17 Cute Things to Do For Your Bae That She Finds Enduring

Sweet actions that she won't ask but feel fuzzy in her heart

By Sophia R
17 Cute Things to Do For Your Bae That She Finds Enduring

Love is a great experience and a great motivation for all of us. So it is important to do our part for our relationship to work.

Although demonstrating to our lover they are one of the most important people in our lives is something that we must do every day, the details that we can have with them from time to time will strengthen our relationship.

That is why in this article we propose some ideas that can impress your partner, be it boyfriend or husband, wife or girlfriend, and make them feel loved by you. Of course, do not be the only one who gives in the relationship, because there must be a balance ...

In the following lines, you will find the tips:


1. Think during arguments

If you are arguing and realize that things are a little out of control, go to different rooms for 20 minutes. This will give both of you a little time to reflect on the fact that you may have contributed in some way to the situation that makes you fight at the time. After those minutes have passed, bring some humility with you to the dialogue table and discuss with your partner where you think they were wrong, apologize, and try to find a solution to the problem together.

2. Hugs and more hugs

Human contact is so powerful that you can communicate love without saying a word. In addition, the hug releases oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone." This substance makes you and your partner feel happy, safe, and connected; in short, it makes them feel in love. Take advantage of this moment to thank your partner for another day with him or her. This will not only make you value your soul mate more deeply, but it will help both of you feel more loved. Furthermore, studies show that expressing gratitude actually makes couples happier.

3. 3 in 1 method

If they sometimes think that they always do what you want them to do, try this method. Let's say you want to go to the cinema. One of you can choose 3 movies you would like to see and the other can select the one they like the most from those three options. That way, they will work together to make the decision that they will both choose.


1. Plan another honeymoon

This option is especially intended for those couples with children. If you have the opportunity, you can plan your second honeymoon and thus relive what has brought you together and what you like best about each other. She will defiantly love you so much for this thoughtful gesture.

2. Be the best son-in-law

In-laws can be difficult to handle, but your soulmate loves them and would love for you to get along with them. Try to make things easier by being the one to always tell them the positive news. You can be the one to invite them to dinner, to thank them for that unique vase you received for Christmas, and to accept the invitation for that Sunday lunch. Let your partner handle negative communication and be the one who apologizes for not wanting to attend bingo night or for not lending you the car during the weekend.

3. Write details down

If you find that you always forget what she wanted for her birthday, this could be the solution to that problem and more. Every time your wife talks about a new restaurant they would like to visit, a movie they expect to see in theaters or something they want to buy, write it down. You can save it as a note on your phone and look at it whenever you want to suggest a place to go or buy the anniversary gift they want so much. It will mean a lot to her that you remembered that thing she once casually said.

4. Share a dream

Sharing a small dream makes you keep hope united by the same goal. Think about saving money for a trip to Disneyland with the kids or maybe buying a new car. Or you may be hoping to renovate your room or planning a family reunion at home. Either way, sharing and working to realize both of your hopes and dreams is a positive way to stay connected and happy with your partner.


1. Make random I love you calls

You may show that you love him on a daily basis, but it's always nice to surprise him from time to time. If you can call him at work one morning, do it. You can simply explain, "I'm just calling to tell you how much I love you." It will surely brighten their day.

2. Remind him of the old days

Your boyfriend now loves you because you have been together for a while and the attraction has become somewhat deeper, but perhaps what most caught your attention on your first dates is when you showed that confident attitude or how you took care of yourself to please him. Perhaps over time, you have become more serious or you no longer care so much about looking good or making an impression. Find ways to remember those days. You can also plan a surprise and take him to the place where you met. He will appreciate it dearly.

3. Just be yourself

There is nothing that will surprise your partner more and keep him in love with you than when you enjoy your life and fight for your own personal development, for your goals, and for being better every day. Attractive personality is based precisely on that: not being emotionally dependent on your partner, but being autonomous and having personal concerns.

4. Improvise

Take the car one day and get lost with your partner to the place you want to go to. Sea or mountain? That you will know. The important thing is that you are together. A great way to impress your boyfriend with a dream day.


1. Make him special dinner

When he arrives from the gym or office, prepare a delicious romantic dinner. Surely you know what his culinary tastes are and you will be able to surprise him. Give it a touch of music and work the environment to enjoy your company this evening.

2. Wait for him at work

Once in a while, don't wait for him to get home, and get closer to his workplace. Wait for him at work and surprise him. Surely he will be excited to see that you have taken the trouble to go see him. Then you can go for a snack together or do whatever you feel.

3. Work on a project together

Do something together, just the two of you, to become experts in teamwork. We are talking about something as simple as preparing a home-cooked meal, redecorating the house, or painting the front door. It is important that you both achieve a project together at some point in your marriage. Maybe sign up for another language class or participate in a contest, anything would be nice. 

4. Take a day just for him

Occasionally, take a day off from other things and spend time with your husband doing what he loves, even if it's not something that interests you very much. Then change and have a day with the things that interest you. This will get you to know each other even better if that is even possible, and who knows, maybe you can even learn a new hobby that you can start practicing together.

5. Encourage him to take time for himself

Show him that you support his freedom by allowing him to hang out with friends or have time to play video games or whatever he wants to do.

Perhaps it is difficult for him to verbalize his needs, as he feels he is in a full compromise with you as a husband, so he will appreciate that you give the initiative so that he takes time for himself. You will be the best wife ever to exist!


As you have seen, being more romantic does not require something that is too much to ask of us, but with small changes or a few simple details, we can surprise our partner, without a doubt!

Surely you can complete the list with some more since each of us has our resources. But most importantly, don't forget to be yourself. Authenticity is what makes us different from the rest for being the way we are.


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