35 Alpha Male Characteristics Women See As Ideal Traits

In order for high quality women to view you as a potential mate, you have to display specific traits of an alpha male. Some of these traits include:

By Auntrone89
35 Alpha Male Characteristics Women See As Ideal Traits

Why is being an alpha important?

Every man wants to be an alpha male and have the upper hand when it comes to attracting high-quality women. And that cannot happen without one having the proper, alpha male qualities that a woman’s primal brain is hot-wired to follow. So, without further ado, here are 35 traits that you ought to adapt as an alpha male.

1. An alpha male is a mentor to others

According to an alpha male unwritten rule number one, it is not a good idea to always be the best alone because it gets boring while on top. So, the alpha male will do all in his power to share the knowledge and help the beta male graduate into an alpha male.

2. Every alpha male is respectful

Whether it is dating or just interacting with other people, an alpha male will always be respectful. They will always open doors for the elderly and never raise their voice during any sober argument. The alpha male will always help others in the gym and will never use his upper hand to put others down.

3. One of many alpha male characteristics is generosity

As we have established, an alpha always as an upper hand. So, they always use their position of power to help others. Alpha males will always carry out charity and will be on the forefront when it comes to sharing the little they have. Such traits are what makes an alpha male irresistible to women.

4. An alpha male depends on himself

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You can’t be an alpha male if you still get a check from your parents every month. You might want to get a job and stop calling people for help because that is not what an alpha does. If he wants something, he goes to get it and woe to those who try to stop him.

5. Ambition is among the characteristics of an alpha male

A wounded lion is still a lion! The latter is a dictum that every alpha male needs to understand fully. It doesn’t matter whether they are at their lowest or their best, a true alpha will always be hungry to get more because that happens to be one of their core characteristics. They just can’t help winning!

6. A true alpha male always meditates

Unlike a beta who fakes confidence, an alpha knows who he is and his confidence always comes from within, which explains why women are always drooling when around them. And this is possible because of meditation as it promotes mental help, self-awareness and removes unnecessary anxiety.

7. Reading is among major alpha male characteristics

Apart from wanting to win, an alpha male is always learning something new. The alpha male understands that whether they are dating or not, they need to improve every single day and that can only come from learning. Learning might be through practice or reading – two things that every alpha male is always doing on a regular basis.

8. An alpha male never daydreams

Building castles in the air are something that weak people do, but not an alpha male. When it comes to being an alpha male, one of the traits that make the alpha male stand out is the fact that they stay real, which includes making realistic goals and decisions. The good thing is that anyone can practice doing so and get good at it with time.

9. Focus is one of the vital alpha male characteristics

As an alpha male, you need to come up with clear-cut goals and a road map to achieving them. But you will need to do all in your power to toil towards getting there, and that is exactly where focus comes in. You, as the alpha male that you are supposed to be, will be required to get rid of all distractions.

10. An alpha male is responsible

Among the many characteristics, an alpha male possesses, being responsible is one that is most difficult to hack. You have to learn how to take responsibility even if it is at the expense of your ego.

11. An alpha male confident, not cocky

It doesn’t matter how good an alpha male is at doing something. They will always be humble but very, very confident. Being cocky is something that you expect from a beta male and the last time I checked, women always fall for the alpha male, not the beta male.

12. An alpha male is a good listener

Thanks to being very focused, an alpha male is always a very good listener, which also shows why they are always dating the sexiest women in the game.

13. An alpha male is a natural protector

Because an alpha male is a symbol of power, being a protector happens to be among those traits that come naturally to them. For instance, an alpha male will not shun from standing up for the weak people during a conflict and that is an amazing attribute.

14. An alpha male has self-respect

Simply put, an alpha male not only knows what they want but they go for it. For instance, if they want to stop drinking, they will respect themselves to overcome any form of peer pressure to stick to that goal. Why? Because they respect themselves. The same will also bar them from using shortcuts because they want to be men of value.

15. Can’t separate an alpha male from adventure

Adventure is one of the fascinating characteristics that women find irresistible about an alpha male. And this is exactly where good guys always finish last because women always want the excitement that comes with adventure. And they can only get that from an alpha male. Sorry, nice guys.

16. An alpha male is an effective communicator

Unlike a beta male, an alpha male understands that proper communication goes further than verbal. If anything, verbal communication is only a fraction of it. That is why they are good at using their gestures and body language to pass their message across.

17. An alpha male is brilliant

Being brilliant has nothing to do with having Einstein’s IQ, and an alpha male knows this too well. So, he opts to read vastly and work on things he is passionate about, and that make makes women dating them fulfilled.

18. An alpha male handles fear

Everyone feels fear, but it is only those possessing alpha male traits that will handle it, remaining very composed even in the face of danger which is incredible.

19. Alpha males fail gloriously

Ever heard the dictum man is to error (or something close to that), well, that is a term that an alpha male is rather intimate with. With that said, they will opt to fail and learn the lessons rather than fearing to fail altogether.

20. Alpha males communicate via boy language

Again, this is one of the characteristics that will always put the alpha ahead of the beta males when it comes to attracting hot women and in life in general.

21. The voice of the alpha male

A slow, deep voice is one of the most important characteristics of a true alpha male. When the alpha male talks in a deep, quiet voice, it shows dominance and needless to say, women will melt whenever the alpha male talks.

22. Alpha males dress to kill

To perfectly exhibit the best alpha male characteristics, you will be required to dress the part. So, it’s high time you get a stylist.

23. A proper alpha male is calculative

Being calculative is one of those characteristics that alpha males have. If an alpha male is calculative, almost everything will go on well for him and that makes him confident.

24. An alpha male is a go-getter

Being a go-getter is one of those characteristics that is a turn on in itself. An alpha goes for what he wants and asks questions later.

25. An alpha male is never spoon fed

Being lazy is among one of the many bad characteristics you can’t expect to have as an alpha male. An alpha male works hard and earns everything that they have without any shortcuts.

26. Alpha males make the greatest leaders

Since the alpha male is calculative, he is expected to make a very good leader. Their other characteristics that make the alpha male a very good leader is confidence and hard work.

27. Strength is what defines an alpha male

Among the many incredible characteristics of the alpha male, strength is one that unifies everything about them. It takes a lot of strength to handle defeat, be confident and lead. An alpha male also needs to be physically and mentally strong.

28. An alpha male knows how to handle women

An alpha male will smile in the face of rejection and be polite. He will be very great when flirting with women and can make a woman feel special effortlessly. It is for this reason that women love being around alpha males.

29. Confidence is what makes alpha male

Another one of the very important alpha male characteristics is being confident. The confidence needs to come from deep within in order for it to not be shaken.

30. An alpha male never backs down

It just doesn’t matter how many times an alpha gets knocked down, they will always get back up and pursue their goals. And that is one of the most important characteristics that any alpha male needs to work on.

31. Alpha males make their own rules

The latter is why most alpha males are referred to as bad boys because breaking rules are one of those characteristics they can’t shake off. To an alpha male, following g rules or doing things by the norm is boring.

32. An alpha male has integrity

Integrity is a very impart part of the alpha male’s life because without honor; life becomes meaningless. So, if an alpha male says they will do something, they will do it because it’s just one of those characteristics they can’t get rid of.

33. An alpha male works out

You just can’t keep physically fit if you don’t spend a good chunk of your time in the gym. And an alpha male understands the importance of being and keeping healthy and working out becomes one of the characteristics they can’t just shake off.

34. An alpha male is grateful

Well, being an alpha male has its fair share of advantages. And that said, an alpha male knows and fully understands that and is grateful. Practicing gratitude is an important part of life. And that makes the alpha male calm at all times, which is among the most important characteristics that allow the alpha male to keep up with the hard work.

35. An alpha male is energetic

This is one of those important alpha male characteristics that happen to be self-explanatory.


As a parting shot, it is essential to note that no one is born an alpha male. Being an alpha male with all the characteristics mentioned above is an art that can be learned as long as you have the interest and willingness to try and fail. So, if you are having a problem with your confidence and everything stated above, fear not because it can all be learned!


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