6 Steps To Kiss And Get Her All Wet Down There

How to kiss her passionately and also kiss her down there

By Caren M
6 Steps To Kiss And Get Her All Wet Down There

Are You A Good Kisser?

Kissing is fundamental in romance and intimacy. In fact, kissing is the gateway to almost all sexual encounters and so, as a man, you need to excel at this skill to turn your woman on.

Being a skillful and ardent kisser will be the difference between her giving you the green light for more and you going home to an empty bed. If you don’t know where you lie on the kissing spectrum, here’s a quiz to help you know if you’re a good kisser 

Kissing has a variety of different purposes. For men, kissing is a way to initiate intimacy and get in those pants. Studies show that our saliva contains traces of testosterone and exchange will increase sexual desire in a woman. Women mostly use kissing as a mate selection technique. That’s because while kissing, a woman is collecting information about you and your likeability to be a potential mate. Bad, sloppy kissing will turn her off fast while a good kiss will have her swooning and looking at you like you hold her entire world. Kissing is a way for both parties to connect emotionally and the quickest way to find out if it’s a viable match or not. Read more on the meaning of kisses here.

Find Out Her Sensitive Parts And Set The Mood

A woman’s body is a minefield of sensitivity and literally, any part of her body can be used to turn her on if you press the right buttons. And even better, anything you can do with your hands on her body will feel 1000 times better if you use your mouth.

 Different women have different pleasure spots but some erogenous zones are proven to work on all women to turn them on. But before we can get to the parts, here are some kissing 101 tips.

Freshen your breath

This doesn’t need much expounding on because it is a rule of thumb. If you’re anticipating a locking of lips later, then please make sure your breath is fresh. This means brushing your teeth and gurgle Listerine if you have to. Nothing kills a mood faster than when you’re going in for a kiss and then you open your mouth and it smells like day-old fish.

Read her mood

A woman that is into you will give you signals with her body language if she wants more from you. Remember you need to be thinking of her needs, more than yours and you have to be attuned to her signals. Only proceed with any type of physical intimacy if she is an enthusiastic, willing participant.

Start out slow

Most women prefer when things progress in a slow systematic manner. Unless she sets the mood for a fast and furious romp, assume that she wants you to take your time to ravish her and appreciate her feminine beauty before you get to the promised land.

6 Steps To Kiss And Get Her All Wet

A woman's erogenous zones may differ from one to another but generally, working on the hotspots and then discovering what specific parts work for your woman will get her all kinds of sex-crazed for you and leave her wanting even more.

1. Start with a passionate french kiss

You probably already know this from all the insistence on kissing to turn her on. Lips are small compared to other body parts but they are quite sensitive and contain many nerve endings. That is why a kiss can be so exhilarating and electrifying and is the gateway to all intimacy.

A french kiss is steamy and is the number one most famous contributor to those clothes coming off. During a passionate kiss like this, pheromones are released that make you feel good and you transfer a bit of testosterone to her that jumps starts her system and gets her all wet down there. A good thorough French kiss will pave the way for more mouth on skin action like kissing down her throat and up the side of her neck to her ears and then going lower, building up the momentum and pleasure.

2. Neck and/or ear and touching

Lips are not the only sensitive part of the area above the shoulders. A soft blow of warm breath, a sexy whisper, or a little nibble of the ear sends some direct signals straight to her girl-parts.

The neck is also quite sensitive once you gain access. Pressing soft-pressure, closed-mouth kisses to her neck area while paying close attention to the areas that make her squirm more is a quick way of finding out what parts of her neck are the most sensitive. Once you have this on lock, be liberal with the kisses, changing the pressure of your lips or kissing with an open mouth then blowing air to stimulate more feeling.

3. Her back and buttocks

This area is not in much contact with anything so it’s already quite sensitive. Have her lie on her stomach and then trail alternating closed-mouth and open-mouthed kisses along the nape of her neck and then down her back. Her spinal cord, which is directly connected to her nerves is very close to her skin and trailing kisses down this column will have her shivering and wanting more.

Even better, paying attention to her butt will win you even more points, plus it’s a hell of a turn-on for a woman that likes it when a man pays special attention to her curves.

4. Nipples and breasts

Men love breasts and this obsession is just as well because breasts, and especially nipples, have a direct link to her pussy so paying special attention will give you very fast results. Some women can even get an orgasm from breast and nipple stimulation so you’ve hit a jackpot if you gain access to this area.

5. Inner thighs and clitoris

You are getting closer and closer to the promised land and your mouth is already inducing so much pleasure within her that when you hit her inner thighs, she’ll be pretty high strung. Spreading her inner thighs and laying soft kisses as work your way towards the apex of her legs will have her writhing in anticipation for more.

The clitoris is a bundle of delicious nerves and stimulating it will have her so wet in seconds. By now she’s already high strung and oral stimulation of the clitoris will wind her string even tighter until it unravels and she has a mind-blowing orgasm.

Be careful though as a little too much enthusiasm may lead to you applying too much pressure while peppering those kisses and hurting her instead, which will be like icy water to the system.

6. Use your hands

I know this is all about using your mouth and the kisses it can produce to lavish your woman into arousal but your hands need to do the work too, don’t just have them beside uselessly. In any case, it is in our natural order to want to touch and feel with our hands so use your hands.

Before you kiss her, frame the kiss by placing both hands on either side of her face and then leaning in slowly. Support her during the kiss by placing your hand at her nape securely if she has to lean up to the kiss so her neck doesn’t get tired.

Using your hands also paves the way for some mouth action on her erogenous zones. Play with her nipples by pinching them as lightly or as hard as she’d like between your index finger and thumb and then playfully teasing her and also massaging her breast before sucking it into your mouth.

Use your hands to separate her outer lips down there and then use the fingers of your other hand to run them gently up and down the length of the inner ones. Do this for some time while teasing her by laying soft teasing kisses before you go in for the full oral action.

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Relationship experts will tell you that no girl is happy without sensual sex. Therefore, you need to learn the art of making her wet like a pro!

Final Thoughts

Women like to be lavished and enjoyed during sex and nothing says that you enjoy her more than taking your time kissing every inch of her and having your hands follow where your mouth has been. The more intimate the kiss the more turned on she’ll be so you need to get to work discovering those spots and weaving pleasure so intense you won’t be needing any kind of lube for what’s about to happen after.