My Husband Wants To See Me With Another Man, Is He Cheating?

Not really outright cheating! Here's what both sides have to say.

By Michele
My Husband Wants To See Me With Another Man, Is He Cheating?

Here, I am going to discuss a very interesting trend, which is not new of course – the concept of wife sharing and the reasons behind it. This practice has been around for several years and it has considerably evolved during the past few years. 

The most pinching question that comes in the mind of several women is that My Husband Wants to See Me with another Man, Is He Cheating? Just be clear about one thing and that is, no sexual activity can happen without your consent. Just have a look at where you stand and you will get the answers. For your advantage, I will share some really helpful information in this read.

What Is Wife Sharing?

Wife sharing is also known as partner swapping, husband swapping, and wife swapping or simply swinging. During this sexual activity committed partners to engage with others sexually, mainly for recreational reasons. I think we can call it an open relationship sort of thing, if it happens regularly and through mutual consent.

Normally couples do it for the sake of fun, as I said, but there can be other reasons for it too. Many couples are looking for a better sexual experience and that is supported by including another person in the act. This increases the quantity and quality of sex. A few couples just do this activity out of curiosity, as they are bored with their sex routine.

Amazingly several couples have reported that their relationship got better due to wife sharing! That is something astonishing, but soon you will know the reason behind it.

Meet Janet and Sam, and Their Wife Share Escapades

Here, I am going to discuss a couple named Janet and Sam, who tried wife sharing once and after that regularly conducted this practice. It will be discussed after their experience.

Janet and Sam were both out vacationing in Hawaii, for the second time since their marriage. Sam already had this idea of wife sharing but was afraid of discussing it with Janet. It is understandable that he might be scared of the reaction of his wife. During their vacation, one night, after a conventional sexual intercourse Sam gathered courage of discussing his idea of wife sharing with Janet.

He started it all with their boring sex life and how a twist could help both experiencing something new. Janet was left speechless, as the idea of having sex with another man during the course of marriage was quite shocking. She actually just listened but did not respond. Sam also continued his conversation without forcing her and telling her the possible advantages of wife sharing.

The next morning, Janet all of a sudden, after breakfast, started asking Sam about the possibilities of wife sharing and how it could affect their current marital relationship. She was more concerned about their relationship instead of sexual adventure. Sam further explained that it would be just a normal connection without any aspect of the emotional connection attached to it.

They both were serious with each other, loyal and happily married. The best part was that Sam never thought it to be necessary, as this idea could only help add some spice to their sex life. Finally, Janet agreed. Now, the real issue was to find a trustworthy couple looking for the same sort of adventure.

How Sam got this idea? It was actually his friend Richard who had done wife sharing with some other couples. Richard always tried to convince Sam that how much fun it was and how much it helped Richard and her wife strengthen their emotional bond. No one was cheating and both of them knew what they were up to. Sam contacted Richard and asked him to let’s try this once.

If Janet would not like it, they would just wave this idea off for the future. Richard, already experienced and eager agreed instantly. Sam and Janet came back to their city and met the other couple for dinner. They had a nice meal and discussed different ideas of wife sharing. Janet was for sure confused and somewhat afraid, but Sam always tried to relax her by saying that it would be totally worth it.

So they decided on a swinging session for the coming weekend.

What Did Each Of Them Have To Say About The Experience

Here is what Sam had to say: The experience of holding another body for some time and making love was quite divine. As a married man, I got to share my bed for the first time with another woman and that also with the wife of my close friend. It was a totally different experience. We knew we were hooked to someone else for a short time and were just doing it for the sake of pleasure. So we made the most out of it.  

Here is what Janet had to say: I was scared, literally blushing when I went close to Richard. He noticed, I was shivering but being a gentleman he helped me cool down. And then gently and comfortably everything happened between us. I explored sex through new dimensions. I think that every man or woman has his or her, own sexual tendencies during the course. And getting close to someone, who enjoys sex, makes you feel better. I would say it was not a bad experience at all.

Both Sam and Janet enjoyed their very first wife swapping experience. They termed it as a revolution in their normal sex routine and something that they should have had done quite early. Later, both couples started going on vacations together and spending time with each other. It can be said that they planned especially on how they could go for wife sharing sessions regularly.

Does Wife Sharing Mean My Husband Is Cheating

Wife sharing certainly does not indicate any sort of aspect of cheating. As everything is quite evident and nothing is hidden between the couple. Let us see the reasons behind wife sharing.

Fight Boredom

Most couples opt for wife sharing to enjoy something out of their normal routine. Sexual boredom can be really frustrating hence such adventures can add some kink. Imagine sleeping with the same person doing the same sort of sex having the same hands all over you. Isn’t it boring? So a sexual break from each other in the form of wife swapping can help strengthen the marital bond

Increase Sexual Experience

Wife swapping provides an opportunity for couples to explore sex in a new manner. Sometimes couples are not that dynamic when it comes to having ultimate sex. For them, time-being partners can change a lot of things. It means they can enjoy sex in a manner that they have never experienced before. It can ultimately lead to greater sexual satisfaction.

Health Reasons

Some men, who are not sexually fit, actively advocate the idea of wife sharing. Couples eventually agree to share someone else for a short period of time. With the consent of the wife, the interested husband can refer to someone, who could eventually satisfy the sexual needs of his wife.

Do I Have To Be Scared If My Husband Wants To Share Me? How Do We Handle This Conversation?

Well, it is quite natural to feel scared about the idea of getting shared on the bed with an unknown or even a known person apart from your husband.

First of all, you need to check if your husband is really looking for some short term fun or has an underlying sexual health issue. If his argument is valid then you guys can work on the idea of wife sharing. It is certainly not harmful. You just experience someone new for sex and then get back to your partners.

You need to buy time in order to get some understanding of this idea of wife sharing so that you do not feel guilty about it later – at any point in your life. If this idea generally makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your husband right away. I am hopeful that he is not going to force you at all, until and unless he is hiding something or trying to make up for his undercover extramarital affair.

Keep your eyes and ears open, just be careful!

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Despite the fact that contemporary society still refers to wife sharing as an abomination, the psychology behind it happens to be a logical one.


Wife sharing is not considered a normal practice, but the reality is that it has helped a lot of couples to stay sexually active and emotionally bonded just due to this concept. Initially, this idea seems to be a good challenge, but with the passage of time, it starts getting all fun. So if this idea seems worth it, do rub in and start sharing as said – sharing is caring!