8 Grand Tips on How to Identify Your Soulmate

Identify how it feels like to have met your soulmate (or not)

By Evelyn
8 Grand Tips on How to Identify Your Soulmate

Is your soulmate coming or not?

Are you waiting for your soulmate? Do you know what a soulmate is and how to identify him? A soulmate is that person that's going to connect with you not just physically (there's going to be a strong attraction), he's going to connect with your emotions and most importantly with your soul. The meaning is in the word, he's going to be the mate to your soul. 

Most people wait their whole lives for their soulmate to arrive and it just doesn't happen. Is yours' going to arrive? How can you know for sure that you're on the right path to finding him? Firstly, you need to be open to the experience, that means you have to open your heart.

That can be scary because it means that you're putting yourself in a vulnerable position, you could get hurt and nobody wants to experience that. But that's a necessary step in your path, remember that you'll have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. wink

There are some things you can do in your path to find your soulmate. It would mean that you'll have to make some changes in your way of thinking and acting.

1. Your life purpose should be clear

Joy and happiness in life come when you find what you're passionate about and you pursue it. So once you find these puzzle pieces and they start to fall into place, keep in that path. You're creating a positive path for your soulmate to come.

2. Find balance in your life

This is not easy to achieve but it's worth it if you want your soulmate to come. This is another way to create positive energy, balancing your career, your family and friends relationships, your emotions.

3. Have confidence in yourself

Love yourself for who you are, all your good and bad qualities are what's going to attract your soulmate to you and what he's going to love. When you're confident, it shows and that's very attractive.

8 Grand tips to identify whether that person is your soulmate or not

You have found someone that seems so right, but now you're wondering if he's really your soulmate. People have it wrong when it comes to soulmates, they think that a soulmate is someone with whom you'll experience bliss and just happy moments from the moment you meet.

That's partially true because indeed your soulmate is going to make you complete and more aware of yourself but he's also going to make your question some things about your life, he's going to challenge you, he's going to make you change perspectives... so you'll think that he's not the right person for you. 

We're not saying he's going to change your core, he's going to expand your horizons and in that process, you may feel that you're not meant to be. When you start to question this remember that you're two souls in a beautiful transformation journey.

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Your souls are on the same level but you still are two persons with different personalities and traits, You're bound to have disagreements and discussions and that's totally fine. Those differences play in your favor because you complement each other. So to help you make sure you've found your soulmate take a look at these tips or signs, they'll help you make things clear for you.

1. He feels so familiar

When you meet someone for the first time it's awkward and sometimes uncomfortable (because one of you's so shy), there's also nervousness and that's totally fine. But there are those rare occasions when you meet someone and immediately you hear a "click", this person seems so familiar, sometimes it's hard to explain. It just feels like you have met before even though you're just getting acquainted. 

As a result, you become very comfortable with each other very quickly, you don't feel like you have to hold back on the conversation. This is a good sign to identify if you have met your soulmate.

2. He shares your values

When two very different people get together there's bound to be some disagreements and that's good because that is how you make compromises. A good sign to identify your soulmate is that even though you disagree in a lot of issues, when "push comes to shove" you believe in the same thing, you just get there in different ways. Your soulmate is going to share your core values, that's an important trait. If he at any point goes against your core values, move on, he's not your soulmate.

3. He's changed you

Change is good, that's how we grow up and become better persons. You know you've found your soulmate because he has changed you for the better (keep that in mind). He has come to bring light to those obscure parts of yourself that you have buried deep down and were keeping you down. You have a new perspective in life, you've learned that not everything is white and black and you can look at the future now without fear.

You have become a better version of yourself and you have done the same for him. Things look clearer than they did 2 or 3 months back. You are ready to enjoy your present with a light heart and an open mind.

4. The chemistry between you two is kind of perfect

We all have quirks and behaviors that make us who we are and not everyone can understand or accept those traits (good and bad). If he's your soulmate, all those things that others find annoying or weird, he gets them. He feels so comfortable with your presence, he actually seeks it. He understands your emotions, knows how to deal with them in a way that makes you feel comfortable just being yourself around him. He understands your silence too, he gets that sometimes you need quite and you don't need words. 

Identify your soulmate from the eyes

"The eyes are the windows to our souls", have you heard this? It's totally true, you can know a lot about someone by looking into his eyes. You can identify your soulmate by looking into his eyes. We see a lot of movie scenes where people meet and just stare at each other, seems they can take their eyes from each other. This happens in real life too.

That person is your soulmate if you are able to communicate with just that a look. All that staring may feel creepy at first, but the connection you feel is in a whole new level for both of you. You'll know you have connected through the eyes if you experiment these signs. 

5. You feel confused

Even though your soul is telling you "there's your soulmate", your body, your rationality or your ego won't be so easy to get on board. That part of your brain is going to keep rationalizing, it doesn't matter that all your senses are telling you differently. That's the reason for your confusion while looking into his eyes. You'll be so focused on that confusion that you'll forget what you were about to say and you'll feel starstruck.

6. You forgot to breath

When you met and connected through the eyes, did you forgot how to breathe? Did he literally took your breath away? Upon meeting, it was like all the energy in the Universe was around you so you both got swept away by all the amount of overwhelming emotions you were feeling. If you experience this punch when you met him, then he's your soulmate.

Signs that feel like you have met your soulmate

Do you believe you have found your soulmate? If this is true then you have come to realize that it is not like a fairy tale, right? You're not looking at life through rose-tinted glasses, you're finding out that your soulmate has come to your life to challenge it.

These couple of signs will help you decipher if you have already met him and you weren't aware. 

7. When you're with him, you feel alive, happy and at peace

Being in a relationship means that you're going to have ups and downs, it's not realistic to think that you're going to have ups always. You know you have met your soulmate when, in the midst of the arguments, and the bad times, and the minor issues, you discover that there's no one else you'd rather be. With him, you feel alive, there's happiness inside you and peace. You know you can face trouble and good times together. No one else brings the sparkle in your eyes like he does.

8. You respect each other's differences

Your soulmate and you don't have to see-eye-to eye on everything, that's unrealistic too. You each have a way of seeing things and a way to approach the issues that surround your relationship. Your personalities are different too. When you are in a relationship with your soulmate, there's a deep respect for each other's differences. Your relationship is a discussion free environment without judgments. You each can express opinions and ultimately you come to a compromise.


To find your soulmate you'll have to have a willful and positive outlook on life, you have to be open to the experience and the possibility. This way you'll have a better chance to meet him and identify him as the real deal. Once you found him, grab hold and never let go, let yourself be happy and whole.

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