5 Ultimate Signs Your Affair Partner Loves You

Can you really justify your love for an affair partner?

By Sophia R
5 Ultimate Signs Your Affair Partner Loves You

What Does It Mean To Have A Love Affair?

Love affairs can be exhilarating, exciting, passionate, and romantic, but they can also be damaging and painful.

But what is an affair? Neither is it a one-night stand nor is it a romance between two people who are free from other commitments. Therefore, when we say that by affair we refer to a sexual relationship that lasts more than one night and in which at least one of the lovers feels or is committed to another person.

Unfortunately, adventures inevitably hurt someone and often hurt all parties involved, including children if there are any. Of course, some affairs have a happy ending for the couple: Admittedly, many good second marriages began with illicit romances, but the vast majority of extramarital affairs do not end in a new marriage or relationship. In fact, it is estimated that up to 80 percent end up unhappily and cause suffering around them. So starting an affair is not a brilliant decision, but people still do it all the time.

Can Affair Partners Fall in Love?

Unfortunately and almost by definition, as we already said, in all cases, the affairs always end up hurting someone and do not help to find a stable partner. Few adventures are harmless.

Initially, this type of intimate encounter will begin as a simple sexual game, which, over time, the danger is that what was just sex becomes "something else" for either of the two people involved in this situation. That person will need and want something more from the other part of the equation with which the romance is maintained. This has a simple explanation: feelings begin to arise, in what at first just seemed to be a silly game.

What Are Possible Reasons why Affair Partners Fall In Love?

Many wonder what goes through a lover’s mind or what actions people see in their lover that make them fall in love with them during affairs. The surprising thing is that these factors have to do with what they live in their house rather than with the lover.

Everything that happens in a home, (in the couple's relationship), has to do with both of the parties involved, but not knowing how to solve the differences is something else. When someone experiences more fights at home than outside of it, they usually look for someone to listen to them and to give them affection instead of demanding every moment for things that sometimes are not important. Here are some possible reasons why this also happens:

1. They are looking for someone better

People who have affairs look for someone who does not criticize or compare them, they long to have their best fans home, the one who supports constructive and non-destructive comments.

2. Fun's over

Joking, and laughing out loud is something that should happen because of trust and good communication, when this ceases to exist it is that both have become too serious or just bored of each other. So what happens?  One of them seeks in another person that fun and l laughter they so long for.

3. Their partner is too dependent of them

Another reason why people look for affairs is when their partners become way too dependent on them. For example. there are wives who do nothing if the husband is not by their side, they become so dependent that they harass their man so much they end up on the brink of severe stress. That's when the person then tries to leave the house to find a space where they can relax but with another person. 

5 Ultimate Signs Your Affair Partner Loves You

In many cases, infidelities are only adventures that have an expiration date, that is. One of the rules of this type of relationship is that feelings are not involved, however, what happens when an unfaithful person falls with their lover? There are some who decide to continue with the two relationships, however, those who decide that they want to be by their lover's side, begin to show the following behavior:

1. They make comparisons

When a cheater is in love with their lover, they will be thinking about the qualities of their lover and the defects of their partners. They will not miss the opportunity to compare both partners and find more virtues in their new conquest since they generally not know them in-depth and want to find enough reasons not to feel guilty for cheating.

2. They become apathic

This is the ultimate behavior of someone who has fallen in love with their affair partner: nothing catches their eye, if they are invited to a place or event without the lover they will be bored. Usually, their thoughts will be elsewhere, obviously on the lover. They show total disinterest in everything that happens in the relationship, the family, the problems of the children, partner, etc. It is the main sign that their mind is already far from their partners.

3. They become distant from their partner

As they know that the relationship depends on the decision to leave their partner, it is difficult for them to visualize them in their future plans, since they are not sure if they will be in it. Usually, things as simple as going to the movies, planning a vacation, or buying a car are far from the mind of an infidel. They no longer want to do any plans with them and they become extremely distant and independent from the relationship.

4. They have drastic mood changes

If someone loves their lover, they will of course not be happy with the secret life they lead. They are going to be angry most of the time, as they do not want to be at home and their only wish is to run into the arms of their lover. It will not be surprising that when they arrive home with a good face, but with a call, message, or after spending a long time there, they will completely change their emotions to be irritated with everything and everyone.

5. They constantly complain

When a cheater starts getting feelings for their lover, they will start voicing their complaints to them. After loving and wanting the lover, nothing their partner does or happens in the home will be okay with them. Negative comments will be the order of the day, any detail, no matter how small, will be a reason to be irritated. By not wanting to be at home, everything that happens in it will be wrong in their minds.

How Do You Stop Having An Affair With Someone Who Has Fallen In Love With You?

Ending an extra-marital relationship is not easy and even worse when feelings have been involved, because, on the one hand, it may be that one of the involved only wants intimacy but the other has really become sentimentally involved in the relationship. That is the moment when it is time to end the affair. How to do so? Here are some tips:

1. Stablish limits

These may have to come from the beginning since in the middle of the affair. The person who decides to have or be the lover must be aware that it is not a formal relationship, therefore from there it is one level lower than the husband or wife. You have to make them see what role they have, what they should and should not do, such as not calling you, not looking for you. What you want to have is a mutual agreement so these limits will help you get out of the relationship faster.

2. Be straight forward

Do not do or say things that appear to be different, if you want to get out of the relationship, be direct, tell them bluntly that everything is over, that you do not want to continue any longer and that they now have to leave you alone. Do not ask them to walk away telling them the best things you have seen in the relationship and sugar coating it, just end things straight away. 

3. Show indifference

If your lover knows you well, when they notice your attitude, they will know that things are not the same anymore, perhaps that will cause your lover to leave alone or ask you what is wrong and then tell them what you want, which is to end the relationship. When you do not have the exact words there are attitudes that say much more, show your indifference to go away without causing much damage.

4. Change the routine

Perhaps your lover is used to certain hours, days to see each other, even specific places where you meet, change the routine either by making work as a pretext or simply do things that no longer allow you to have meetings with him or her. This will give them the hint that what you have might be coming to an end.

To have or not to have love affairs? When and how to end them? These are all very personal questions with very different opinions, but after reading this article, we hope you have a more clear idea of what it involves and how to deal with them. Use our tips, take our advice, and decide for yourself!

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To have or not to have love affairs? When and how to end them? These are all very personal questions with very different opinions, but after reading this article, we hope you have a more clear idea of what it involves and how to deal with them. Use our tips, take our advice, and decide for yourself!