19 Innocent Phrases That Will Turns Guys on FAST

Sometimes being innocent and cute is a huge turn on to guys

By Aey
 19 Innocent Phrases That Will Turns Guys on FAST

Kawaii Or Cute Girls Are A Hit Among Guys

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Kawaii is an aesthetic that has its origins in Japan and the word refers to the state of being “lovely,” “adorable” and “cute,” with Kawaii often being translated as “the Japanese cuteness culture.” It is a very different-from-mainstream cultural take on sexual (and nonsexual) behavior because it is not bold, sultry, or, in your face, sexual, but instead shy and vulnerable behavior. Both items and people can be kawaii; examples of kawaii include certain genres of manga, some cute handwriting, and characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu. But to zero in on what we are here to talk about, girls who style themselves in kawaii aesthetic are quite a hit among guys. Something about big, round, childlike faces and big, adorable, doting eyes, really does it for a lot of guys!

And a surprisingly large audience agrees! On the other hand, there’s the “baddie” who is mean and sexy and treats you poorly (but you like it)! But there has been a recent shift in numbers when it comes to guys getting a kick out of the ultra-adorable, giggly, and sweet kawaii girls. If you have never heard of Kawaii girls, damn that’s interesting, but in case you are having trouble envisioning a cute Kawaii girl, imagine big, round, cheeks, big eyes, baby pink clothes, lots of giggles and childlike behavior, and yea, a massive pair of tits to go with that – because that makes a lot of sense. Imagine giggly school girls except with porn-star boobs and bam that’s the kind of Kawaii girl that men are obsessed with!

The Idea Of Chastity Is A Huge Turn On To Guys

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The idea of chastity or purity or virginity is highlighted in a lot of cultures across the globe and even has religious influences. Albeit this can manifest itself in negative, misogynistic ways that are wholly sex-negative and anti-woman. Nevertheless, such influences either result from or result in men being very aroused at the idea of chastity. And it doesn’t take a huge leap in judgment to guess at why that is! The idea of being someone’s first is already a special honor.

There are many harmful myths about women and vaginas and how the absence of sexual activity is aspired to for physical reasons. These myths are widespread and detrimental but if two grown adults mutually consent to a little raunchy role play, ain’t nothing detrimental about that! And in this case, the opposite of raunchy!


The role-play of chastity and virginity and sexual inexperience turns men on as it feeds into their sense of power and domination. This role play is classical in terms of SUB/DOM duality.

19 Innocent Phrases That Will Turns Guys on Fast

1. I love the way you look at me

Maintain eye contact and look at him with those wide eyes full of wonder, then tell him, “I love the way you look at me” and watch something inside him snap into animal fury.

2. I just got out of the shower

Tried and tested, across the board, thinking of you naked, wet, and dripping in the shower is a turn on for any person of any gender. That’s why everyone is always raving about shower sex! There is something so sensual and hot about it. Couples of all sexualities know that telling your partner you just got out of the shower is the most innocent way to get them just a little hot and bothered. We wouldn’t be surprised if he requested some visuals right after.

3. You’re the man

Believe it or not, plenty of men have insecurities about their self-worth, words of affirmation, and support that makes them feel good about themselves are a very underrated love language for men across the board! Telling him, he’s the man, will make him feel invigorated and it might make him feel invigorated enough to want to grab you and take you on the spot! You were warned.

4. I believe in you baby

Continuing on the same theme of support, appreciation, and affirmation, telling your man, he’s got this or that you believe in him can be a surprisingly arousing experience for him! Make sure to not shy away from praise, men love that stuff!

5. I’ll take care of you tonight

Men have an inner child that loves being cared for! And this could always imply that you want to service him tonight! Hot!

6. I’m all yours/It’s yours

Men also love ownership and if you surrender control, that does it for them!

7. You’re so big and strong

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Reassurance feels great to everybody, but men especially are raised to question their manhood and feel insecure about having normal human emotions so if you reassure him and validate his manliness, it’s sure to get the blood flowing in the right direction.

8. I love you

Three powerful words that are said too much and not enough! Say it as you mean it and we guarantee he will have no choice but to jump at the sight of you!

9. Silence is powerful!

Sometimes saying nothing and communicating with big kawaii eyes can be the biggest turn on! Smile and eat him up with your gaze and we are sure he’ll eat you up in response to that!

10. Say anything in a low raspy voice

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If you are a naturally shy girl, Kawaii is perfect for you! Speak anything in a low, raspy voice and it will get him all warmed up.

11. You make me wet

Yes, this statement will work for any guy out there! 

12. I’m so glad we’re alone now

After socializing in a group saying that you are glad you are finally alone with him can do it for him! Almost guaranteed to catalyze the action!

13. Will you make miso soup with me?

Here’s a little kawaii flavor for you!

14. Will you share a grave with me?

Kind of dark, we know! But Kawaii girls can sometimes be intense and naïve with their statements and it just sorts of works with the aesthetic, especially if you’re into that sort of thing!

15. I want to be with you forever

Very adorable, very sweet and if a guy gets a kick out of kawaii culture he is sure to go uwu; if you know you know.

16. I could drown in your eyes

Whoops! Corny but nothing is too corny for a kawaii girl!

17. I had a dream about you baby

Telling your partner, you had a dream about them is super sexy because their imagination runs wild!

18. I love your smell

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One word: pheromones!

19. We fit so good together


When Such Phrases Will Backfire

1. Commitment-phobe

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If you say something about being together forever that can disturb someone who is not as committed as you! So, try to read the energy before saying those out loud.

2. Low Self-esteem

His insecurities can get the best of him when you compliment him, and he might get defensive or not believe you!

3. Babies

Not everyone wants babies and it can be a bit of a sore spot for some people. It’s okay to say provocative things to get a kick out of it but try to get a sense of whether your partner feels comfortable messing with that fantasy or if he can take a joke without getting serious!

4. He isn’t into kawaii!

Some people just don’t find all that cute stuff cute! He could get weirded out or even turned off if kawaii just isn’t his thing! The good news is this is something you’ll catch a whiff of the way ahead of time so if kawaii is your thing and he doesn’t get it, you know you two aren’t going to be a great match! There is a kawaii loving guy out there for you!

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There are many ways to live, many ways to love and not everything is for everyone! However, exploring your preferences and checking stuff out to see what appeals to you at the core is very much allowed and even necessary for healthy sex life. Kawaii culture is fast gaining popularity and even though some people find it gross, others find it to be much more arousing than other aesthetic categories! At the end of the day, we are all allowed to have preferences and we should all try to respect what others prefer, given of course that it is with mutual consent and safety!



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