Why Hugging Is the Most Beautiful Form of Communication?

Hugging has a whole lot of benefits, so, hug a loved one today!

Why Hugging Is the Most Beautiful Form of Communication?

What Are The Benefits of Hugging?

Human beings are social animals. We need to connect with other humans to thrive. This connection can be physical and emotional. While we need emotional support from our loved ones for our mental wellbeing, our body requires physical contact to be able to perform well. Handshakes, cuddles, kissing, and hugging are different kinds of physical contacts that we need on a day to day basis to help curb the need for physical connection and satisfy our skin hunger. Even a newborn child needs a mother’s warmth and feels safe in the arms of the mother. The babies run to their mother after getting hurt and all it takes is a motherly hug to bring a smile on their faces. As we grow, we need hugs from parents, siblings, and friends to feel good in the times when everything looks gloomy.    

Hugging, an act of holding someone in your arms to show love and affection has proven benefits. Whether it is coming from a near and dear one or a total stranger, the body’s need to feel another body against it is natural. It is not limited to just humans; hugging your pets, plushies and even your pillow makes you feel better. Mentioned below are five benefits of hugging that no one can deny. 

Hugs help lower our stress levels, relax the body, and improve heart rate

If you are stressed and are under a lot of work pressure; go and hug someone. No matter how unusual it may sound, hugging is a great way to reduce stress. There is no rocket science behind it but yes science has something to do with it. Oxytocin is a hormone that plays an important role in social bonding. For its properties, oxytocin is also called a warm and fuzzy hormone as it calms the body and makes us feel relaxed. A great amount of oxytocin is released in the body while we hug someone and it brings down the levels of stress. Once the body relaxes, all the heightened emotions come under control and the heart rate improves. So we can say that all of this is interconnected. Hugging also lowers the levels of stress hormones cortisol in the body and hence contributes to reduced stress levels and better mood.

A distressed and crying child calms down when the mother hugs him is the best example of how hugging can relax you and make you feel good. Even if you have grown up, you will need your mother’s hug from time to time because it is scientifically proven that a mother’s hug can stabilize heart rate and reduce stress. 

Hugs help strengthen the immune system

A hug is a miracle tonic that has several health benefits. Extreme levels of stress can compromise the body’s immune system. The immune system helps our body fight against illnesses and diseases. One reason for weakened immune systems is increased stress. When a person is depressed or under a lot of stress, his immune system starts losing its ability to fight. A weak immune system means the person’s ability to fight disease is low and he becomes more vulnerable. Hugging helps reduce stress levels and in turn, strengthens the immune system. This can also be proven scientifically.

When we hug someone, the process puts pressure on the sternum behind which the thymus gland is situated. The thymus gland stimulates the production of T-cells that help fight disease and also regulate the body’s supply of white blood cells. The body uses these T-cells to fight against diseases. So, the more you hug, the more T-cells your body will produce and it will strengthen the immune system. 

Hugs help relieve anxiety, and boost our confidence and overall mood

Human touch has healing properties. While we show affection towards our fellow humans, the love hormone is put at work. Oxytocin is released when we merely touch someone. It reduces the stimulation of cortisol; the stress hormone which is responsible for depression and feelings of anxiety. 

Anxiety is debilitating. It restricts our productivity and lowers our confidence. When you are anxious, you can’t think straight. To help relieve anxiety, hugs have proven to be beneficial. Besides oxytocin, hugging helps release dopamine; the pleasure hormone. When you hug someone, you feel happy, and with happiness comes relaxation. Once the body is relaxed, the symptoms of anxiety visibly reduce. 

Anxiety, mood, and confidence are inter-related. If one gets better, everything becomes better. The person who lives with anxiety feels less confident as his mood changes frequently. From sad to gloomy and depressed to frustrated; the mood changes are frequent in anxious people. The mood changes affect behaviors and the person goes downhill very quickly. 

The close-knit families are in habit of showing affection in various ways. They get together frequently; have hangouts, share gifts, and care for each other and hence enjoy a healthier life. The most affectionate people have a habit of frequent hugging, cuddling, and are more physical. Whether it is conscious or unconscious, the people who hug more often remain happy and healthy. They hardly ever feel depressed or anxious, they are more confident and enjoy a better mood in all kinds of life situations. 

Hugs help relieve emotional pain, such as grief

Technology has taken one thing from the humans; the physical contact. The more and more we are getting technologically advanced the more we are becoming physically distant from each other. Yes, we are in contact even more than before but we have become distant from those who are physically present and are close to us. This physical distance is making us more robotic and emotionless. The lack of physical connection is making people sad and lonelier. 

When a person is going through a rough patch in life, all he needs is a shoulder; someone to talk to, and share the grief with. Emotional pain reduces when it is shared with a loved one. When know that the person we are sharing our feelings with will not judge us and will be empathic. The feeling of being understood by someone reduces the intensity of sadness and grief. People feel better after hugging someone when they are experiencing grief.

Because of the benefits of hugging and people being unable to get it; getting hugged by someone has taken the form of a profession. Professional cuddlers and huggers can be hired to get emotional and physical support that only a hug can provide. The hugging therapy is of platonic nature and offers the much needed human connection. So, if you are male or female, any age, race, or background, you can call a professional hugger at any time of the day and get a one-on-one session of hugging and cuddling for as long as you want.

Hugs help improve relationships

It is natural to get angry with your near and dear ones. You can’t always have a perfect relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse, and friends. The people who are physically distant from each other become emotionally estranged. These kinds of people are more sadistic and depressed and their relationships with people suffer and die eventually. The people who are affectionate make friends easily and enjoy long term relationships. 

Hugs are beneficial for improving the relationship. If your friend is mad at you, simply go and give him a tight hug and see how it changes his mood. People tend to forget mistakes and grievances after getting hugs. A hug shows that you care for the person and want to make things right in case you have any differences. Spouses who hug each other often, live a long happy married life. Partners can have arguments and differences but giving a hug after an argument improves the level of trust and loyalty among the partners.

It shows that instead of lengthening the fight and becoming stubborn, you cared for the relationship and were the first ones to put everything aside. A hug is worth a thousand words stands correct in relationships. Instead of apologizing and coming up with wordy statements, you can simply hug the other person and they will understand without you saying a word. Hugs help cope with conflict not only in long term relationships but also in daily conflicting situations. Even if the conflict is not resolved, there will be fewer negative effects after the hug.  

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Hugging is one of the most common and beautiful forms of communication. It conveys the true sentiments without uttering a word. Hugs have many benefits and five of them are mentioned in this article. The benefits are not limited to these five as they are beyond your imagination. Hugs have a great effect on the overall mood, physical, and mental wellbeing of the people. The people who hug each other are happier and healthier, and they enjoy better relationships. So, if you are sad or upset, go find someone and hug them. You will feel better.   


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