Violetta Komyshan: Instagram, Hot Images & Facts About Ansel Elgort's Girlfriend

Violetta Komyshan is the high school girlfriend of Ansel Elgort, the leading man in The Fault In Our Stars. Learn more about this mystery woman here.

By Tanaya Nath
Violetta Komyshan: Instagram, Hot Images & Facts About Ansel Elgort's Girlfriend

Violetta Komyshan: Instagram, Hot Images & Facts About Ansel Elgort's Girlfriend

The Fault In Our Stars and Baby Driver star Angel Elgort broke many hearts when he announced his relationship status is taken. He has been seeing his high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan for over four years now and they look perfectly comfortable and super steady. Let’s get to know a little about Ansel Elgort's lady love herself.

Violetta Komyshan On Instagram

With over 731000 followers on Instagram, one can easily deduce that the ballet dancer Violetta Komyshan is immensely popular. Following in Ansel’s footsteps, she's using a one name handle for her account: @violetta. You can view her Instagram images here: Her Twitter handle is @violettak and her Snapchat username is @snapvioletta.

Facts To Know About Violetta Komyshan

In her teens, Violetta Komyshan rose to fame as the girlfriend of heartthrob Ansel Elgort. She is currently 21, born in New York in the year 1996 and grew up in Brooklyn. Komyshan attended high school in Manhattan. She is an American dancer, while her family is from Ukraine. Her father is said to be Russian while her mother hails from Ukraine. She has an elder sister, Suzanna. She met Ansel Elgort while in Fiorello H. LaGuardia high school in New York. It is a school of performing arts where Elgort majored in acting while Komyshan majored in dancing. They fell in love with each other in 2012. They broke up briefly for five months in 2014 and then got back together. They have been going steady ever since they got back after the break up. Violetta Komyshan is a dancer, a ballerina to be precise and has trained at the American Ballet Theatre. As already mentioned, she majored in dance in high school. Later she joined the New York-based dance company named Ballet Next. After graduating from LaGuardia Performing Arts high school, she did her summer internship with ballet companies all over the United States. Her most memorable internship was the one at the American Academy of Dance in Paris and The Paris Opera Ballet. She even had the chance to train with Violette Verdy, one of her idols. Ansel Elgort has proudly declared that he loves the fact that Violetta is a dancer. In an interview in 2015, Elfort told Elle he loves a girl when she refuses to hang out because she has a class to attend. And when he picks her up, she is sweaty, wearing a leotard and hair in a messy bun. He finds it hot. Well, that sounds just like Violetta Komyshan. When they were in high school, both of them starred in an immensely cute video of them dancing and modeling shot by the designer Amanda Uprichard. Komyshan has also starred in Elgort’s music video for Thief. Violetta Komyshan loves fitness. She created a 20 minute workout routine for toned butt inspired by ballet. It’s easy to follow. The video also makes it evident that she is a good teacher. Violetta loves sweets. Her most recent and favorite birthday gift from Ansel was a big bowl of candies. She has traveled with him all over the world including Thailand, Turks & Caicos, Italy and many more places. Ansel Elgort has become a breakout star and he is enjoying the limelight. However, Violetta Komyshan is more comfortable when she is away from all that attention.

Ansel Elgort And His GirlFriend Violetta Komyshan

We have already talked a lot about Violetta Komyshan and how it's so adorable that she's still with Ansel Elgort, her high school sweetheart. Despite a brief break up, they are now back together. Even though they both love each other deeply, they are extremely private about their relationship. Komyshan and Elgort haven’t walked major red carpets together. Ansel hasn't gushed about her in his interviews. It wasn’t after early 2015, after their reunion that they started making their romance more public. Even during their brief break up, Ansel was pining for her. His dedication and loyalty to Violetta Komyshan and the fact that he is going steady with his childhood sweetheart has made his female fan following stronger. It has also made them swoon for him a lot more. Ansel’s idea of paradise is sitting on the couch, producing and playing Grand Theft Auto, and it also happens that Violetta also enjoys doing that with him. Talk about a perfect pair!

Some Hot Images Of Violetta Komyshan From Her Instagram

Violetta’s Instagram is full of hot pictures. Her profile image is the hottest one by far. Along with that, Ansel Elgort’s comments on her images are cute enough to make you melt.

We threw a music party and I dressed up as Cher ✨

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Komyshan threw a party at her house and dressed up as Cher. Needless to say she is hot and looks sexy.

Keep going, the discoveries are miraculous 🦋

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Nothing is more beautiful than a girl who knows what is she doing. She holds that ballet pose so well, she looks hot even when not trying to. It's easy to see why she is Ansel Elgort’s treasure.


A post shared by VIOLETTA KOMYSHAN (@violetta) on

Just relaxing in the evening, looking at the surroundings, Violetta Komyshan looks incredibly hot while being stunning casual as well.


A post shared by VIOLETTA KOMYSHAN (@violetta) on

Look at Violetta Komyshan and Ansel Elgort having fun together! She looks wonderful in her swimsuit, and her exuberant smile makes her look even hotter.

This picture was taken in Japan, Kyoto. “Even though we were getting eaten by mosquitoes, we still shared this lovely moment,” Violetta says about this image. Every man’s dream is to have a woman who could look at him like Violetta Komyshan looks at Ansel Elgort in this picture. Total relationship goals!

They also make wine here ✨🍷🤗

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This is a picture from Ravello, Italy. Violetta Komyshan looks happy and very lovely. The short summer dress is flaunting her ballerina legs. She is undoubtedly hot.

Oldie but goodie ✨

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She is hot and sexy. Anyone can tell that just by looking at her pictures on Instagram. Komyshan holds herself gracefully and she knows she looks stunning.


A post shared by VIOLETTA KOMYSHAN (@violetta) on

Not everyone can look so stunningly hot in a simple white spaghetti dress with wet hair going wild. Well, Violetta Komyshan does look super hot and sexy even in a simple dress. This picture was taken in Capri, Italy, probably by her boyfriend Ansel Elgort.

Ballet on Bowery 💋

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Violetta Komyshan in a cute and flirty dress, executing a ballet pose in Bowery. She is red hot!

Playing with the camera ✨

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Playing with the camera, Komyshan looks stunning in a simple off shoulder dress. Her face is the epitome of grace and sublimity. Violetta exudes sensuality even when she is not trying to.

Some More Pictures From All Over Instagram

Violetta Komyshan is rocking Instagram and people are going gaga over her. Ansel Elgort was already a heartthrob and now his girlfriend is following suit. Here are some pictures of Komyshan from her fans on Instagram.

This is a collage of her hottest ballet themed pictures. In each of them, her natural poise adds to her sensuality. She is amazing, without a doubt.

This picture was posted by Ansel Elgort himself. They both look blissfully happy together. This picture shows the comfort and the bond they share. Nothing could be any more beautiful than the love between Elgort and Komyshan.

This is yet an another happy picture of Violetta and Ansel. She looks amazingly hot in her bikini. Love is so apparent on both their faces.

This is yet another blissfully happy image of the cutest couple. Elgort and Komyshan look perfectly content together. When love is true it shows.

Cuties 💓 #violettakomyshan #anselelgort

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They not only look cute but also glamorous together. Ansel in a teal suit and Violetta in a simple white dress make a total power couple. This is how a perfectly happy couple looks.

Taken in Karbi, Thailand, it is a freaking cute picture of a couple who is totally in love with each other. This image shows they love each other’s company immensely. Couples must enjoy at least one holiday together like Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan did.

Violetta looks hot in this tiny red bikini. This image was posted by Ansel on Instagram. They can be seen enjoying each other’s company a lot. This image says a lot about how comfortable they are together.

This one is an extremely adorable image of the couple. Violetta is looking extremely hot in Ansel’s arms while Ansel looks macho holding her up. They sure do look iconic and could be the most romantic couple in Hollywood.

Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan sure rocked this picture. They both look quite hot in white. Komyshan’s stunning smile makes her look all the more gorgeous.

Another happy image of Elgort and Komyshan enjoying the beach. It is a hot picture of them both, looking very much in love.

A Few Videos

As charming as her pictures are, Violetta’s videos are also breathtaking. Posted below are some of her videos. Enjoy!

This is Ansel Elgort’s music video for the song Thief. Ansel is seen showing off a few awesome dance moves while Violetta simply takes our breath away. She is stunning with Ansel.

This is the butt edition of Violetta Komyshan’s ballet based workout. She is a good teacher and the video is easy to follow. You can now benefit from this talented dancer!

This is the video Spring ‘13 made by Amanda Uprichard. You can see Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan busting out a few moves. They both look stunning together.

This is the video of their impromptu Valentine’s Day vacation in February. Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan will definitely make you believe in love again.

There is a lot more to see of Violetta and Ansel around the web. There are Komyshan's ballet videos, videos of the couple on holiday, talking to media. And then there are videos of a happy Violetta jumping on a bed, attending fashion shows and award ceremonies with Ansel. Every time you look at her you will be stunned by her innocent face, her beauty, and her grace. And every time you look at them both together as a couple, you will start believing in love, in soulmates, in loyalty, and in destiny. They can make you fall in love again, and fall in love with them. They will make you believe in reconciliation after a break up. Their passion will make you swoon. So, follow them at your own risk.