brought up, your connection is probably that of a false twin flame.

6. Being around them makes you feel distressed

Being around your twin flame is supposed to make you feel at home and calm. If you tend to feel distressed and anxious when you are around your partner, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. A twin flame or not, this is a bad sign altogether.

7. Relationship status is always complicated

One day you’re together and the next you’re not. If this is your current relationship situation, then you might have found your false twin flame. A false twin flame relationship is always in limbo. You never clearly know where you stand.

8. Makes you feel incompetent

If your partner makes you feel incompetent through their actions and words, ditch them. Never put up with behavior like this.

9. Does not support you in your goals and success

False twin flames do not care about your success and goals in life. More so, they make you feel bad for being successful.

10. Loves to give excuses

Is your partner never straight to the point? Do they love to give excuses as an answer to all your questions? If yes, that is a false twin flame.

11. Afraid of challenges

A true twin flame thrives in challenging situations. Since you are a mirror to each other’s souls, finding yourselves in challenging situations help to strengthen your bond. If your partner is afraid of this, then it is a false twin flame.

12. Appears distant and aloof

Twin flame relationships are supposed to be deep; it transcends that of a typical relationship. If your partner appears distant and aloof, that is a bad sign.

13. Leads you on

A true twin flame will never lead you on. They will be direct and open about their feelings for you. Leading you on is a big red flag.

14. Emotionally unavailable

Many people find it difficult to be emotionally available. False twin flame connections are in this category. Being emotionally unavailable, especially when you need them the most, is a sign of a false twin flame.

15. Highly sexual connection

If the connection between you is high and mostly just sexual, then that is not a true twin flame. A true twin flame goes beyond the carnal desires of man and reaches into the spiritual connection.

16. Third party involvement

It goes beyond saying that if there is a third party involved, this is a bad sign and you should leave. Pushing for a relationship when there is a third party involved is never a good idea, to begin with.

17. One-sided unconditional love

A true twin flame will never, and hear this out, be a one-sided love. A true twin flame is the type of connection that gives and takes. Both sides work together to sustain this connection. One-sided unconditional love is sadly a false twin flame.

Can a False Twin Flame Become a Real Twin Flame

If your relationship shows more than one of the signs veering towards that of a false twin flame, don’t be disheartened. Everyone wants to attain a real and genuine twin flame connection without the fear of it being an impostor. However, like many things in life, this is easier said than done.

In some cases, a false twin flame can actually turn into a real twin flame. We can not give up on people right away after a couple of bad encounters. If we all lived like this, the world would be doomed. It is important to keep in mind that people do change. The same goes for a twin flame connection. You may have met under unfavorable circumstances that led to the start of a false twin flame; however, after a while, your circumstances will evolve and the beginning of a true twin flame can emerge.

Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t give up just yet. Give the relationship or friendship another try and see where it leads to. If positive signs begin to appear, hop on that and hope for the best. Positivity goes a long way.

What if You are the False Twin Flame?

The problem of your partner being the false twin flame is easier to address than that of your being the false twin flame. You find yourself being told over and over again that you are a false twin flame. You feel lost and don’t know what to do. Accepting your current demise seems like your best bet. Is this the right choice?

It is not the end of the world for you. If you are the false twin flame, ask yourself this. “Am I willing to become a true twin flame?” Accept that you are currently a false twin flame and think of what you can do to change that. The first step is to accept and address the problem. From there, think of ways to change. A positive mental attitude will change your aura and help you attain your goal. Don’t feel bad and pick yourself up. You can become a true twin flame.

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It’s hard to find yourself in a situation where you force someone to be “the one.” You try so hard and do everything you can to make the relationship work, but come out empty-handed. Finding your true twin flame is not an easy feat. Though the road is difficult, the goal is worth it. Reevaluate your relationships. Your twin flame might already be there and you just don’t know it.



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