50+ Would You Rather Dirty Questions For Couples

Add some spark to your sex life by playing some adult sex games. Ask these 50+ would you rather dirty questions for couples and excite your guy.

By Amanda Palmer
50+ Would You Rather Dirty Questions For Couples

Every guy or girl has secret sexual fantasies

Sex becomes boring after some time, if done in the regular and routine fashion. One needs to invent new ways to spice up their sex life. Sex games, sex toys, different positions, sexy lingerie, different venues are ways to entice your partner for a wonderful sexual experience. ‘Would you rather’ game of sex is exciting and fun. Everybody harbors some secret sexual fantasies. While some of them might disclose them to their partners, there are those who keep it to themselves. Dirty and would you rather questions are a great way to spice up your mundane sex life. You can play along with your guy asking these flirty questions and know about his sexual preferences, likes and dislikes. These questions range from simple, flirty to naughty to dirty ones! They build sexual tension and prepares your guy for a steamy, hot night. These games are fun to be played with your partner and they have been arranged in the increasing order of their naughtiness. You can start with the initial 10 while you are still new in your relation and proceed with the other questions as you get comfortable in the relation. So read on to play on. Surprise your partner with a new game tonight and make him promise that he would answer all the questions honestly and not be a spoilsport!

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Start with flirty questions to connect deeper as couples

1. Would you rather have me kiss you your neck or earlobe? This is a cute question which will give you an insight into your guy's erogenous zones. 2. Would you rather be in a relation with a dominant partner or a submissive one? This question lets you know whether your partner likes dominance or submission while lovemaking. 3. Would you rather be physically intimate with someone elder to you or prefer never to have sex in your life? This question will let you know how desperate he is for sex. 4. Would you rather remain a virgin until you get married or lose your virginity much before? 5. Would you rather have a single partner for sex all your life or have tons of partners? You will get a hint about his loyalty with this question. 6. Would you rather give up your office promotion or agree to sleep with your boss for it? 7. Would you rather gain 50 kilos of weight or lose all your sexual organs? Again you will know how much he loves sex with this question. 8. Would you rather be an ugly looking genius or a hot bodied empty-headed moron? 9. Would you rather have a date with me in a restaurant or at home? Find out how adventurous he is with this tricky question. 10. Would you rather have sex with someone who never brushes her teeth or with someone who never showers? You will know about his hygeine preferences with this question.

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Get naughty with these adult questions for your boyfriend

11. Would you rather have me go down on you first or you go down on me first? So that next time you know what to do first with this question. 12. Would you rather have me give you a BJ with my tongue or hand? Again his answer to this question will make you satisfy him better next time. 13. Would you rather have sex with me alone in the bedroom or while someone is watching? Find out about his secret fantasies by this question. 14. Would you rather have a threesome with two girls or a guy and a girl? Does he like threesome or loathe it? Ask him this question and see that he says the truth. 15. Would you rather have a threesome with two ugly girls or sex with a beautiful girl? How much preference does he give to beauty? Find out from this question. 16. Would you rather have sex with someone who has the perfect body or with someone who is perfect in bed? Is physical appearance more important or physical satisfaction is more important? Find out from this question. 17. Would you rather have sex in the bathroom or in bed? Again, does he like to experiment or values comfort more while having sex. Ask him this question and find out. 18. Would you rather have sex out in the open or in the privacy of your bedroom? How adventurous and daring is he? Ask him this question and find out. 19. Would you rather have sex with your celebrity crush once in your life or have sex with your girlfriend for the rest of your life? This question will trick him. 20. Would you rather sleep with your father's best friend or your best friend's father? This one is a tricky question; both could land him in trouble!

Dirty adult questions to get your guy all horny

21. Would you rather have a job in the porn industry or at a striptease club? A quirky question, this will embarrass him to the core. 22. Would you rather watch me having sex with two men or see me all to yourself? How possessive are you? Find out from this question. 23. Would you rather have sex in the same position all your life or try different positions every time? Are you the boring types or love to experiment? Ask him this question to find out. 24. Would you rather make out with your boyfriend in a movie hall or in a classroom? A good question! 25. Would you rather have sex with your boyfriend on the beach or in a cave? Again, with this question, you will know how daring he is. 26. Would you rather boob fuck your guy or do it the normal way? Does he like kinky? Find out with this question. 27. Would you rather catch your girlfriend having sex with a random guy or have sex with your cousin? 28. Would you rather have sex with the lights turned on or lights turned off? Does he love to watch your expressions while making love or does he prefer the darkness? Ask him this question to know. 29. Would you rather watch porn while having sex with your guy or prefer reading an erotic novel? Again, this is a matter of personal preference. You can know more about him from this question. 30. Would you rather be a lesbian or a gay? A funny question!

Adult questions if your boyfriend does not mind

31. Would you rather lick honey or ice-cream from your partner's vagina? Both can sound disgusting if you don't like gross sex. But if you like it, then decide between the two as honey is sticky while ice-cream is cold! 32. Would you rather make your partner cum by using your tongue or using your hand? Tongue feels very ticklish; you get to know how your partners likes it with this question. 33. Would you rather watch girl on girl porn or guy on guy porn to turn yourself on? Does gay or lesbian sex turn you on? 34. Would you rather cheat on me or compel me to enjoy a threesome? This tells you whether he would involve you in every sexual act of his, how important you are to him or secretly cheat on you. 35. Would you have sex in the morning or at night? There are some who cannot even get a hard on in the mornings. 36. Would you rather drink my pee or drink my cum? Eeks! 37. Would you rather spit or swallow after giving me a BJ? Be honest about this one! 38. Would you rather have kinky sex or just romantic sex? Reveal your sexual fantasies. 39. Would you rather be on top or go underneath? 40. Would you rather receive an oral or give it? Or both?

Dirty questions for couples to enhance their sex life

41. Would you prefer chest or butt? Know whether he has a boob fetish or is he a butt lover. 42. Would you rather have sex with an old man or not have it at all? His answer would be self-explanatory about his standards. 43. Would you rather have sex every day with no orgasm or have it once in a month with an awesome orgasm? Know whether he prefers quality or quantity. 44. Would you rather have man boobs and laughed at by everyone or have a 3-inch penis and be ridiculed by your girlfriend? Man's boobs can be camouflaged by a tight vest but a small penis!! Let's see what he answers. 45. Would you rather have sex in extreme cold climate or in extreme warm climate? Nothing dirty about this one but you get to know his climate preferences. 46. Would you rather be the hottest guy with no money or an ugly guy with loads of money? Does he prefer good looking people or rich people? 47. Would you rather be a virgin forever or have sex with your sibling once? Is sex more important than incest? 48. Would you rather make out in your parent's bed or in a mattress store? How daring is he? 49. Would you rather cuddle in front of a fireplace or light your fire in bed? How romantic is he? 50. Would you rather enact '50 shades of Grey' or 'Doctor Nurse' while making love? You will get to know about his sexual fantasies with his answer to this question.

‘Would you rather’ questions not only make your sex life exciting and fun but they also help you to know your partner in depth. Some questions get so confusing that you would rather choose none of the options, but since it is a game, one has to select an option. Your partner would know about your preferences based on your choices. For example, if your partner chooses butt instead of chest, you get to know that a good butt arouses him more than an ample bosom. In this sexual would you rather game; the questions turn explicit as you proceed further and this turns on both the partners. ‘Would You Rather’ is a classic game played in America since ages. People have been playing it for fun in parties and events. It tricks the one who has to answer. Sometimes, the options given are both disgusting and it’s fun to hear what the person chooses. Giving a sexual twist to this game would be fun and would definitely perk up your sexual intimacy with your guy.


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