Beyond Four Letters: Words and Phrases Stronger Than Love

There's almost always a way to name and express what you feel

By Evelyn
Beyond Four Letters: Words and Phrases Stronger Than Love

How Does One Usually Express Love?

What is love? Have you asked this question? Love could mean different things to different people. It´s a favorite topic of philosophers, poets, writers, and even scientists throughout generations. Many have fought about its definition. Love's complex, it implies strong feelings of affection but the precise meaning of love and how it's expressed has lots of variations. Love could be a willingness to prioritize another's wellbeing or happiness above yours; it could also be something dramatic when there's a sudden feeling of attraction and respect for someone you just met; an extreme feeling of need, affection, and attachment; it could also be a fleeting emotion of like, care and affection. Or it could be a combination of all those.

Things are so much better when there's love, right? However, love has to be nourished, and one way to do it is by expressing it. How do you express love? There are many ways to express love, things you do, or say that convey your feelings for your spouse, for your family, for your children, and for your friends. Here are 5 ways on how we usually express love.


  • By giving gifts: Giving something thoughtful to a loved one is one way to express your love for them. Candies, flowers, jewelry, or maybe a muffin. You do this to show you're thinking about them. 
  • By spending quality time with them: You put aside time to do things together or for them like spending an evening together to reconnect, or supporting them in an important work event.
  •  By being kind: Do something for someone else is expressing love too. Offering to help someone in need. Little things like offering to pick up the shopping or the laundry or big things like helping your significant other achieved their dreams.
  • By saying nice things to one another: You can express love by complementing physical things about your loved one like their hair, or their outfit, or their smile. You can also complement their professional and personal achievements. 
  • By touching them physically: Physical touch is important to show the other person you love him or her. It forges a special connection that makes you feel closer. Holding hands while you're taking a walk around the block, or giving a neck or foot massage after a long day, giving them a hug "just because". 

When Do We Usually Feel Love? More Than Love?

Love´s a crazy thing, you may think you're in love because everything right now is exciting and new and you can't imaging living without him but have you ponder how love usually feels like? Are you really in love or is this thing you've got going more than love? The first thing you need to know is that love feels different to everyone, what you feel is not the same as what your friend feels and that's totally OK. 

So, when do we usually feel love or in love, and when do we feel more than love? At the beginning of a relationship, you experience a lot of intense feelings like infatuation, excitement, nervousness, happiness, sexual attraction, and lust.

Around them you feel charged and euphoric

Believe it or not, falling in love involves many hormones. All these hormones can supercharge what you're feeling and that's why you feel like you're on a wild roller coaster. When you're near him there's an increase in your dopamine and norepinephrine levels and that's the reason you feel giddy, nervously excited, euphoric. and basically happy.

You can't wait to see them again

Even after spending all-day together, you feel lonesome when they leave. You're constantly wondering what they're doing and if they're thinking about you...this is usually how things are when you're in love. You know it's healthy to spend some time apart from each other, but that doesn't mean that you enjoy this.

Everything feels new and exciting

When you feel love, it changes the way you see things. Everyday activities are definitely more enjoyable. It can also make you want to try new things because it opens up your eyes to new possibilities. 

More than love...

Love doesn't stay the same (and that's not a bad thing), it changes over time. If your feelings for your significant other change over time it doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with your relationship, it just means that it has grown into something more than love. This means that you don't have to show him just your better parts, you can be yourself and feel secure in his affections. It also means that you can express your opinions without worrying about his reactions, you feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself. 

More than love is when you accept this person with the good and the bad. You seem them wholly and are OK with it. It also means that you have to work to keep the relationship going, you have to make an effort to show them that you care. There are a strong connection and trust between you two.

What Are The Most Common Phrases We Say To Express Love?

Love is one of the most important human emotions. There are many phrases that try to convey this feeling. We say try because everyone feels love in a different way. That's why so many artists and songwriters have tried to capture it through songs, poems, books, and paintings. Love's not easy to describe and for some, it's not easy to express in words. Still, there are many phrases or love expressions that we commonly use to express this complex and amazing feeling. Take a look.

  • You mean the world to me
  • Hugs and kisses
  • I wish you were here
  • I'm lost without you
  • You're the light of my life
  • You leave me breathless
  • You rock my world
  • You're the one for me

Is It Possible To Experience A Feeling Much Richer Than Love?

Love's the greatest feeling and it would be hard to top it, right? Yes, love is a wonderful thing, but is it the best? Is it possible to experience a feeling much richer than love? Is there anything greater than love? Apparently, there is, for some people love's not what they thought it would be so for them there are some feelings that are better than love.

Earning someone's respect

Since it's not easy sometimes to earn the respect of your peers, when you do, it feels great. Your confidence and self-respect get a boost and it validates whatever you're doing.

Full and complete trust

When you know that you can trust a person close to you completely and that he can trust you in the same way... it gives you a warm cozy feeling, right? This kind of trust is rare so when it happens you cherished it.

The act of forgiveness

Being able to forgive someone or being forgiven by someone really lifts a weight off your shoulder, it makes you feel lighter and freer and that's a feeling that's hard to top.

10 Words That Mean More Than Love And Their Meanings

If you're having trouble finding the right word to express how you feel about your significant other, here are some words (and their meanings) so you can express how much you care.

1. enchant: to cast a spell of love on someone

2. cherish: to hold a person dear, or to have a great affection for someone.

3. idolize: to love someone so much to the point where you don't see their flaws or faults.

4. bae: an acronym that stands for "before anyone else".

5. heartthrob: the one that makes your heart beats faster.

6. treasure: you value your loved one above all else.

7. sweetheart: an endearing nickname for the one you love.

8. worship: you adore this person with great intensity.

9. yearning: a very strong urge to be with your loved one.

10. adore: you love this person very, very much.


10 Phrases That Mean More Than Love And Their Meanings

Want more ways to express your love? Here are some phrases that can really communicate your feelings of love to that special person in your life.

1. I'm so lucky to have you in my life: you are thankful for this person because apart from loving him, you really value all he is and does for you.

2. Thank you: You appreciate so much this person, and you want to keep him happy and motivated.

3. Head over heels: you are totally infatuated with this person.

4. You're an amazing person: a compliment that enhances your sense of a family and togetherness. 

5. I forgive you: you lift off a huge weight on your shoulder and make the relationship stronger.

6.  If it's important to you, then it's important to me: you're conveying that you're on the same page as your loved one and that you support him.

7. I'll always choose you: you're telling him that no matter what, you're in this for the long haul.

8. I hold you dear: this person has a very special place in your heart.

9. What can I do to help?: You're giving this person something greater than a gift.

10. I love it when you touch me: you're telling him that you find him attractive and you want a deeper connection. 

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Love moves the world and can make us do things that we didn't think possible. Finding the right words or phrases to express this feeling it's easy if you look inside your heart and just let it speak.