31 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Is Upset

Words to comfort him when he is sensitive and edgy on everything

By Michele
31 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Is Upset

Alright, your boyfriend is upset and you want to cheer him so that he has that smile back on his face. Here, I will help you out with proven methods that will improve the situation. First of all, you need to determine why and about what your boyfriend is upset about. 

Determining the root cause of the condition will help in choosing an option that will work. After all, how can you treat a patient successfully without making the right diagnosis? I just stated that as an example! 

Handling An Upset And Angry Man

Switching off an angry person can be quite tactical, one wrong move and you will just make the situation worse. So be very careful when you plan to set things right. Here are a few tips that I would like to share before we move on to 31 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Is Upset.

Never Respond In An Angry Manner

When you are being confronted or provoked your ‘fight till death’ hormones start raging. It naturally leads to anger. You need to train yourself to stay calm, whether his anger is justified or not. Manage your emotions by taking deep breaths, drinking water, or diverting your attention. It would not be easy, in the beginning, but you need to learn – how not to lose your cool. This is the very first step that you need to take. 

Identify The Reason Behind His Anger

Once things cool down, encourage your partner to communicate why he is angry. Let him speak, do not interrupt. Listen carefully to what he has to say and if you want to add in something then speak in a composed and slow manner with a low vocal tone. It will help in making him feel better. Show that you are interested in resolving the issue without any sort of judgment. This will make him feel respected and loved. 

Move Towards A Solution

Once the situation is clear enough try to find a possible solution. If you were wrong do not come up with lame excuses that defend your behavior. Being defensive in a wrong manner can make your boyfriend upset and further aggravate the situation. Offer your help for making things better and also apologize adequately. This gesture will help in calming down the angry man and also strengthen the relationship with your boyfriend. 

Above shared are the simple and most practical ideas. But as said, you will need to train your emotions before you take the charge of handling your boyfriend’s aggressive side. 

31 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He is Upset

Here, you will find really helpful phrases and sentences that you can tell your boyfriend to make him feel better. I hope that they will be really useful for you; use them in the form of a verbal compliment or as a best wish card or as a gift or any other medium that you think is suitable. 

1.    I love you so much!
2.    I made your favorite pasta! 
3.    You are the best gift that I got in my life and I will always treasure you! 
4.    It makes me feel so glad when you are home and spends time with me!
5.    How about an aromatherapy massage tonight?
6.    Just wanted to let you know that you are always in my thoughts!
7.    I got your favorite snacks for our movie time tonight!
8.    I am so proud of you!
9.    I am sorry. Will you forgive me for being wrong?
10.    I love it when you fold your sleeves up!

11.    By each passing day, I fall in love with you more and more!
12.    I need no other best friend, as you have always got my back!
13.    I know work has been crazy for the past few days. I am here for you always!
14.    Thanks for being so considerate. I will always cherish your presence!
15.    You look super cute when you smile. Keep that smile on!
16.    You are my dream and the only person that I will ever want!
17.    You have made my life colorful and blissful. Please always stay with me!
18.    When you hug me, I feel warm, protected, and loved!
19.    Whenever there is a bad day, I know it is you who is going to lift me!
20.    You truly inspire me and help me reach my goals!

21.    Whenever I am with you, I do not need to pretend or cover things up. I am myself and that is the greatest feeling!
22.    Let’s go for a dinner date. I have got the reservation done at your favorite dine-in place!
23.    You spoil me well and make me feel like a queen!
24.    The only fear that makes me weak is of losing you. Never let that happen!
25.    I am thankful to you for being a part of my life!
26.    Through my rough days, you know how to lift my spirits. Thanks for being my savior always!
27.    I simply love it when you hug and kiss me with your arms wrapped around me!
28.    Your heart is with me and it will always remain safe!
29.    You are my last thought before I hit the bed and the very first thought once I get up!
30.    Do I smile a lot? Yes, I probably do and you are the reason!
31.    Without you, I am nothing!

I hope that you enjoyed reading 31 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Is Upset. Aren’t these lines super cute and meaningful? Use them as you wish!

Upset Because Of You Or The Relationship

As I stated above that it is important to find the reasons behind your boyfriend getting upset. Taking it further, here we will discuss if it is due to the relationship or you. Being in a troublesome relationship is torturing for the couple. It can drain you emotionally and make you worry about your future together. If your boyfriend thinks that he is troubled due to this relationship then you certainly need to talk with him. Find all the reasons that have made things worse for him and how you can play your role to make things better. 

If both of you are willing to stay bonded the situation can be improved. But in the case when you are putting a lot of effort already and still getting no positive response then you certainly need to consider breaking up. It is difficult and it will take time to heal, but you cannot sacrifice your efforts for someone who just stays mad at you no matter what good you do. It is your life, make your choices accordingly. 

Upset Due to School or Work

Facing a tremendous workload at school or work can greatly disturb a man. This is understandable and needs to be addressed carefully. Being a loyal girlfriend, you need to check on your boyfriend regularly, as he is working hard. Make sure that he gets his clothes and food all on time and in a proper manner. 

Be compassionate and assure him, through your actions, that you will stay by his side and there is no need to get upset. The busy life will soon cool down and you will get an opportunity to spend more time together and get all the pending stuff done. Manage house chores and other errands so that burden, to some extent, is lifted off his shoulders. A helping hand will make your boyfriend confident and relaxed. 

Upset Because of a Friend or Family Member

Some nosy and mischievous, friends, or family members can wreak havoc in your life. Like they have the habit of inquiring, judging, or asking for help! In return, they have nothing good to share or even say. You know what; such toxic people can ruin your mood at any instant and make you feel super shitty. 

If your boyfriend is under the influence of any such people, I highly recommend you to ask him to avoid them completely. There is no good in surrounding yourself with negative energy and getting upset. Whenever you come across them just ignore them or move away politely. There is no need to entertain them.     

Being There for Him

A simple note – just be there for him whenever he gets upset. Try to figure out a solution and make sure that equal effort is carried out from both sides. If he is also faithful and accommodating, you cannot certainly afford to lose him. 

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I earnestly hope that you found 31 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Is Upset, fascinating and advantageous. Keep it cool and simple and your boyfriend will soon realize that he means the world to you and cannot afford to mess things up with you!