Should You Stay? Knowing Why He Doesn't Want You

Is he keeping you around but you feel like you're unwanted?

By Aey
Should You Stay? Knowing Why He Doesn't Want You

Is He Making An Effort To Have You Around?

If a man is in love with you, you’ll see him making an effort to be around you. If he’s making an effort, he wants you in his life. If he isn’t treating you right and he’s careless about whatever comes out his mouth, chances are that he has fallen out of love with you and doesn’t want you around anymore.

Why Does He Keep Me Around But Doesn't Want A Relationship?

The answer is simple, he likes having the company of an attractive woman. He likes the thrill of having an attractive woman in love with him because it is a major boost to his ego. If he isn’t treating you like the queen you are, walk away!

10 Things Men Do When They Don't Love You Anymore

1. He changes the topic of having a future together

You guys have a great time together every time you hang out. You just know by the way he looks at you that he has feelings for you. But whenever the topic of the future comes up, he withdraws and avoids the topic. After that, his withdrawn behavior carries on for a while to make you feel like the weird one. This is a clear sign that he doesn’t love you. His act of withdrawing for an extended period is sort of a consequence for you so that you’re hesitant to bring up the topic again.  

2. Mixed Signals

He gives you mixed signals all the time. One night he’s all over you but the very next day, he treats you like a friend. If you’re confused about how a guy feels about you, he wants you confused. If he loved you, he wouldn’t play games. He will make sure to tell you clearly so that another guy doesn’t take you away.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family

If he was serious about you and you guys have been together for a while, he will introduce you to his family. Every time you slide in the possibility of hanging out together with his friends, he comes up with an excuse to dodge that.

4. He only calls you when he needs you

Whenever he is going through a tough time, only then his name appears on your cellphone or in your life. Guys become needy especially for a company of an attractive woman when they’re going through a rough patch. If this is a pattern with your guy, he just doesn’t love you anymore. You need to let him go and completely avoid him next time he calls.

5. He doesn’t want to put a label on it

He flirts with you all the time yet calls you his friend. A friend is how he introduces you whenever you guys accidentally run into someone he knows. But friends don’t flirt or make-out, do they? He says that he doesn’t want to put a label on it yet. Trust me, he will flee the moment another attractive woman walks into the picture. This is a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore. Walkaway for your own sake.

6. He doesn’t like to have competition

Even though he doesn’t want to commit to you and he acts withdrawn unless he needs you, he still cannot stand having other guys hit on you. Whenever a guy approaches you when he’s around, his body language will change so much that other guys will back off thinking that you guys are together. Don’t misunderstand this behavior to be jealousy because he loves you. He’s only doing this because he doesn’t want the right guy to take you away from him as an option.

7. He doesn’t let you move on

Whenever he sees that you’re moving on, he reappears and acts like a sweetheart. He isn’t concerned about losing you, he is concerned about losing an attractive woman as his play doll. Don’t let his tricks fool you into believing that he loves you. Accept that he doesn’t and don’t let him back into your life.

8. He disappears and reappears

Guys like these are out on dates with a different girl every day. They just cannot stand the idea of committing to one girl. If he disappears after having a really good time with you, it was exactly that for him – a night well spent and nothing more. Don’t kid yourself when he texts after a few months by assuming that he just couldn’t get over your charm because that isn’t the case at all. He probably texted a bunch of girls the same text to see who is available for him. He just doesn’t love you.

9. He makes you the crazy one when you question his behavior

Men like these know exactly how to gaslight women when they start to see through their games. They know their way around because they have experience. When you call him out on his actions and inconsistencies, he will show you what a big manipulator he is. He’ll gaslight you into believing that all his actions meant none of the things you made up in your head. He was just being a good friend or a gentleman. Don’t let his tricks make you lose your mind. He doesn’t love you and his actions have said that already.

10. He takes forever to reply to your texts or doesn’t at all

He texts you randomly and just replies late or doesn’t at all. The only reason he texted you in the first place is to keep reminding you of him. He wants to make sure that you don’t forget the good times so that he can keep using you. Nobody is ever too busy to reply to your messages. Get yourself together girl! You deserve way better than this BS.

Signs That He Truly Loves You

His words are aligned with his actions

If he truly loves you, you will see that his actions are exactly where his words are. He said he will call you, he calls you. He’s careful about promising things he can’t deliver just so you don’t get hurt.

He doesn’t confuse you

He’s very straightforward about his intentions with you. Guys who truly love a girl make sure that their lady has a clear picture in their minds. They will never want to keep you confused.

He’s there when you need him

He isn’t a fuckboy who doesn’t take your calls or messages seriously. Whenever you need him, no matter how busy he is, he shows up or makes an effort to make the situation better for you.

He tells you that he truly loves you

He clearly says that he truly loves you.

Signs He Doesn't Want to Commit

He checks out other girls in front of you

You’re together at a restaurant, a hot girl walks in and he checks her out completely and he doesn’t care if you’re watching or not. A sign he is just playing around with you and won’t commit.

He hides his phone when you’re together

His phone is always on silent and out of your view. This is because he’s a playboy and he’ll never commit to one girl.

His number is always busy when you call him

When you call him, almost always his phone goes unanswered or is already on another call.

He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship

He tells you that he is only interested in a casual relationship.

How To Stop Chasing Him When He Doesn't Want You

Here are a few things you need to do to stop chasing him:

  1. Cut contact with him. Don’t answer his messages and calls.
  2. Go to the parlor and treat yourself.
  3. Get yourself a date through dating apps or ask a friend to set you up.
  4. Share this with the strongest female in your circle. Whenever he tries to contact you or you have an urge to call him, call her instead. She’ll knock sense into you.
  5. Don’t blow away good guys for his sake. When a healthy guy starts to treat you the way you deserve, you’ll see him for the real manipulator he was.

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If you felt the need to read this article, chances are that someone is mistreating you. You’re a strong girl to be going through that but if the guy you’re with isn’t man enough to value a good woman, you need to start taking steps to get rid of him for good. Hope this article helped!


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