What Casual Dating Means to a Guy and Why They Prefer it

Understanding these things can actually save you from heartbreak.

By Michele
What Casual Dating Means to a Guy and Why They Prefer it

I have been reading and writing a lot about different types of relationships and have concluded that most of the relationships, in the beginning, are mostly casual relationships. The reason being, couples are exploring each other by sharing time and attention.

There is nothing wrong with that. You take things easily and there is no pressure of commitment and no emotional strings are attached. Just spend a good time, get to know each other’s personalities and likes, and remain friendly. Here, I will focus on What Casual Dating Means to a Guy and Why They Prefer It.

What Is A “Casual” Relationship?

A casual relationship consists of both emotional and physical elements, with the latter being more dominant. A couple living a casual relationship often engages in casual sex and does not make any sort of demands or expectations from each other - which are usually associated with a formal relationship.

I can easily say that it is a stress-free sort of relationship in which a couple doesn’t make proper commitments. Hence no fights are happening. The emotional factor is also present, as the couple tends to care about each other but in a friendly manner. How can you connect sexually with someone if you are not emotionally involved?  Makes sense!

What Does A Casual Relationship Mean To A Guy?

Dating is a complex practice even if we refer to a casual relationship and what guys think about it, is another story. Most of the women have this question, at the back of their mind, about the perspective of a guy when it comes to casual dating. 

I would give you an honest answer here, which you even might not like. So, most of the guys who are not looking forward to getting involved in a serious relationship opt for a casual one. Guys are emotionally much more different than girls and they aren’t even that complex. The thing is that they do not overanalyze or overthink in certain situations. They play it like it is.

A casual relationship is very easy for a guy, as he knows where he stands and what he wants. The whole scenario is crystal clear for him, but it might not be the same for a girl. At the beginning of any relationship, even simple things can get complicated.

Understand the signals that a guy is sending you over, related to the type of relationship he wants, and later you can make a decision. A casual relationship can turn into a formal one too, who knows. Give it time and have patience.

Why Do Guys Want Casual Relationships?

So now you know what it is like for a guy to be in a casual relationship. The next thing is that why they want one? Such type of relationship does not force guys to stick to any sort of commitment. They do not need to congratulate you or wish you on birthdays or any special events. Guys are pretty bad with remembering dates and making any event special. They have more of a laidback nature. 

If a guy is in a casual relationship, he is naturally happy and content. Without being intensely emotionally connected with someone, he is still getting some sort of care, attention, and sex. These things make a guy feel accomplished. But that certainly does not mean that guys do not want a serious relationship. It is more of a phase, during which a lot of experimentation is being done from both sides. And if the chemistry matches the relationship can take a drastic turn.

Does The Connotation Differ For Men And Women?

It differs for both men and women, as men tend to experiment and take things realistically, while women fall towards the emotional side very quickly. A guy will take time to get stable and manage a relationship, which can help bring happiness and peace in his life. This approach is not wrong, but during this phase, he might come across different women and even break their hearts.

So girls just don’t fall for a guy right away and then get upset when things do not work properly. Just cut off the emotional rage that overwhelms your decision making power. Make the right move at the right time and you will never face any sort of difficulty in your relationship.

How Do You Know If A Guy Wants To Take The Relationship To The Next Level?

Here, I am going to come up with 5 solid indicators that will help in deciding that your guy is getting pretty serious.

1. He Remembers Tiny Details

Won’t you be surprised if he brings over nail paint, as a gift, for you that you told him about some time ago? Or won’t you be impressed if he remembers your favorite color and starts wearing it often? Well, these are the important details that tell, how serious a guy is about you.

2. He Makes You Meet His Loved Ones

Has he recently introduced you to his parents, close friends, or siblings? If so, then he wants you to be a part of his life and you are the one, who has impressed him. He wants you to know about his family and friends so that you guys can communicate with each other and get friendly. It is another strong indicator.

3. He Plans The Future With You

Does he make any sort of plans for the future with you, like related to work, investment, or career? If yes, then you are the lucky one. He cannot imagine his future life without you and hence planning to make you a permanent part of it by including you everywhere possible.

4. He Takes You Out

Apart from the bed fun, does he like spending time with you at the movies, games, or with friends? Only a serious guy will want to spend proper time with the girl of his dreams. Otherwise, a person who isn’t looking forward to getting serious will just keep it to some simple dinners or hookups.

5. He Plans For You

Does he make a plan with your or his family and friends for your birthday like choosing a special venue, ordering a customized cake, and buying a gift? All this is done by the one, who is thoughtful and wants you to feel loved. He will take out and make use of every chance to strengthen trust, love, and grow together. 

What to Do If I Want More Than Just a Casual Relationship?

First of all, keep one thing in your mind and that is, you cannot force someone ever to stay with you for a lifetime. It takes a good heart to stay connected emotionally. You cannot afford emotional trauma at the cost of undue expectations.

Give your guy proper time so that he can understand you. Make him feel that he is the one that you want. Don’t press, just show him and go slow. Buy him little gifts now and then. Give him your time if you are willing to turn this casual relationship into a serious one. Observe his response; it might take several weeks or months.

If he reciprocates with the same degree of love and care then you must move one step forward. Determine your pace by understanding what he is trying to make it out of this relationship. Just keep in mind that you must not rush or expect a lot. It is just a start, keep it healthy and smooth. Trust me, you will be able to get it to the point where you want it to be.

Okay in case of the guy, you are interested in, doesn’t show interest in you on the same level even after a considerable effort from your side then you must decide what is best for your life. Do not waste your time and effort on someone, who does not appreciate it. Letting go can be emotionally hard for some time, but later you will be thankful to yourself that you made the right choice. 

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I am hopeful that you got the grab of this question: What Casual Dating Means to a Guy and Why They Prefer It? In this read, I have included all of the important details that will help in saving you from any sort of relationship complications and emotional disturbance.

It is a great deal of work to understand each other and be there for each other. You must not expect a lot in the beginning. Just don’t lose your cool, the guy of your dreams will be found eventually! Keep trying and hoping for the best.