Steps On How To Seduce And Arouse Your Husband

Read On If It Takes More To Excite Your Husband to Come To Bed

By Aey
Steps On How To Seduce And Arouse Your Husband

How To Show You’re Interested In Having Sex

Despite what romantic movies tell you; sexual compatibility is not something that is built overnight. Partners may have different sex drives, and to tell your partner you’re interested in having sex, requires communication and energy, so, get comfortable with yourself and learn how to tell your partner that you’re interested in having sex through the following ways:

1. Be Straightforward

If you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, there is honestly nothing wrong with just simply letting your partner know that you’re interested in having intercourse. In case you’re doing it after a long time or even for the first time, you can bring it up in private and talk about it. It is essential to have open communication but remember to be honest and respectful.

2. Make Sexual Advances

To show that you’re interested in having sex, you need to make some sexual advances! Sex usually just kind of “happens”, hold his hands, kiss him, and you will know whether your partner is interested in the way they respond. Tell your partner that you brought some sexy lingerie for him.

3. Try Sexting

In case your partner is away, try sexting! Ask him questions to turn him on; it will let your partner know that you want him.

How To Initiate Intimate Moments

Start the conversation with your partner by telling him that you have been thinking about everything and you’re open to doing the deed with him. Remember that communication is not only verbal, non-verbal communication is also often more powerful than verbal communication. These are some of the things that you can do to initiate intimate moments:

1. Dress sexier

When you’re both alone, show a little cleavage with a daring blouse, some thighs with a mini skirt, many guys are also into knee-high socks strapped into a pair of stilettos; or just put on the sexiest lingerie you own. Also, if you have been together for a while, you most likely know what he likes to see you wearing (or not wearing).

2. Set the tone

To set the mood, make sure you set up some candles, play a little music (I suggest The Weeknd!), a light dinner (since a decadent dinner can make him sleepy). He will most probably get the hint and will be thrilled to play along.

3. Teasing

Teasing is the way to go; touch him, and leave him. Be playful, don’t just hold his hand, stroke his hair, and brush yourself against him; it works! Make sure you establish eye contact with him.

4. Talk about sex

From what I’ve seen, guys are terrible at getting subtle hints, but if you talk about sex to him, he will likely know what you’re thinking about. Look at him in the eye, and tell him that you want to do things to him. It will work faster if your hand is near his thigh, though.

What Are Some Sexy Compliments To Give Your Husband?

I feel like this isn’t talked about enough, but men love compliments just as much as women do. It would be best if you praise your partner’s physical appearance too while complimenting him. While men might not go through the same body-shaming as an average woman in society; but men do get insecure also. Regardless of gender, every person likes hearing a few words of praise from their partner; whether it is about their eyes, their hands, arms, or private parts.

Here are some sexy compliments that you can give your husband:

  • You are so sexy.
  • I love being in your sexy arms.
  • I feel the safest when I am with you.
  • I can’t get you off my mind.
  • Your voice just gets me every time.
  • It is so difficult to take my eyes off you.
  • I love how gentle you are with me.
  • You know how to turn me on.
  • I could kiss your lips forever.
  • I want you to be in your arms forever.
  • I have never been so turned on before.
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • You make me go crazy in bed.

What Are Clothes To Wear To Tease?

Wear something that compliments your body and boosts your self-confidence. Surprise your partner by dressing up for no reason, this will seduce him, and he would go just gaga for you! Before hitting the shopping mall, look at our list of some clothing you can wear to tempt and tease your husband:

Little black dress

A little black dress will never get old! Wear a short dress that shows off your assets and fits you well, maybe with a deep neck that reveals your cleavage.


If there is one thing that Gossip Girl has taught us, it is that stockings are sexy! Wear some sexy lingerie with some high heels and stockings to complete the whole picture.


There are so many types of lingerie! Here are some of our favorite types of lingerie:

  1. Fur lingerie
  2. Satin lingerie
  3. Lingerie in bold colors
  4. Lace lingerie

Sheer clothing

Show off your body by wearing some see-through and transparent clothing with some sexy innerwear to attract your man; and if you’re feeling bold, go braless! Pretty sure your partner won’t be able to take your eyes off you.

How To Look More Seductive

Looking seductive doesn’t necessarily mean dressing sexier, it also includes the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you act, the way you interact with others and feel about yourself. Don’t worry though; you can easily look more seductive by following some of our tips!

1. Make eye contact

There is nothing sexier than eye contact! Look at the person you are talking to right in the eyes while talking to them. It will not only make you look seductive, but it will also show that you are confident and scared of nothing.

2. Fix your posture

Slouching is not sexy at all! Try and stand straight and bring your chest out, keep your head up high.

3. Take care of personal hygiene

Trust me when I say this; a person cannot be deemed as attractive or seductive unless they maintain regular personal hygiene. Remember to shower almost daily, don’t go out with greasy hair, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, floss, cut and clean your nails, and use deodorant.

4. Be physical

To be more seductive, engage with people by being physical, e.g. touching someone’s arm while laughing. Make sure that the person is okay with it first though; consent is essential.

5. Smile

Simple but effective! The resting bitch face most of us have on can be very intimidating; smiling makes you look more desirable.

6. Be polite

No one likes an arrogant and rude person. To be more seductive, make sure that you are polite with people and treat them well. Be nice in general, and practice saying please and thank you.

7. Wear bold colors

Bold colors show that you’re passionate and seductive. When in doubt, wear something black or red.

8. Wear high heels

Heels have the power to make your legs look sexier, which changes the way you walk and stand; it will make you look sexier, especially when paired with a nice outfit.

9. Do something new

Change your appearance a little bit and take risks! Get a new haircut or dye your hair, wear something that you would not usually wear; it can make you look more seductive and shows that you can take risks.

10. Stay classy

You don’t have to show off your whole body to make yourself look seductive! The subtle you are, the sexier it is.  

11. Be confident

Confidence is one of the most highly rated factors when it comes to attraction. Be yourself and know what you want, set your boundaries and standards. Know that you are lovable and worthy and deserve to be treated nicely.

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You may have the idea, but this is how to get it (and him) right


To show your partner that you are sexually interested in him, communicate with him well, and drop some subtle hints. To further initiate intimate moments, dress sexier, dirty talk, set the tone with candles, and give him some sexy compliments to boost his confidence up!