Little Red Picture Book: 40 Best Foreplay Tips He’ll Love

Doesn’t it feel good to take a man to his boiling point? You can take him to the peak of physical bliss if you use these 40 best foreplay tips.

By Gerald Matiri
Little Red Picture Book: 40 Best Foreplay Tips He’ll Love

The Best Pre-Sex Tips For Your Guy

When was the last time you saw your guy ready to explode with sexual tension such that he couldn’t think straight? Do you want to see him hanging on for his dear life? There a lot of sexy techniques that can get him crazy. It is an achievement worth celebrating if you can drive his sexual desire to where you want. You need to know where to start so that things don’t get awkward or uncomfortable. Believe this: you have got what it takes to make him so ready and never hold back. Take a look at the best foreplay tips and ideas.

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Best body language tips for foreplay

1. Look him in his eyes

If you are okay with this, look at him directly in the eye as you kiss his chest or when you are giving him a blowjob. It is a good way to show him that you are enjoying yourself. The last thing you want is to portray yourself as a nervous and shy girl by looking down.

2. Be playful

What you do is sometimes more important than what you say. Be jovial and do not allow the nerves to get the best of you. Make some seductive moves to complement your flirty talk and no way will he resist.

3. Sexy smile

As you make the sexy moves and touches, smile at him so he can notice you. You will look more attractive and he will want you more.

4. Gentle touches

Touching a man makes him more interested and he can open up for a dirty conversation with you. As you talk on the couch, touch his shoulders and arms. In matters of seconds, the two of you will be on a mew whole level of sexual tension.

5. Get Closer

If you have a chance with this man, do not waste any of your time. Get into the real action by feeling his body with your skin. He will be more relaxed and comfortable with you, and you will be communicating dirty ideas to him, but in a subtle way.

Best kissing tips to turn him on

6. Passionate kissing

There is an erotic pleasure that only passionate kissing can bring. The best tips include starting slowly to build the anticipation. Start by brushing your nose against his and breathe heavily as the ecstasy increases. A passionate kiss is not all about swabbing out his throat. Go on and kiss his neck and the back of his ears.

7. Limit use of your tongue

It is okay to apply tongue action but it is best if you put it back in your mouth. Excessive use of tongue can get nasty and this applies too when kissing the rest of his body. Do not make him feel as if you are cleaning his neck with your full tongue.

8. Soft nibble

Softly bite his lips, neck, earlobes, and nipples. Don’t forget that the main idea is to nibble as opposed to munching.

9. Sensitive foreplay kiss

Run your lips over his chest and use your tongue to tease his nipples. Softly kiss him all the way down to the navel and let him feel your breath while you are so close to his most sensitive body parts. But don’t touch them yet to drive him insane.

10. Take your mouth where money is

If you are not sure of some oral action, you should watch some YouTube videos to get more ideas. This is a secret ingredient you cannot miss: caress his manhood with your tongue and hands. Suck him and let him watch your action; he will get excited to see the naughty stuff you are doing.

Best ideas for talking dirty

11. Say the word that drives him wild

Nothing compares to the electrifying rush a man receives when he hears a dirty word. It’s an aphrodisiac that revs up his desire.

12. Call his name

The message your man gets when you mention his name is that he doesn’t have a competition. It boosts his ego because he knows that there’s no one else you can think of when you are with him. He deserves to hear it.

13. Tell him you want him so bad

This shows him that he has got your attention and will make him feel like a lion. This is very crucial if you are on your first stages of dating- he will know that there’s no way you are shutting him down and so he will be bold when making a move. You will also be painting dirty pictures in his mind.

14. Don’t sound needy

But you need not sound desperate; Give him subtle signals and whisper the dirty words in his ears to let him know how special he is.

Other foreplay tips

15. Choose a new lovemaking spot

Sometimes the bedroom becomes a boring place for intimacy. If you want to spice up your love, make out in the bathroom, kitchen, the sofa, or even outdoors.

16. Make him miss you

Familiarity breeds boredom. Make your man miss you by staying out of reach. Let him know that you have an active life besides your relationship.

17. Build his anticipation before you meet

The more you are eager for intimacy, the higher the level of excitement gets. If you want him to feel like exploding when he sees you, start flirting with him in the morning. Send him naughty messages and pictures to keep him turned on all day long. Include sexy pictures of you so he keeps imagining but be sure that no one else is having his phone.

18. Ask what turns him on

You have to be sure what he loves during coitus. He will appreciate the fact that you want to see him fully satisfied. If you put efforts to please him, he will definitely return the favor.

19. Give him pre-coital massage

This is a perfect warm-up to try before the main plunge. From his neck, work your hands towards his shoulder blades, all the way down his spine. Try the massage oil to make the massage smoother. Reach for his legs and knead his heels. Don’t forget to play with his toes and tease him a little.

20. Get dirty while bathing

The best way to feel some slippery touches is by jumping together with your lover in the shower. As the shower runs, kiss him passionately and then apply soap all over his body.

21. Foreplay dance

If you know some sexy moves, why not show them off in front of your boyfriend? Try the naughty dance you watched on YouTube to give him a taste of what’s coming. To rev up the mood, have some of your favorite music playing and dance for him; he will be ready for the picking in no time.

22. Don’t forget to pleasure yourself

You also want to reach climax faster and so make sure you that you are enjoying his best touches. Demonstrate how you want him to touch you and let him watch.

23. Bring his fantasy to life

Whatever fantasy that takes him from zero to sixty, do it for him during foreplay.

24. Striptease

You can unleash the bad girl inside of you by taking off your clothes as he watches- one cloth at a time. Move sexily and touch him slightly.

25. Watch porn

Men are visual beings; they love to see naughty pictures and videos. Watch naughty films and try to mimic the tips, moves, and positions and see how exciting your foreplay gets.

26. Maintain spontaneity

You don’t need to over-think about foreplay ideas. This is not rocket science so you need not plan for it. Since you cannot predict his behavior, just let the session go naturally.

27. Dress up

You have probably seen those sexy attires on YouTube that women put on in bed. It doesn’t mean you get the exact pieces. Please don’t look like the younger version of your grandma when you are about to make love to your man.

28. Give him compliments

Take pictures with your boyfriend and let him know that he looks hot. He will be flattered if you ask if he’s been going to the gym.

29. Remind how he fell in love with you

Make him remember the sensual moment you had when you two were falling in love. The memories will stimulate intense physical reactions and an instant longing for love.

30. Keep it mysterious

Naturally, your man is adventurous and wants to know more all the time. So, you need to leave him curious do not make your intentions obvious; if he knows less he will anticipate more.

31. Throw new moves

Variety is necessary for a romantic relationship. Throw in surprising moves to keep him attracted to you all the time.

32. Use his favorite scent

Smell is a fundamental sense and it could be the one thing that will turn him on. Scent reaches the limbic lobe of the brain and triggers an emotional reaction.

33. Undress one another

Undressing a sexual partner is foreplay in itself. It is one of the most intimate actions as it makes both of you excited about what is coming next. Do not be in a hurry though.

34. Inflict some pain

Try manhandling him a little to light up the fire in bed. For instance, you can pinch his nipples or scratch his back with your nails. He will take this pleasurable pain.

35. Play with his twins

Show him some more love by playing with his two most erotic body parts. He will appreciate just the way you do when he caresses your breasts.

36. Pleasure his perineum

If you didn’t know, men have a G-spot (prostate). You can reach this spot if you push on his perineum, which is the area that lies between his backside and scrotum.

37. Torture him sexually

Make your man wait as you take off your clothes slowly. Getting him frustrated is a great way to build up the anticipation.

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38. The handcuffs

Tie your man in knots using a necktie or headscarf. His hands should be held above his head so that he cannot use them. Then touch every erogenous zone in his body and watch him moan with passion.

39. Fast dirty quickie

It is not all the time you get time for a long intimacy session. A quick lovemaking session can keep the two of you energized and passionate for one another especially in the morning.

40. Introduce sex toys

Don’t just watch other people using sex toys on YouTube. You too can apply them to heat things up with your man. Try making out with handcuffs, vibrators, and dildos.


Some men take foreplay as a waste of time while it is a crucial aspect of making love. You can only enjoy a bone-rattling orgasm only if you start with good foreplay and so you need to find ways to make your man embrace it. With the 40 pre-sex move ideas, you can make it fun and take him higher before the big plunge. Take your time to make the right moves and both of you will love the foreplay just like the climaxing stage.


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