18 Things that Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

Don't doubt yourself and be clear when you meet your soulmate

By Aey
18 Things that Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

Soulmate: Is It Real or A Fantasy?

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“You could tell your soul mate by the light in their eyes, and since the time began, that has been how people have recognized their true love.”

― Paulo Coelho, Brida

Some people may argue that soulmates only exist within the bounds of a theatre, books, or a cinema while others believe that finding a soulmate means coming across a connection that will continue to exist beyond the relationship that you might have with your twin flame.

According to Greek mythology, humans had a different form as compared to the form of humans today. Greek mythologists described humans that previously roamed the earth as having four legs, four arms, and a head with two faces. The story of soulmates has been elaborated in detail in the “The Symposium” by Aristophanes. This compendium states that the world comprised of humans of three genders: men who were birthed by the Sun, women who were birthed by the Earth, and a man-woman gender who was born out of the merging of the Sun and the Moon. At that time, the sole purpose of humans was to pay tributes to the Greek Gods and any deviance from this raison d'être was unacceptable in the Gods’ eyes. Over time, humans began to overshadow the Gods in aspects of power and virtue as they threatened to take the Gods stead in terms of strength and ability. To deal with this impediment, Zeus came up with a solution that would once again restore the balance and harmony in the world. Zeus decided to split all three genders into half which left all humans in excruciating physical and emotional pain. Being split into half meant that humans longed for the physical presence of their other half for which they had been deprived of. According to myth, once the separate halves find each other, they would feel fulfilled and gain an understanding of their other half in ways that they had never imagined before.

The abovementioned mythos is only one side of the story that some belief in while others believe that soulmates are perfectly imperfect for each other. What we can establish is that soulmates are not fictional or some part of a fantasy but soulmates are found where there’s love! Here are 18 signs that might prove that you met your soulmate.

18 Things that Will Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

1. You feel safe around them

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Knowing that you can share your secrets and deepest fears without feeling that you are being exposed is an indication that your partner might be your soulmate. These feelings must be reciprocated as the day comes to an end and you long to be in your soulmate’s arms to wash off all the anxiety and stress that you may succumb to otherwise.

2. They make you feel complete

This feeling comes from being able to complete each other by balancing out the other person’s shortcomings. Your and your soulmate’s personality could be opposites to each other but those differences don’t tear you apart, instead, it serves to make the foundation of your relationship stronger.

3. You respect each other’s differences

Respecting each other’s differences means leaving room for discussion without having to judge the other person based on their religion, values, and beliefs. When an exchange of views takes place in a discussion and the other person allows you to voice your opinion, this is a clear indication that this person respects your space.

4. You work together to correct flaws

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Another indication that this person is your soulmate is when he/she recognizes your flaws and works with you to make them better, this can be seen as an indication of your views being honored.

5. You deeply empathize with them

When both of you feel equally excited for the other person’s accomplishment or equally despondent when the other person’s day has been out of sorts, this signals the soulmate connection between the two of you.

6. The timing feels right

This feeling might manifest itself in a form where you feel that the stars are aligning in your favor and you are ready to accept your gift.

7. You are there to help each other out

You can put yourself in the other person’s shoes and the other person does the same when you are going through a difficult time in your life. Both of you stick together as you understand and help each other out in the circumstances that the other person has been shoved into. 

8. You support their goals

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Cheering the other person to do what they love is an indication of pure love in a band that strives to be eternal.

9. A change in perspective

When you’ve met your soulmate, you’ll begin to look at things differently and you’ll perceive the world in a new light altogether. Your outlook on the world changes as staying with this person brings out the optimistic nature of you.

10. It feels okay to be vulnerable

You’ll find it difficult to open up to people but when you meet your soulmate, you’ll find yourself at ease as you can share anything with that person without having to fear the consequences.

11. You become more confident

When you’ve met your soulmate, you’ll feel more confident about yourself as a whole as staying with this person made you believe in yourself and love yourself.

12. You’ll be more productive

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When you meet your soulmate, you’ll feel more confident about yourself as you’ll be more comfortable within your skin doing things that you once feared you might be judged on.

13. You connect more deeply with friends and relatives

Your soulmate will help you further strengthen your ties with your friends and family if you struggled to express your emotions to your closed ones before.

14. Your plans change

Your plans might seep into his/her future plans as well. Both of you will look at each other’s perspective on things as well till you realize that your initial priorities regarding the future have been completely changed.

15. You become the best version of yourself

This person helps you strive for the best possible version of yourself by giving you the time and space needed.

16. You share the same life goals

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Your perspective on certain things will be the same, however, even if they were different, your relationship won’t push you to the limit where you use these differences against each other.

17. You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts

When you can read the other person’s silent pleas or thoughts, this is an indication of a soulmate that you must vow to fight for till the very end of time.

18. Gut feeling

Your intuition kicks off and you know that he’s/she’s the one!

How to Differentiate Between Infatuation vs Soulmate Identification

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Let’s look at an example of two people who begin to foster feelings for each other. Person x is deeply infatuated with person y while person Y fell in-love at first sight with person x. Person Y is a vegan and when person x finds out, person x then decides to give up eating meat as well. However, within no time, person x falls back to his habit of consuming meat without informing person Y of his/her reversion.

On the other hand, person y falls in love with person x for his/her beliefs, morals, and flaws; he/she tries to get to know a person x better. Person Y does not believe that all of their credence needs to be aligned with one another- he/she doesn’t expect person x to give up eating meat and he/she won’t give up veganism either.

Now, keeping this example in mind, we see that person x was deeply infatuated with person Y in the sense that he/she was not willing to connect with person Y on a much deeper level. Howbeit, person Y felt that he/she was a better version of themselves around person x and felt a shift in his/her consciousness. However, the contrast between the degree of willingness to change by both people varies as person x realized that he/she was only consumed by the idea of person Y on a much more surface level while person Y realized that he/she didn’t feel his/her state of consciousness change profoundly which only leaves us at the conclusion that neither of them experienced true love in their short-lived relationship.

When Will Your Soulmate Appear?

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There’s no specific time where you could guarantee as to when your soulmate might appear in your life. However, certain signs may help you identify as to when you will meet your soulmate. Firstly, you will know what values to look for in this particular person. Secondly, putting your trust in the workings of the universe will calm your nerves as you believe that the love that you shared with the world will eventually be reciprocated in the form of your soulmate. Lastly, being aware of the fact that you have worked on yourself in the past and now you yearn for the presence of another person to engage in a lifelong growing process with your soulmate.

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As seen, infatuation almost always springs from a deeper motive in our sub-consciousness such as making the other person like you or wanting to sleep with someone, etc. On the other side of the coin, a soulmate connection is present without a particular agenda in mind. This connection that you feel with your soulmate will go beyond words as this poignant emotional connection will be coupled with compatible energy that you or your soulmate never experienced before.  Overall, these are the several indicators that will help you identify if the person you are with is your soulmate or not.