Woman On Top: How To Ride Your Man The Right Way

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By Sophia R
Woman On Top: How To Ride Your Man The Right Way

Why Do People Have Sex? Do All People Have It?

There are plenty of reasons to have sex and it is not always for love. In view of the list made by a 2007 University of Texas researchers, the probability that love dictates the paths of desire decreases dramatically, because that ranking includes a total of 237 different reasons, and the affection only has to do with some of them. Perhaps for some, it is disappointing or perhaps obvious for others that boredom, insomnia, or morbidity prevail among the reasons, not to mention curiosity, revenge, or to avoid talking about some thorny issue or getting a job.

If you find it unsettling, another more recent study from the University of Toronto published this past year can give you some peace of mind when you narrow down the reasons into two categories: either it's positive or it's negative, according to psychologist and study coordinator Amy Muise. Apparently very simple, you just have to know what is positive and negative, according to the criteria of each one, of course. 

Some of the Best Sex Positions

1. The clitoral missionary

This is the classic missionary but reinvented with the stimulation of the clitoris, which, as you might know, is essential for her to reach the end.

How is it done? It is very simple. She lies on her back and he stands on top. As he penetrates her, she can stimulate her clitoris with the friction of her partner's pelvis and also control the rate of penetration with her hip movement. Orgasm assured, friend.

2. The pleasure chair

This is also very simple to do and facilitates the emotional connection during penetration, which will make you both have a much more intense orgasm. To carry it out, he sits on the chair and she straddles him, looking straight ahead or turning her back to him.

This position gives the woman total freedom of movement, and full access to her clitoris and nipples, which can (and should) be stimulated by herself or by her partner.

3. The drill

This position is reserved only for those women who like to be submissive in bed and for men who want to be dominant. In this position, he has full control of the action, as he controls all the movements of his penis, which is inserted into the female's mouth. She only has to be receiving the virile member on her lips. Remember that if the man inserts his penis down to her throat, she must stop breathing to repress the gag.

6 Crucial Tips To Ride Your Man and Make The Best Out Of It

If so far, you have tried to just sit on top and move your hips, we will tell you that below we will talk about more ideas that you can try and what to do since it is a position where the whole body is visible.  It is ideal that you can reach ecstasy without having to miss a beat, right? With this objective in mind, we are going to give you some tips and advice on the correct way to do this. 

1. Get the position right

First of all, we are going to talk about the way we sit on top of our partner. Don't worry, you don't have to learn complicated names. Rather, you should try to be as comfortable and calm as possible. Regarding how to sit, do it in the way that comes most natural to you, since you will most likely spend a lot of time like this. Regardless of whether you are facing or facing away from him, try to find a position where you know you can spend a long time.

When you start to get tired, an alternative is to put your arms on his chest, so that the weight of your body falls on your hands and legs, instead of only on your legs. Another thing you can do is take his hands and put them on your hips so that he can pick you up for a while and you can rest.

2. Tie your hair

As for the hair, we know that with movement and sweat, it can bother you by covering your face, so if you want to avoid having a bunch of hair, every time you bend over to kiss them, the best thing is that you can tie hair.

Among other things, hair can also get into your mouth and nobody wants to kiss with a mouth full of hair. This can put out any burning flame and the worst thing is that it will be distracting you from the sexual act when the ideal is the opposite, that you can fully enjoy the whole experience. So just skip it and tie your hair up.

3. Get the right rhythm

In order not to change the rhythm of the position and so that you avoid getting tired so soon, it is good that you do not go too fast. In order for both of you to reach orgasm, the secret is that you both can synchronize your movements. For this, it is best to move slowly and then, little by little, you start to increase the rhythm, if not, your partner may lose the rhythm and that does not suit you. There are men who like to have an oscillation in the rhythm, that is, to gradually go from a fast pace to a slower one and vice versa.

4. Use your hands

At the same time, it is ideal that you can touch his body and let him touch you. An interesting variant is that men love it when you touch your body yourself, especially your breasts, it is something that increases your libido a lot. It is important that you occasionally go over to kiss him. And if you want him to have a better view of your body, you can lean back and put your hands on an area that you want to highlight, for example, the legs, breasts, or hips.

5. Move your hips

As for the movement of the hips, for each man it is different, so only you know what your partner likes the most. You can try different movements, such as circular, back and forth, or sideways. You can go faster or slower and you choose the depth yourself. Do not think that it is necessary for the penis to be totally inside, there are men who also enjoy a massage on its tip. So play with all the options and find what works best for you.

What If The Sex Does Not Turn Out Well?

As a general rule, when you suffer from a problem of a sexual nature, you tend to believe that you are the only one. There are many prejudices associated with such exciting activity that many find it necessary to contact sexologists and therapists since the consequences for their self-esteem can be serious. Above all, peace of mind: everything can be solved, you just have to have confidence in yourself and good communication with your sexual partner.

Post-Sex Relaxation Tips

ou probably know what to do before physical intimacy, from planning to being in good spirits right now, but you may have less certainty about what to do after sex. By doing just a few essential things right after enjoying your partner, you can extend intimacy and have optimal sexual well-being. Here are some expert-backed activities to consider immediately after every moment of pleasure with your partner:

1. Talking

There's a reason bed talk is so satisfying: to strengthen the bond. Every time you have sex with your partner, "the love hormone" is released, scientifically known as oxytocin." This hormone creates a feeling of closeness," said Chamin Ajjan, a psychotherapist and sex therapist in New York. "Talking to your partner after sex is a great way to connect and create even more intimacy. You can talk about your hopes, your dreams, what you would like to do with that person, or whatever is important to you."

2. Hydration

It is good to have a glass of water in the bedroom to sip after sex. "Drinking at least a glass of water after sex can help you hydrate and keep your energy levels high since sexual stimulation can deplete strength," Rodgers said. "It can also help you eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract."

3. Have a snack

Sharing a moment in the kitchen is good after sex. It is not uncommon to feel hungry after having sex, as you burn calories and increase your heart rate. Chia seeds or green tea will replenish them. You can also consider cooking something simple but satisfying together, like some quesadillas. Food also gives pleasure.

4. Laugh

Right after sex, you can also stay in a playful mindset and connect with a bit of humor. "In the post-coital state of euphoria, everything seems better," Ivankovich said. "Tell each other a cheesy joke, be silly, and extend your time in privacy. That extra time is important.

"If one of you comes too fast, someone will feel like it was only momentary." In general, try not to think of sex as a one-act play. They should also revolve around relaxing together, prolonging intimacy, and taking care of your health.

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You may have the idea, but this is how to get it (and him) right


With these tricks, you will not only improve sexual relations with your partner or playmate, but you will also expand your range of movements to get to know yourself and enjoy your sexuality. Remember: it is not something that is mastered overnight but requires patience, a lot of practice, and communication. So put on your favorite music and enjoy learning!



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