Instagram Star Amanda Elise Lee: Fun Facts About Her!

Who is Instagram Star Amanda Elise Lee? Read on to find out!

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Instagram Star Amanda Elise Lee: Fun Facts About Her!

What is Amanda Lee famous for?

In the forever-changing Instagram landscape, there will always be celebrities coming and going. Some enjoy their short-lived fame while others manage to stay afloat in this tough game and continue to shine. Amanda Elise Lee is one of those adored by her body and beauty who is aging gracefully. Born in Canada, the soon-to-be 34-year-old fitness model and personal trainer have over 11.8 million followers on Instagram. Amanda is constantly sharing with her fans how to stay fit and healthy without going to the extreme. Many have praised her to be the "body to follow". Her hard work has attracted women across the country to attend her lessons and follow her diets and lifestyle.

Needless to say, Amanda has the typical gorgeous-looking face for Instagram. Her blond hair, blue eyes, full lips, and curvy body are what many women sort after. She has shared many attractive photos on the popular platform to let her fans know how she has kept up with staying in shape.

Not a lot of people know this but the hot personal trainer actually suffered from self-esteem issues resulted from the body shape. The star revealed that in high school, she struggled with her skinny body, which made her very self-conscious about her image when peer influence was a huge part of her social life. Under all the less-than-desirable circumstances, Amanda decided to stop the self-loathing and began going to the gym regularly. She was blown away by the results of her hard work and fell in love with working out.

Her motivating story has encouraged many teens in the same shoe to take the life-changing decision to take care of their bodies and to stay healthy. She has voiced out her disgust for bullying and how it damages people's self-esteem. Luckily for her, she has found a great way to combat it, by taking care of her own body and shine. Today, she is the face many women look up to for a weight transformation. Aside from her work, she is often encouraging fans to take the step to change their life by standing up against bullies.

How Did She Become An Instagram Star?

Since her traumatic high school years, Amanda had become more and more in shape by the time she attended college. She attended Sarah Lawrence College to study modern dance, something she had always been passionate about. Dancing is a way to unleash your energy and to exercise your body in an expressive way, allowing you to communicate with your audience at the same time. She enjoyed dancing a lot as it keeps her active and it built up a lot of the confidence she found missing during her high school years.

Thankfully, not only did she find her passion to focus on body transformation and weight management, but she also found out how supportive and loving her mother is. With the positive results she saw on her body, her mother started helping her to steer her career towards this. Her mother made sure she did her daily workout session, was taking in enough nutrients, and began publishing photos of Amanda on social media for her transformation. Her mother's eye for detail and aesthetic sense quickly helped the then-young stay to rise to fame. Soon, a group of women looked up to her story and began following her routine. Since then, Amanda has grown a lot and is not one of the most popular and famous personal trainers the face for fitness and health in the country. As an online celebrity, Amanda is very careful with what she shares on the internet, she wants to empower others to go through a transformation as magnificent as hers. Even now, she mostly shares photos of her life while trying to shield her loved ones from unwanted attention from the media.

When Is Her Birthday? What's Her Zodiac Sign?

Born on Dec13, 1986, in Canada, Amanda is a Sagittarius and a typical one. She likes being outdoors and enjoys her freedom. The usual chain of society rules doesn't apply to her. She will not bend because other people tell her she can't. She also has a great sense of humor and is generous.

On her Instagram, she is often sharing various types of photos with her fans, embracing her body and body shapes. She moved to the US soon after and grew up in Beverly Hills. Being in a family of 7, her childhood was perfect, almost straight out of a Disney movie. Her father was rich and could afford the best for his five children. All the kids had designer clothes, expensive cars as soon as they got their license. Things took a darker turn when her parents got a divorce which she admits it haunts her to this day and she had to get therapy for it.

Amanda had shown her love for fashion and staying on top of beauty trends since a young age. She would dress up all her dolls in different styles and give them a seasonal change. Everyone around her could tell she was a talented artist.

Just like a typical idealistic Sagittarius, Amanda wanted to be a journalist to change the world until she discovered her other favorite way to make a difference, by promoting body health and wellness. She dropped out of her journalism class and began attending fitness class before she decided to fully switch her career over to be a fitness trainer.

What Brands Has She Worked With?

Amanda's Instagram really blew up when one of her clients, Michelle Game, posted a selfie with her and tagged her in it, since then, Amanda has worked with various brands and celebrities. Her most notable role is being a columnist for Poosh, the brand created by none the other, the also famed sensation, Kourtney Kardashian. She often writes about staying in shape and her eating diets for readers to take a glimpse into her perfect life and how she manages to achieve it all. Also, she is the ambassador for the Fitness and Health Supplement Company.

She works with all brands that promote wellness to women and about staying in shape and overcoming your fear. She is also very generous with her fans in sharing seductive photos. Amanda has admitted that at first, she only intended for her channel to be about fitness, but then others told her in order to make it in this industry, she had to share some sexier photos. She did, and the results were astonishing. So she began postings seductive photos frequently while advocating what she believes in. She is also a big believer in mental health and therapies, having gone through them herself when she was younger during her parents' divorce. She tries to maintain a positive image and encourage her fans to take measures beneficial to their life.

Is Amanda Lee On Other Social Media?

She is also on Facebook and YouTube sharing her tips about fitness with her fans, as well as tutorials and live streams of her workout sessions. However, none of her other channels are performing as well as her Instagram and she doesn't update her other channels as frequently. She puts her main focus on Instagram and brings the best and most up-to-date content there. So if you want to follow her, you will want to do so on Instagram for her daily updates.

Amanda has enjoyed the fame and attention she has grappled on the storytelling platform. People look up to her and make her feel all her hard work is worth it. All the times she doubted herself because she felt not good enough are now proven wrong with people who truly appreciate her qualities for who she is.

Recently, Amanda is expressing her joy to be a mother with her partner. She has shared photos of her baby bumps and how happy and excited she is to be embracing a new life and starting a new chapter. In the future, she might be switching her Instagram for more family content about raising a baby and family life.

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Amanda Elise Lee's life is truly one from a movie. From a wealthy princess who lost her material life, to a struggling teenager who found her new passion in life, Amanda has taken on challenges and come back stronger. Social media sometimes impacts her negatively but she has shown fans what a strong person she is and will continue to stay as one. If you are looking for new inspiration for your daily workout routine, this fitness superstar might just be who you are looking for!