Flirty Or Friendly: Signs He Actually Loves You

Confused if he’s flirty or just being nice? Here are signs

By Diana Nadim
Flirty Or Friendly: Signs He Actually Loves You

How To Know If A Guy Likes You

Does he like me, or he's just acting manly? It is hard to tell if he's genuinely into you. Men act differently towards loves expressions, although the majority of them are low in expressing their feelings. It's up to the lady to check for signs or indicators to tell them that the man is solemn.

However, if you want to be sure of his feelings, find time for him, and check the following signs.

1. When He Extends His Friendship To Your Friends And Family

You wouldn't like a guy who despises your friends and family. If he's making an effort to win them too, he's genuinely into you. Also, this gesture indicates that a guy is open with no hidden agenda. Some will even ask your friends more about you.

2. When He Replies To Your Texts Immediately

If a guy breaks his busy schedule to respond to your messages, that's a good indicator that he likes you. Most guy feels shy to express themselves face to face, but when you chat, he will ask so much about you. A guy who likes you will spend long hours texting you without getting bored.

3. Eye Contact

A guy who is into you will keep looking at you at all times. Some even gaze without noticing it until you look away first. Look straight into his eyes too.

4. He Seems Jealous

Oops! He is jealous of other men close to you. If you see this signal, this guy likes you, and he feels insecure, and he wants you all to himself. If He asks you about calls or texts from other guys, he's jealous.

5. He Is Caring: No Intention Of Hurting You

A guy who likes you will protect you from any harm. Some even go to an extend of overprotecting you and confronting whoever breaks you. These guys will not only save you physically but will use proper words not to hurt you.

The Fine Line Between Flirting And Friendliness

Humans are social beings. So, it's natural for people to show friendliness to others regardless of gender. However, being flirty and friendly has some differences and similarities. Therefore, it's up to you to check and weigh each gesture and see if it's a social or flirty signal.

When Someone Asks More Profound Questions

A friendly person will be interested in your wellbeing. How you are, your work or business progress, and how your family is. However, a flirty person has a plan which friendlily doesn't. It's not a friendly gesture to ask someone if they are in a relationship or dating; that is flirting.

Going To The Extent Of Telling Someone You Are Single Out Of The Blues

This gesture is an exact show that a person is more of a flirt than a friend. If an individual tells you they are single, out of topic, then that's a flirty person. Some even go to the extent of hiding their true status to protect their romantic interest in you.

Physical Contacts

Touching you is a nonverbal sign that shows a person is flirting and not just friendly. Some indications are; coming closer to a person, grabbing their hand, and intentionally touching a person way too much. Your body reaction will tell you if the person is just a friend.

Giving Someone Full Devotion

That's is a clear indication that a person is not friendly but flirting with you. Even if a person is generally close to other people, treating you as the only person he knows, then that's a flirt. A flirty person will give you all their attention as opposed to a friend.

How Can You Tell If A Person Is Just Being Nice?

At times you can mistake a person's friendship for something more. It's quite a task and humiliating to approach a person who's only being friendly. However, as long as you are wishing and hoping that a person loves you, some signals differentiate a person who is excellent from a person who loves you.

Having Just A Casual Talk

A person who's just being nice will not dig into more conversation with you. When together, they will not even show any interest in your progress or love life. If you see a person avoiding sharing their matters with you, know they aren't interested in you.

If They Don’t Introduce You To Their Family And Friends

You are just an ordinary person to them. Why would they bother showing you their friends? Hiding their family and friends indicates that they are being nice but not taking you as a longtime friend.

Body Language

If they like you, their body will show clearly. A person who's being nice will not touch you, wink at you, stare at you, or even hold your hand. Touching you or winking at you is a red flag that a person wants nothing more than just being a friend.

They Don't Treat You Uniquely

If you get the same treatment as any other person in their life, know they are only friends. A person who likes you will specially treat you than others and try to get your attention.

What Are Flirty Compliments?

A flirty compliment aims at impressing someone romantically or sexually. It's an excellent way to alert a person to pay attention to you and vice versa. However, flirt is not an easy thing, mostly for shy people. Below are some of the flirty compliments you might get from your crush.

  • I'm lucky to have you
  • I'll always support you
  • You make me happy
  • I miss your laughter

Thing Guys Do When They Like You

A guy who wants you will do all he can to divert all your attention to him. From body language, talks, or his behavior around you will show you if he genuinely likes you. However, reciprocate to a guy when you are sure he's into you. Check the following signs to know if he likes you.

1. Enjoys Having Alone Time With You

A guy who likes you will find excuses to go shopping with you without the company of your friends. Some may even visit you at your workplaces to take you out for lunch and so forth.

2. Pays Attention To You

Most guys are poor listeners. So, if you find one giving you undivided attention, that one likes you. For instance, if he keeps his phone aside while talking to you or lets you speak while he's listening, that's guy needs a chance.

3. He Follows You On Social Media Platforms

A guy who likes you will try to be part of your social life too. They will check your followers, friends, and starts a conversation when online. He will also comment positively on your posts.

4. Interested In Your Past And Recent Relationships

A guy who's into you will ask you about your status. For instance, if you have a boyfriend, single or enquires what characters you look for in a man. Therefore, if a neighbor next door asks you such questions, he may be in love with you.

5. They Stare At You Always

If you notice a guy staring at you whenever you turn around, it's a sign he likes you. Others don't even look away unless you do it. Even a shy guy would steal glances to look at you.

Other Signs Of Flirting

People express their feelings differently. As stated earlier, be keen and read between the lines too. Be sure of the other person's feelings before you reciprocate. So, be on the lookout for the following signals.

  • Always complimenting you
  • Playing with one's clothes
  • Raising eyebrows while with you
  • Moves their body close to you
  • They smile whenever with you.

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Not sure if he is having a crush on you? Here are some tips


Most guys are flirty. Therefore, it's essential to differentiate between friendliness and flirting. It's shameful to respond to friendly response in a flirty way. Some guys flirt with ladies without any feelings, so read the person's mind to avoid falling for a joker. Don't stoop too low; let him sweat winning you over. He will value you for that.

However, give a guy who's after you a chance. You may find that he has a golden heart after knowing him. Still, be clear whenever a guy approaches you and tell him if he has a chance or not. Do not be offended when he stares at you, texts you, or touches you. Get the message.