OkCupid Vs. Bumble: Which Dating App Is Better For You

Based on your priorities, find out which dating app suits you!

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OkCupid Vs. Bumble: Which Dating App Is Better For You

What is OkCupid?

One of the founding app in the online dating field before it really rocketed to the moon in 2013, OkCupid has helped create thousands of marriages in the US over the years. OkCupid welcomes all forms of relationships and is easy to navigate around.

What is Bumble?

Source: Bumble

Founded in 2014, Bumble's creator was none other than one of the co-founders of Tinder, its major rivalry. Perhaps it's because of that, there many features in Bumble that are similar to Tinder, such as its swiping feature. With over 12 million users worldwide, Bumble is one of the leading dating apps in the market.

What Are The Demographics Of The Users Of These Apps?

For OkCupid, the volume of users is significantly higher than Bumble with 30 million registered users worldwide. Given the complicated security settings and profile setup. OkCupid is seen to be a more serious version of Bumble. Fewer people go fishing on OkCupid for a hookup. People claim to have found users on OkCupid to be more genuine and there are less fake profiles lurking around.

The demographics for OkCupid are mostly young professionals to singles after 30. Most users go on to find a potential partner.

For Bumble, demographics are really diverse, from young adults to people in their late 30's to '40s are on Bumble looking for a date. Since Bumble is like the sister app of Tinder, its users go on Bumble for a rather similar reason, to find a potential hookup.

If you say OkCupid is for you to find love then Bumble is where you will find love for one night. Users on Bumble are described to be more fun-loving, willing to explore open relationships and it's easier to get a hookup.

What Are The Key Features Of Each App? (Compare And Contrast)

1. Availability

Availability is one of the most important factors in dating apps. Luckily both apps are available in the US. However, OkCupid is available in over 100 countries while Bumble is only available in 20. The huge contrast could be a major drawback for Bumble.

A lot of international users are looking for someone from the other side of the world because it's exotic and interesting to meet someone that way. With its availability limited, Bumble may lose the battle to OkCupid in attracting users that want to explore the international market.

2. Profile setup

The profile setup is significantly different in both apps. Bumble promotes the user-friendly experience with minimal steps to its profile setup. So people can register in no time and start looking for dates. Its fast profile setup process is a double-edged sword. Some love it because having a long, dull registration process can really undermine the user's experience. However, it poses security concerns and many have reported the overwhelming amount of fake accounts on Bumble and all the fishing attempts against its users.

OkCupid has provided a solid profile setup process on the other hand. You have to answer questions in detail and even have to let the system verify your identity before you are approved as a member. Indeed, its long registration process puts off some users who are looking for a friendly app. Many have praised OkCupid for this because it provides its users a safer place to connect with literal strangers and its tight security makes users feel safe with OkCupid.

3. Matching

This is a tough battle. Both apps have their own merits and drawbacks. While having a wider database of users, OkCupid doesn't analyze the data as well as Bumble. Many have found Bumble to be more effective in matching them to their potential date.

Also, Bumble is a women-based app that only allows women to initiate. The aim is to protect women from getting harassed as it's rather common in the online dating field. Only women are allowed to make the move and men aren't allowed to talk to the women first. Ladies might find that to be a good feature while men feel they are displayed ducks waiting to be picked.

What Are Each App’s Advantages Over The Other?

The biggest advantage Bumble has is definitely its women market. It heavily concentrates on improving its experience for its women users and protects them in the online dating field. Women do find it better on Bumble because they are the only ones to have the right to initiate. Men would have no way to talk to them if the woman doesn't want it.

OkCupid is majorly like other apps out there in the market where both sides are allowed to initiate and it's a level playing field. Men feel better on OkCupid, no surprise there. At least they don't feel like a displayed item waiting to be picked by customers. For some females, they also enjoy this system better, especially for those who are shy and normally would want someone else to initiate while sitting and waiting to see if you want to respond.

OkCupid is also praised for being more inclusive to the LGBT people and others. Almost all types of users will be able to find someone for them on OkCupid while Bumble heavily centers on catering straight men and women. You are likely to find more diversity on OkCupid than Bumble and OkCupid's matching process also makes it a lot friendlier for people in those groups. Bumble is with a system and concentrates on matching straight men and women. Hence, their system might not match you as well if you don't fall into that category. OkCupid surely wins in diversity.

OkCupid has a news feed section that allows users to keep up to date on what's going on in the dating field while Bumble doesn't. Another key feature is that OkCupid has a desktop version which is really effective since it also targets young professionals who might be on their laptops a lot of the time. 

Another thing that Bumble beats OkCupid on is its user-friendliness, something the app strives to achieve. Like Tinder, it provides the swiping functions which are really effective and clean. It's totally fun to use and enhances the users' experience. Bumble also offers behavioral match that allows you to be matched with users showing similar behavioral traits, something OkCupid lacks. The behavioral traits can save users a lot of time because you are not only matched by qualities you are after, you are matched with people showing similar traits with you online. That's a solid match.

What Do The Users Have To Say?

Obviously, each app has its own loyal supporters and they all have their reasons. Women love Bumble because they have control over who they talk to and save them a lot of trouble from filtering creeps out. Also, the fun, interactive feature makes matching a fun activity to do in your leisure time as well. Needless to say, users enjoy the easiness to navigate and how successful it is that the system learns of its users' behavioral traits, thus matching them with someone that matches them the best.

For OkCupid, users like that it has a desktop version, especially for those constantly working on their laptops. And the huge number of countries OkCupid is available in. OkCupid is the favorite for international users because they get to select profiles from a wider range of selection while the number of countries Bumble is available in is less. People do love OkCupid's profile sign up process and find it better than Bumble.

If we look into the stats, both Bumble and OkCupid score a 4.3 out of 5 in Apple Store. However, for Google Play, OkCupid won by a margin with its 3.7 scores against Bumble's 3.3. Users have left reviews with some doubting Bumble's security, especially that it collects data for behavioral analysis, although Bumble has clarified it places its utmost priority on user privacy.

Users have also commented that OkCupid isn't the most user-friendly when it comes to its interface. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate around and instructions aren't always as clear as Bumble. 

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Conclusion (Which Is The Better App For You?)

Both apps have their advantage and attract different users. If you want to have a fun night with someone, you have more chance of Bumble because of its fast-matching process. For OkCupid, you are more likely to meet someone to actually chat with you.

If you belong to one of the minority groups like LGBT, queers, etc, OkCupid is hands down a better place because it attracts users from around, while Bumble mainly focuses on straight men and women.

After the read, you should have a pretty clear idea on which app would work better for you and what you would like to download!


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