You Smell Different: 8 Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman

Pay attention to the clothes; he had a necktie this morning

By Diana Nadim
You Smell Different: 8 Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman

Why Do Some Men Sleep With Other Woman?

Why do men cheat? Studies have shown that the rate at which men cheat is more than women. Men who cheat try to justify their actions and can be super creative while covering for their mistakes.

But, why would a guy continue cheating even after being caught? As much as they try to justify their actions, men cheat due to various reasons. However, regardless of the reason, cheating is a choice.

Anyway, let's analyze some of the major factors that may drive a man to a secondary relationship.

1. Irresponsibility

Is your guy mature enough for a serious relationship? Regardless of one's age, some men don't have experience in handling a serious relationship. You may be surprised to find a man who doesn't care if he's hurting his partner or not - someone who's after his satisfaction.

2. When they want to end a relationship

This factor may fall into two categories. Firstly, a man may want to end a relationship due to unhappiness or lack of interest. He may opt to cheat so that the partner finds out and then leaves. Secondly, he may not be interested in his current relationship, but he's not ready to quit before the other is firm. So, he sticks while still cheating.

3. Vengeance and anger

He may be angry with his lover, and he wants to take revenge and hurt her. This type of cheating isn't meant to be a secret. He will not care or even bother to explain things: his mission, revenge.

Is It Possible For Other People To Know That A Man Slept With Another Woman?

Other people might know your partner is cheating before you get a glimpse of it.  Most cheaters hide from their spouses more than they do from their colleagues. However, some still have some sanity left; they keep their affair completely discreet.

8 Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman

Do you feel he's changed a lot lately? Have you lost connection in your relationship? If you have those feelings, he's likely cheating on you.  But those are just assumptions. Girl, look for concrete evidence because you won't know the truth by confronting him.

So, check the following signs:

1. He has a different smell

Research shows that this is one of the major reasons why cheaters get caught. It's obvious you know the smell of your partner's perfume or the detergent.  So, it will be a sure bet; if he comes home smelling different, he's been with another woman. He may also come home smelling fresh; where did he take a shower?

2. He appears happy

If you both have something to celebrate, it is okay. However, if he was in his normal mode, then he receives a call or text, and all of a sudden he becomes happy, and you wonder, "what's so funny" If you enquire and he says nothing, he’s seeing someone else.

3. He's no longer interested in sex

Ladies are keen, and they can't miss the details of their partner's sexuality. They know how their men behave when sick or depressed. So, while making love, and you notice him taking too long than usual. It seems he is sexually satisfied and has no more energy left for you.

Please note, he may also be having a sexual dysfunction. So, before concluding, talk to him and, if unwell, seek medical care.  If the dude is okay and not into sex, he has had enough from his other woman.

4. He's always on his phone

Did he put in a new phone password lately? Is he stepping out to answer his calls? That's a red flag he's seeing someone else. You may also notice he keeps his phone downwards to hide popping texts, or he carries his phone everywhere, even in the bathroom.

5. He has grown sudden interest in his appearances

Previously, he wasn't the type to care about his looks: he would grab anything at his disposal. Suddenly, he's all over shopping and bringing home jeans that other stuff which didn't interest him before. What if he gets a different haircut? Is he spending more time in front of a mirror? He's changed because there is a new girl in his life.

6. Getting defensive

Many ladies tend to ignore this sign while in such situations, but this sign has existed for ages. If you suspect your man is cheating and questions him, his first reaction will tell it all. If he starts blaming you for snooping, gets angry and defensive, it's evident he's seeing another woman, and he's feeling guilty.

7. Constant talking about their “friend"

Who's he deceiving now?  "She is just a friend," but every now and then, she is the center of his conversation. "Jane said this and that..."  No matter how hard he convinces you, new relationships come with a kind of excitement. Therefore, it's evident he's too much in his new girl to an extent he can't control his talks.

8. He makes excuses to come home late

He is full of excuses. A cheater will always look for excuses to get time for his new catch. He's never been late, and if he does, he had a genuine reason. Nowadays, he doesn't have convincing reasons why he didn't show up the entire night or when he shows up past midnight.

How Do You Make A Relationship Flourish?

Couples make the mistake of entering a relationship with high expectations which they don't want to be part of. A relationship is not a romance movie! It requires a lot of effort and dedication.

Your partner is human and is bound to make mistakes regardless of how great they are. So, how do you keep your relationship in check? 

• Avoid high expectations from your partner

See your partner for who they are. Don't expect to get what you want. If you understand your partner's behaviors and personality, you will have a happy relationship.

• Learn from each other

Humans are bound to make mistakes. Keep calm when your partner corrects you. Avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. They can forgive you the first time, but if you make it a habit, they will feel upset, hence affecting your relationship.

• Communicate promptly

Always work on having open and honest communication. It is better to inform your partner of what you want or maybe you are going through, instead of finding out on their own. Honesty is a virtue that can take your relationship far.

• Invest in your relationship

The relationship isn't one-sided. Every person must add something to strengthen the union. If you want to love and affection, reciprocate too. Respect is earned; you don't expect your partner to give his all while you are just relaxed. Small gestures can work wonders. Surprise your partner, take them on an unexpected date.

• Engage in healthy arguments

No one is perfect, and as long as you live together, disagreements will always be there. What do you do while in such a scenario? Firstly, if you've wronged your partner, apologies, own your mistake, and let them pour out their anger. After cooling down, explain things.

How Do I Warn Another Girl If I Suspect Her Man Slept With Another Woman?

It's quite a difficult task, but it's not a wrong decision after all. Some people are of the contrary opinion, but until one is cheated on and feel the hurt, they will never be bothered. Is it better to let her know?  Well, first, you must be 100% sure that they are cheating. No guesswork. Secondly, you must be prepared for any outcome as some girls may even deny it and join forces with the cheating spouse to attack you.

In some scenarios, reporting cheaters may put your life in danger; thus, you should anonymously warn their girlfriend. On top of that, if the cheater knows you, they might tag you as a betrayer. Some of the ways you can anonymously alert someone are: Sending them a mail via disposable mail to avoid disclosing your details. You can use burner services to call her and break the news. However, be polite and precise.

Additionally, you can also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All you need is a dummy account and make it look real. Lastly, you can send her a mail but ensure it is printed to avoid the cheater's chance of tracing you through your handwriting.

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Being in love is the best feeling, but the thought of being cheated on can be very devastating. So, if you suspect your partner, ask them directly and let them know you are suspicious. If you can’t confront them, you can check the above signs and ascertain whether he's cheating on you.

Being cheated on hurts. If you catch your partner red-handed, you can forgive them, divorce them, or separate from them. It would be best if you had some peace of mind after all.