Spell a Disaster: Ignoring a Scorpio Man Back

This is probably one of the last things to do to a Scorpio man

By Aey
Spell a Disaster: Ignoring a Scorpio Man Back

Why Does A Scorpio Man Ignore Me?

You need to know firstly that’s he’s probably not ignoring you! Scorpios tend to be mysterious, so there’s a big chance that you are misinterpreting the situation. It is also important to remember that Scorpio’s are extremely honest, so they’ll likely talk to you about a disagreement or issue on their mind.

But if something serious has arisen, it may be time for you to step back and give them some time and space to sort things out in their mind. This certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk to you or that you should give up on them, but that you need to be a bit more forgiving and patient. Scorpios are also known to be very analytical so just wait and be kind until it makes sense to them and they come running back to you.

What If I Ignore Him Back?

See, this is one cardinal sin you must avoid when in a relationship with a Scorpio. Ignoring a Scorpio man will backfire because they are very loyal, so this sudden silent treatment will not be appreciated. Also, being highly analytical is a major Scorpio trait, so he’ll be pretty confused and frustrated about not being able to figure you out. 

Plus, you can’t overlook the fact that Scorpios have a strong rebellious nature, so he’s prone to using all your games against you. So, the only thing you can do to break out of this ignoring ‘cycle’ is to ensure proper communication. You probably don’t even realize it, but so many disagreements arise over misunderstandings. Eliminate that, and you’re pretty much good to go.

How Does A Scorpio Man Handle Rejection?

This water sign is secretly very emotional.

1. Act Indifferent

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Scorpio men tend to dissociate when faced with rejection. They aren’t good at expressing emotions, so they detach themselves. He believes he held the reigns in the relationship, so when you announced something he wasn’t expecting, he disconnects his feelings and thought process.

They don’t come to terms with what has happened, because Scorpios are proud personalities and this hurts their ego. So, initially, you’ll notice a complete disregard of himself and even denial.

2. Bottles up the pain

Instead of processing his feelings and hurt, he’ll bottle it up. He hates feeling out of control, so he’ll bottle up the pain and pretend it doesn’t exist, while it is secretly clawing away at him. This will later take a toll on his emotional health.

Instead of talking it out, he’ll continue pushing it back. You wouldn’t see him extremely sad; he doesn’t like being weak. He wouldn’t want himself to be shown as ‘less’, especially when he is already hurt emotionally.

3. Channels that pain into anger

His pent-up feelings manifest themselves in escapist behavior, and while most people would lash out, or be extremely angry, Scorpios aren’t known for that. His feelings of anger are more calculated and thought out. He would channel all that unresolved pain and hurt into anger, and his feelings towards you could be of rage and resentment.

Since he has had a hard time processing his pain, it gets convulsed with those of temper. As a water sign, he is an emotional being, he just doesn’t process it very well.

4. Holds a grudge

Along with temper, Scorpio men are known for their stubbornness and emotional immatureness. He is resentful and these feelings can show themselves in various ways. For example, he might cut contact with you. Since this rejection hurt his ego, he wants to feel good about himself and rebuild his damaged ego. He’ll remember, even exaggerate the poor aspects of your relationship since his perspective is distorted. He’ll remember it for long until he finally decides to let it be.

He’s still bitter and feels resented so he’ll avoid you. He isn’t the ‘forgive and forget’ kind of person.

Does Ignoring A Scorpio Man Work To Get Him To Talk To Me Again?

As I said before, this is a flawed misconception, in any relationship, not only with Scorpio men. Unfortunately, the results are stronger with Scorpio men than any other sign though. You could be ignoring him to make him feel jealous and hanging out with other guys, but a Scorpio guy will never be made jealous of someone he doesn't care for. Your relationship with him will just deteriorate. If you’re maybe ignoring him in an attempt to ‘play hard to get’, that’s not going to work out very well in your favor either. Scorpios love playing games, so this is another one you won’t be able to win.

But, if you're working to get him back after a break, in that situation, there's a possibility for this to work. Re-establish contact with an ex-boyfriend, because if he feels replaced by someone else, that's going to get to him. He won't take it lightly, to be forgotten this easily, and will try to make it up to you. But the risks are high.

Is Ignoring A Scorpio Man A Good Idea At All?

Even though it differs from person to person, with Scorpio men this is generally not a good idea. Scorpio men are very passionate and loyal, so ignoring them will lead them to be muddled and upset. One of the most prominent traits of the Scorpios is also honesty, so they’re probably going to get mad or uncomfortable around you trying to ignore them. No one in a relationship wants to be confused to perplex about their partner’s actions. It’ll just lead to more misunderstandings and disagreements.

Scorpios are conservative when it comes to relationships, and tend to make serious commitments. They offer their love and devotion in their relations, but they are all-or-nothing when it comes to romance. They demand to know where they stand, and they have little or no patience for games and deception. Therefore, when in a relationship with a Scorpio man, this should probably not be your go-to move.

What Should I Do Rather Than Ignore A Scorpio Man?

Here are come classic traits, that Scorpio guys are known to love.

1. Be passionate

Scorpios are known for their intensity and that isn’t only in the department of love, it concerns every other aspect as well! You must have noticed that your Scorpio man has a few things he’s passionate about. Just like him, talk passionately about anything that piques your interest - ranging from politics, fashion, media, etc. They’re hoping to see some of this fiery passion reflected into the eyes of their lover. They want to be with someone just as intense and someone who can reciprocate this flare inside them.

With Scorpios you often don’t even need a common denominator, you guys can bond over a passion for whatever separate things you both are into. He just wants to recognize the same level of depth and magnanimity in his girl, no matter what she’s into.

2. Be mysterious but not purposefully secretive

That means not be hiding something specifically, but just acting naturally suspenseful. You should tell your secrets to the lucky Scorpio guy because while they like general mysteriousness, they also like you when you’re vulnerable. After all, it makes them feel trusted and strong. While this might sound scary, opening up and talking about your deepest darkest secrets is simply a must in any relationship. As a consequence, he would feel closer to you and impelled to defend you.

3. Be reliable and committed

It's going to take time – he doesn't give up his emotions easily. You'll probably notice that a few early efforts to get your Scorpio guy to open up are going nowhere. Don't be disappointed when that happens, because that just means he's going to figure out if you truly deserve his confidence. Without trust, dedication, and the promise of a long-term friendship, he's never truly happy. A Scorpio man relishes the idea of finding a life partner that will stand by him in all without a doubt and with utter encouragement. He needs someone to trust and believe in.

4. Don’t try and control him

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Scorpio guy can't hang on to the idea of being under someone's thumb, under their influence, or unable to plan his course. You don't need to think about him going astray—Scorpios are ferociously faithful, and his staying with you is one of the best ways to know if a Scorpio man likes you. If you can be there when you are needed by a Scorpio man, encourage him to feel like his opinions about what to do and where to go matter, and allow him to spend his free time in his head, you have him for life.

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There is no set way to date a guy or an article out there that describes people exactly. Sometimes you’ve got to let the guide go, and experience it for yourself. Usually, if a Scorpio is ignoring you, it’s all just a misunderstanding, possibly a wrong interpretation. For you to start ignoring a Scorpio male is usually not the best idea, as they are prone to using your games against you, or dropping the relationship altogether due to frustration. If you want to get a Scorpio guy to stop ignoring you and like you, being passionate, committed and non-controlling is the best thing you can do. 😊