Adult Nursing Relationship: Even The Big Baby Needs It Too!

Why it is okay to nurse my partner and how to do it the right way

By Sylvia Epie
Adult Nursing Relationship: Even The Big Baby Needs It Too!

What Is An Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR)?

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An adult nursing relationship (ANR) is a situation where a man and a woman find gratification in the act of breastfeeding. In such a relationship, the parties could be a couple already in a romantic relationship or two people who come together strictly for the purpose of breastfeeding. An adult nursing relationship requires the man to suckle on the woman’s breast, as she nurses him.  

To be in such a relationship does not mean you need to be lactating, the pleasure derived from ANR is sometimes purely sexual and at other times it is enjoyed for the feeling of comfort it gives. So, it’s not always about the presence of breast milk as would be the case when nursing a baby.  Online communities provide a platform where consenting adults who enjoy ANR can connect, a good example is dreams of milk where you’re introduced to the benefits and possibilities of an ANR.

Is It Okay To Breastfeed My Partner?  

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For those who are not familiar with this practice, the first question that comes to mind is ‘’ Is this even healthy?’’ Well, rest assured if done right, the benefits greatly surpass the risks. After all, if it is safe for a baby, chances are it’s fine for an adult. 
Couples who practice ANR rave about the degree of bonding this single act adds to their relationship. Many adult nursing couples feel they are spiritually in sync and sexually fulfilled as a result of their nursing sessions.

If this is something you’ve been thinking of or you feel like trying with your partner, know it’s not particularly harmful when you know how to go about it. To better understand how ANR works and what to expect, here are some of the things you should know as well as the benefits of such a relationship.

Things To Remember Before, During, and After Nursing

1. Talk Openly With Your Partner

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The first step is to openly discuss this with your partner, both of you should educate yourselves on the subject so you can make an informed decision on the matter. 
For an adult nursing relationship to be healthy it has to be consensual, this means both partners have to be on board and comfortable with it. If one partner is into ANR and the other partner just goes along with it, the experience might not be pleasurable. Both parties have to be excited about adult breastfeeding in order to enjoy it. Talk about it openly and honestly to make sure you’re both on the same page.

2. Get Comfortable

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Before you try adult breastfeeding, make sure you know why you’re getting into it, and what you expect to get out of it. Is it for sexual gratification or for comfort and relaxation or maybe because you like the taste of breastmilk? Whatever the case may be, get clear on your expectations before you try it. 

 When you and your partner have decided what you want to get from this kind of relationship, the next step is to set the mood. Create a cozy, sexy, or relaxed environment depending on your preference. Bear in mind that the mood for sexual pleasure will not be the same as the mood for comfort and relaxation. While the previous might require soothing music and fluffy pillows, the latter will need lit candles, lingerie, and some amount of foreplay.

3. Take Some Supplements

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Specific supplements and hormones are available for women who want to induce lactation. If you want the full breastfeeding experience there are various brands of galactagogues (milk-producing hormones) you can get at most pharmacies. There are even greener and more natural options like fennel tea, leafy greens, kale, etc. you can go with. It should be noted that inducing lactation comes with certain changes in the body, for instance, breastfeeding can cause your period to stop, your breasts to increase in size, and be heavier. 

Make Sure Your Man Latches On Properly

Like with breastfeeding a baby, there’s a technique to it, you don’t just dive in and start munching or suckling on a woman's nipple like your life depended on it. There’s a method, your man has to properly latch on to your nipple with his mouth covering the entire nipple area and then suck it in with his tongue. There’s no need to suck hard, the tongue is what pulls the milk from your milk ducts. It takes practice and patience but once you get the milk to flow it becomes pretty easy.

What Do I And My Partner Gain From An ANR?    

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If you’re looking at the idea of getting into an adult nursing relationship, here are some of the benefits worth considering.

1. Breastfeeding Increases Intimacy

In the same way, maternal breastfeeding helps build a lifelong bond between a mother and a child, breastfeeding your man increases closeness on a whole new level. It is known that breastfeeding releases oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, Oxytocin makes you feel closer and trust the person helping you release it. Oxytocin is also associated with orgasms especially in women, that’s why you tend to confuse lust for love after having mind-blowing sex. 

Couples in adult nursing relationships spend more quality time together, they try as much as possible to stay on schedule as would a nursing mother, this results in them focusing a lot more on each other than regular couples. Those who indulge in ANR swear that the bond it fosters between a couple is deeper than any physical or emotional connection, it is somewhat spiritual.

2. They Enjoy The Taste of Breast Milk

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Some adults simply like the taste of breastmilk, a man may have tasted breast milk after his baby is born and loved the taste. He may want to drink it straight from the source, your man could watch you breastfeed your baby and want you to nurture him in the same way. An adult nursing relationship is much more complex than meets the eye, those who are into it say ANR can be enjoyed on so many different levels by both the nursing partner and the person being nursed.

3. It Makes Them Feel Nurtured

Considering that there’s nothing more maternal than breastfeeding, it’s no wonder why some men feel nurtured and looked after in the purest way during nursing. Sometimes it could be as a result of the relationship your man had with his mother. This can prompt an adult to crave being nurtured by their partner. Adult nursing can make some men feel very comfortable and relaxed while it can provide satisfaction.

4. The Health Benefits Of Breastmilk

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It is well known that breastmilk is full of nutrients that provide a baby everything they need to grow. Breast Milk can boost energy levels, help build body strength, and boosts the immune system. When Oxytocin levels increase it is easier for a  woman to be aroused and have an orgasm. Breastfeeding your man increases hormone production in your body and boosts your immune system. In history, women in countries like China breastfed men who were frail and suffering from certain illnesses, breast milk was seen as a way of building a strong immune system.

What If We Have A Baby? 

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 A baby does not pose a problem for an ANR couple since most women can produce enough milk to nurse their baby and an adult partner. In unusual cases where the milk is not enough, her breasts can be stimulated by her partner to produce more milk. This is done by the man sucking on her breast hard enough to open the milk ducts and increase milk flow.

However, your child should always come first, nursing is paramount to a child’s physical and psychological health and the first milk contains all the nutrients for your child’s well-being. After the child has been fed, it is safe to nurse your partner, and for the sake of caution, any sexual activity that follows should not interfere with your baby’s well-being and you should not expose him/her to any sexual activity no matter how young they are. That aside, nursing a baby and an adult at the same time is pretty safe, it poses no more risk than nursing only a baby.

What Are The Things We Need To Be Cautious Of In An ANR?

Your Breasts Can Get Painful

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It is not uncommon for women to experience some pain in their breasts or nipple after breastfeeding, it doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a baby. This happens when your milk ducts clog up or your nipples get sore, in severe cases, it can become infected causing what is known as mastitis. If you feel any pain when breastfeeding you should stop, or if you notice one breast getting significantly bigger than the other you should switch breasts or stop for a while until you’re sure of what’s going on.

If One Of You Has An Infection

In times like this an infection is no small feat, since as this involves the transfer of bodily fluids if either of you has any STIs or HIV do not breastfeed your partner and if it is just a hookup, please make sure you discuss possible infections and pre-existing conditions with your potential partner before you get into anything.

Your Breasts Start To Leak A Lot

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During lactation it is quite common for women to experience an overflow of breast milk, their breasts sometimes leak. When you’re nursing both a baby and an adult, the amount of milk you produce can increase considerably due to too much stimulation. If this happens and you find yourself leaking too much milk, it is advisable to stop breastfeeding your man for a while. 

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Adult nursing or Erotic lactation relationships as some prefer to call it, is becoming more and more mainstream. There are lots of communities, online forums, blogs, and groups out there where you can find like-minded people if you’re into any form of adult breastfeeding. There are also dating sites dedicated to ANR where you can meet men and women who share your preferences as well as find accessories related to adult nursing. 


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