15 Cute Things Couples Do That Makes You Crave Love

Some cute things that couples do that makes you envious

By Bella
15 Cute Things Couples Do That Makes You Crave Love

A List Of 15 Cute Things That Couples Do In A Relationship

Whether you are single or attached, watching couples doing things together can give you a sense of envy. You wish that you can be like them or do similar things with your bae. 
Well, let's zoom in straight away on cute things that a couple can do!

Romantic Cute Things They do At Home

1. Baking and cooking at home

Nothing is more endearing and cute than baking with your boyfriend, and caking flour over each others’ faces. It is a great bonding activity and men love women who are good cooks. Worm your way into his heart with a rich and decadent chocolate lava cake recipe or a perfectly scorched creme brulee. 

2. Watching romantic movies at home and having a shoulder to cry on

Titanic is one of the most romantic movies ever known to mankind. You watch Rose and Jack kissing on screen, hugging, then bidding their final goodbyes for the nth times. You watch them clinging on to the raft for dear life. The life raft can only hold one person, and Jack decides to sacrifice his life for Rose. The moment when Jack died, Rose became devastated and heartbroken. You start replaying the scenes in your mind, and you start to cry. At times like this, you really wish you had a shoulder to cry on.
When you watch touching Korean dramas or English period dramas, and emotions becoming overwhelming, you start to wish you had a strong and protective arm to embrace you and caress your hair. 

3. Spooning (Big spoon and little spoon)


Unless you are hiding under a rock, you would have heard of the term “spooning” by now, made popular by pop culture and magazines. Spooning is a sleeping/ hugging position where a woman usually lies on the bed with her back facing her partner’s chest in a fetal position, and the partner hugging her from the outside, like a big spoon embracing a small spoon. It is a way of feeling protected, as well as fostering intimacy during cold winter nights!

4. Playing games exclusively for couples

For the singletons out there, this is another reason to find a boyfriend: a couple of card games. There are a lot of games designed for groups of people, and those which target a niche market, such as couples. Some card games tend to have questions geared exclusively at couples, and those are not suitable for friends in platonic relationships or groups of players. For example,” After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples: 50 Questions and Challenges” is a card game with racy questions that will make your prospective boyfriend blush.

5. Pet Names

Pet names are affectionate nicknames which couples use to address each other, in a relationship. “Baby”,”Darling”,”Honey”,”Hubby” are examples of common terms of endearment. Some couples may choose to reinvent the wheel and come up with their own pet names, such as “Dino”,”Piglet” etc.

Romantic Cute Things That They Do In Public

6. Matching outfits

Don’t you think that couple t-shirts/outfits are the cutest things ever? Many shops are coming up with creative ways for couples to declare and profess their love for their significant other, and one way is by coming up with new merchandise. Wearing matching t-shirts with your potential boyfriend would be so awesome!

7. Wearing couple rings/necklaces/bracelets

Nothing is more attention-grabbing than a big shiny diamond ring on your ring finger engraved with your partner’s initials. Couple rings, necklaces and bracelets, are all the rage these days. This craze is unlikely to die down for a long time, but retailers might become more innovative over the years. In fact, you can physically keep your partner’s DNA sample with you, in a custom made wedding ring. That’s literally keeping a piece of him, everywhere you go. Keeping a lock of your partner’s hair in a necklace is possible too. Yes, Best Friends Forever bracelets and friendship bands are cool, but it's just not the same.

8. Sending each other cute/sexy messages

You look at the girl sitting on the train beside you. She is grinning from ear to ear and occasionally, she giggles to herself. You take a little peek and you catch a glimpse of her text messages. She is messaging her significant other, and they are sending each other lovey-dovey messages over the phone. She’s meeting her boyfriend for dinner tonight. Suddenly, you start to feel a pang of envy.

9. Receiving gifts from significant other

Imagine this scenario: you are sitting at your office desk. Suddenly, your colleague gushes excitedly. Turns out that she has a bouquet of flowers on her desk. Some secret admirer, you think? You start to wonder why you are still single, and you wonder whether you will receive your very own rose bouquet from Mr. Right one day.

10. Public displays of affection

Couple kissing on the train

If you are erotophobic, probably you would cringe when you see couples kissing/making out in public. But if you are reading this article, it is fair to assume that you tend to get jealous when you see couples expressing their love for each other in public. You probably wish you had someone to hug you and tell you everything is alright when you are in a bad mood. You wish that you had someone to hold your hand while you skip merrily along the pavement, blissfully smiling at your boyfriend/husband. 

11. Ship names

Couple on a boat representing a "RelationSHIP"

Kimye, Brangelina, and Bennifer. What do these names have in common? These are all celebrity ship names, a portmanteau taken by combining the first few letters of your partner’s first name and the last few letters of your first name and vice versa. What makes it more meaningful, is the fact that the word “Relationship” has the word “ship” as its root word.

12. Having a partner for every activity

If you love dancing, you will know how awkward it is to scan the room for a friendly face, to pair up with you for that jazz number. Whether it is a spicy salsa dance routine or a slow waltz dance,with a boyfriend, you will have the perfect dance companion just beside you. Going out for restaurant meals for 2 pax? You have someone to share the succulent foie gras dinner with, and you don’t have to ask the restaurant staff for takeaways. And of course, the list goes on... 

13. Double dates

One major perk of having a boyfriend is double dating. If you are an extrovert, double dates with your boyfriend, her best friend and her boyfriend would be perfect. The more the merrier! You know, you wouldn’t be playing gooseberry when your boyfriend goes out with your sister and you decide to join in.

14. Your very own chaperone

Picture of a man holding shopping bags for a woman

The act of chivalry is very romantic and envied by many, popularized by films such as Cinderella, Snow White, etc. You wish you had your very own chauffeur driving you to posh restaurants and exclusive clubs, or a chaperone to accompany you to your company’s dinner and dance. Do you fantasize about what it would be like if you had a boyfriend or un petit-aim to carry your handbag, open car doors for you, and treat you to an 8-course dinner at a fine dining restaurant? Perhaps there is a damsel in distress in you who needs rescuing by a dashing prince such as Edward Cullen in Twilight. 

15. Just enjoying each others’ company

Whether it is having a soul-mate to have a heart to heart talks with you till 3 am in the morning, or teasing each other and having petty squabbles over trivial things, perhaps you just wish you had a companion who understands you and makes you feel complete. Maybe you yearn for someone to gaze at you at 9 am in the morning and tell you how beautiful you are, or wake you up with the aroma of freshly baked pancakes. 

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It is quite common for us to envy our friends whenever we see them going out with their boyfriends. We tend to feel like we are missing out on a lot of cute couple things as well as relationship goals, popularised by Tumblr and Pinterest. Society has also socialized us to yearn for a lifelong companion to understand our needs and fulfill our desires. Perhaps you can check out our article titled ”8 Good Tips and Advice on How to Be an Attractive Woman”, in order to snag your dream boyfriend, and join dating sites such as Tinder or OkCupid.


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