Pet Names For Guys That He Will Enjoy Hearing (Not Cringe)

Nicknames for your guys that are enduring and represent him

By Kazuko Otsuka
Pet Names For Guys That He Will Enjoy Hearing (Not Cringe)

What are Pet Names?

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you’ve probably been called all sorts of names and words apart from the name you go by. Pet names are terms of endearment used between people in a relationship, friends, dating interests, and the like. You typically don’t use a pet name with someone you do not like or just met. That would be very weird. Giving a person a pet name denotes closeness and friendship. It shouts, "Hey, I want to get to know you, and I think you're cool!" 

The pet names people give each other are endless. Of course, you have the common ones like “Honey” or “Baby,” and then you have crazy ones like “Poopy Face” or “Fart.” Calling someone by their pet name shows a level of intimacy between the two of you that you don't have with acquaintances. It could have been that one lunch where you accidentally did something embarrassing that got the people around you calling you Fart or a night of heavy drinking that got people calling you Champ. These terms of endearment always come from somewhere and most of the time boils down to an inside joke. 

Having someone call you by your pet name is endearing and sweet. It is an instant happy pill that everyone needs from time to time. Anyone called by a pet name their romantic interest came up with is in for the long ride. If you like someone and you’re head over heels for them, prepare your heart if they start making up pet names for you. You can’t help but like them even more. However, there are also people out there who don’t fancy being called pet names and find the whole ordeal demeaning. Make sure the person you’re interested in doesn’t mind pet names. 

Cringy and Worst Pet Names You Can Give Guys

Pet names are not all fun and games if you’re with someone who comes up with the most absurd terms. I mean who wouldn’t be embarrassed being called by a pet name like “Poopie” or “Baby Boy” in public. Yikes. Maybe you’ll get the attention of some people who’ll find it cute, but there will also be a couple of surprised looks sent your way as well. Be careful when making pet names for someone and ask them first if they’re alright with whatever term you end up with. 

Some cringy and worst pet names you can give guys are the following:

1. Baby Cakes

2. Booger

3. Pennis the Menance

4. Daddy

5. Baby Boy

6. Baby

7. Sugar Pie

8. Puppy

9. Sexy Parts

10. Babe

It depends on the person you’re with if a term above will be cringy for them. Some men like being called “Baby Boy” while there are those who will send glares down your way. The easiest way is to talk through it and ask each other what do you want to be called. 

30 Best Pet Names For Guys And Why

BFF Guy Friend

Finding the right pet name for your BFF guy friend is easy and fun. You two already have enough chemistry to go wild with pet names, and there’s no worry of offending the other one with atrocious, cringy terms. Deciding on a pet name for your best guy friend, or anyone in general, is usually spontaneous. It’s the spontaneous ones that typically end up sweeter and more heartfelt. If you’re at a loss and don’t know what to call your best friend, take a look at the list below to get some inspiration. 

1. Buddy

2. Champ

3. Heart breaker

4. Tiger

5. Homie

6. Handsome

7. Amigo

8. Pal

9. Ace

10. Hot Shot

Dating Interest

Finding a pet name for a dating interest is a tricky one. You’re still in the stage of getting to know each other, and the fear of scaring them away with too endearing terms is still there. The best way to go about this is to play it safe and test the waters. Before deciding on a name for them, try asking them how they feel being called by a particular term. If you receive positive feedback, then you have the go signal with it. If that’s not the case, better steer away from that term and try another word.

11. Charming

12. Dimples

13. Guapo

14. Handsome

15. Cutie Pie

16. Donut

17. Boss

18. Heart Throb

19. Hot Stuff

20. Papi

For Your Partner

Using terms of endearment in any relationship brings a couple closer to the point where calling someone by their first name sounds weird. When it comes to picking a pet name for your partner, the options are endless. You’re in that stage where the trust between you both can handle even the weirdest sounding pet name. Don’t hold back when picking out a pet name for your partner, remember, that certain term might stick with you both for a long time. 

21. Boo

22. Love

23. Sweetie

24. Precious

25. Amore

26. Beau

27. Dear

28. Sugar

29. Sweet Pea

30. Stud

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All relationships are different, and you can’t base your pet name for your partner by the pet name your friend has for their partner. One thing that is cute and sweet for one person can be cringe-worthy for another. Pet names represent the person in different shapes and forms. The term could be based on their personality, their character, looks, and the like. To find a pet name that will stand the test of time, try to think of things that define your partner. 

Does he like to eat this type of food? Does he have a pet peeve that is hilarious? Maybe he likes to sleep with a teddy bear in bed- whatever the case, think of words that are easy to remember and that roll off the tongue. If your partner’s name is John and his pet name is twice as long and hard to say, it might be time to rethink a new name. Be creative, and most importantly, have fun when deciding on a pet name! 



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