Couple's Guide: 60 Romantic Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List

Creating a couples bucket list with your significant other is a fun thing to do. Completing each task on your bucket list will be even more fun!

By gail rener
Couple's Guide: 60 Romantic Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Cook something together

Cooking is a fun activity to do together -- you will be spending a lot of time together getting to know each other plus you will have a dinner that the two of you created together. So, invite your family over for a dinner they will never forget.

2. Go on a journey together

Road trips are fun; you can do sing along together. The two of you will have fun taking in the sites and meeting new people at the rest stops. Plus you should take pictures and make memories that will last forever.

3. Add going fishing to your bucket list

Fishing is a fun activity the two of you can do together. Fishing is very relaxing and it’s a great way to have some alone time with your man/woman. Give fishing a try; you will be happy the two of you did and you never know; you may want to keep it up.

4. In the Summer time go to the beach

In the middle of the summer take a trip to the beach. There is always something fun to do and of course, the two of you can spend quality time together. You will be soaking in the sun and getting a tan. Just give yourself a nice relaxing time at the beach.

5. Add hiking to your bucket list

Hiking can be a fun activity to do if you are not afraid of heights. Just be careful and have a lot of fun because this will be a great adventure for the two of you. And if there are other people there it will be even more fun for the two of you.

6. In the summer go on a picnic together

As for lovers going on a picnic, this is fun because you are able to be outside and eating outside too. This a very good idea to add to your bucket list; you will have nothing but fun. Especially when it is warm out.

7. Add camping together on your bucket list

If you love to be outside at night and love the woods, then this is the perfect item for your bucket list. Just bring your bugspray, a tent, your sleeping bag and snacks. It can be a very fun thing to do with your girl/boyfriend. So, if this is something you want to try then just go for it.

8. Go on a shopping trip

Shopping sprees are a good way to spend some time together. Retail therapy is always fun, especially when you are spending someone else's money,(especially when it is your lover's money).

9. Fall in love together

Love is a beautiful thing. There will be feelings you have never felt before. Give it a try and see how much you will love being in love! Becoming lovers is always wonderful, so fall in love together and be the best lovers you two can be for each other.

10. Become a pet mommy and daddy together

Raising a pet can be a great learning experience. Raising a pet can help prepare you if the two of you decide to have a baby. So, add this idea to your bucket list. With this idea you can be more than just lovers: you can be parents as well.

11. Go mountain climbing with couples

Mountain climbing can be fun if you are into athletic activities. Just give it a try and in the end you will have a great adventure story to tell your future children. Mountain climbing with other couples can also be a great bonding experience.

12. In the summer get a snow cone together

This is good when it is hot during the summer time. It will cool the two of you down. There’s nothing like having a nice cold snow cone on a very hot summer afternoon. And it will be refreshing and delicious for you as well.

13. Add kissing under the mistletoe to your bucket list

Christmas is a great holiday for couples especially when they are both under the mistletoe. What a great tradition the both of you can start together! Kissing will lead to love and then you two will become lovers so go for it. You will be happy you did.

14. Go horseback riding

Riding horses is fun. The two of you can ride your horses side by side into the sunset. You may want to keep this idea going. Horse back riding is so romantic you will certainly become lovers after this and you will be a very happy couple.

15. Go bike riding with couples

Bike riding is always an adventure. It is also a great way to exercise. Plus, the two of you will be spending a lot of time together. Give it a try and your heart will be happy you did. Bike riding is also fun when you are with other couples. Give it a try and you will certainly like it.

16. Have a couples movie night

This is a lovely way to end your day. You can snuggle up together with a bowl of popcorn and watch movies until your heart is content. There is nothing more fun than watching a good movie when you are have company over to entertain.

17. Go deep sea diving with other couples

Diving under the water as a couple will be such an adventure. You are able to see different types of fish, including some you may never have seen before. This too will be a great adventure to tell your future kids about. Being with other couples will make it more fun and adventurous too.

18. Ride a motorbike together

Riding a motorbike will give the two of you the chance to let your hair blow in the wind. Plus riding a bike and holding tight to the man/woman you are with is exciting and very romantic. So you should add this to your bucket list immediately

19. Have fun at an amusement park

Amusement parks are always fun because you can play games together and get on rides together. And when you are riding a scary ride you can cuddle together for courage.

20. Go swimming with the dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins is a very exotic thing to do. You will love it so add it to your bucket list. Dolphins are someof the most friendly and beautiful animals so take lots of pictures, so you will always have the memories.

21. Run a marathon

Running by itself is wonderful exercise, so when you are doing this with the love of your life and, perhaps for a good cause as well, then it will be a win, win win! so add this to your couples bucket list. You will be glad you did and so will your heart.

22. Go to a car race together

Car racing is exciting so when you go to the race track you can spend some quality time with your man/woman and enjoy. It is fun watching the cars race and betting on who will win, so add this to your list.

23. Go to a musical

Musicals are fantastic so get ready to enjoy some music together. The two of you can do some sing along songs together. And you will be able to choose a song that you both like and decide to can make it your song. So, add this to your bucket list for sure.

24. Make a video together (rated G)

Creating a video is a memorable thing to do. You will capture your memories and watch them for years to come.

25. Do a puzzle together

Doing a puzzle is a time-consuming project especially if it is a large puzzle so it will give you plenty of time to get to know each other and it will be something the two of you did together.

26. Do a word find together

Word finds are good for passing time so cuddle up and happy hunting.

27. Jump out of an airplane together

It may sound crazy but jumping out of an airplane is fun if you take the proper precautions. What an amazing adventure! You should video tape your experience so the two of you can have a souvenir and you can share it with your future children.

28. Get drunk together

Drinking is a way you can have some fun and relax. Just make sure that you do not drive while you are intoxicated. Drinking and driving can land you in jail so drink wisely and stay away from your vehicle.

29. Take a bubble bath together

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bubble bath. When you add your man/woman with you two is never a crowd and you can be relax and enjoy each other.

30. Go camping

If the two of you love the outdoors and the woods, then this is the perfect get away for you, so pack up your sleeping bag and tent.

31. Write a letter to each other

Love letters are fun to read and very romantic so sit down, dim the lights, pour a glass of wine, turn on your slow jams and write your heart out. Just let your man/woman know how much you truly feel about them. I am sure you will enjoy reading how much your true love really loves you. And they will enjoy reading how much you love them.

32. Go bungee jumping

This can end up being a dangerous thing to do as well so make sure you are careful, and you and your man/woman will have a good time. You can be sure you will never forget this bucket list activity.

33. Write a poem together

One of the best sources of poetry comes from romance so writing a poem together is extra romantic. You can express your true feelings and he/she can express their true feelings to you as well.

34. Write a song together

Song writing can be very romantic for a couple too. This will be a good idea to add to your bucket list. It will require the two of you to dig deep into your hearts to come up with words that explain your true feelings and to put them in words that makes sense.

35. Fulfill each other's fantasies

There is nothing more romantic than to fulfill your girl/boyfriend's fantasies. By doing this you are showing them that you truly love them and that their fantasy means a lot to you. So, you should add this to your bucket list. It is a must-do-- especially if you truly love them.

36. Go to a carnival together

Carnivals are a blast! You can play a lot of games and win all sorts of stuffed animals, big and small. Save every animal he wins for you so if the two of you end up married you will have some toys to pass on to your future children.

37. Dress alike

Dressing alike speaks volumes to the outside world. It shows that as a couple the two of you are united. It also shows that you are together, and you want everybody to take notice. Lastly it gives a statement that is easy to understand, and everyone will see it when they see you two together.

38. Make gingerbread men together

Making gingerbread men can be lots of fun especially if you decide to make a gingerbread house too. This will give you two quality time together so give it a try. I’m sure you will be glad you added it to your bucket list.

39. Go get your toes done together

Getting a pedicure together can be a fun and sensual experience. Give it a try -- you may like it.

40. Watch the stars together

Watching the stars together can be a romantic thing and if the two of you see a shooting star you could make a wish together and you never know; it may come true. Just add it to your bucket list and see what happens.

41. Take a class together

If there is something you want to learn about, talk it over with your girl/boyfriend. They may be happy to learn something with you so add it to your bucket list

42. Get your palms read together

Getting your palm read is a fun thing to do. A lot of people believe in getting their palms read, but even if you do not believe in it, going to a fortune teller can still be a lot of fun.

43. Go kayaking

Kayaking is a fun exercise to do together. Being out in the water can be liberating and being with the one you love will make it all the better. So, give it a try and you will definitely enjoy it.

44. Create your own dish from scratch

Creating a recipe from scratch can be a delicious thing to do,so add it to your bucket list and enjoy making your new dish that hopefully everybody will like.

45. Hold hands while bike riding

Holding hands while you are riding is a romantic thing to do together. So, give it a try; you will certainly like it.

46. Play video games together

Playing video games are always fun no matter who is playing. So, add it to your list and go have some fun.

47. Do a craft together

Doing crafts can be fun depending on what you are making. You and your girl/boyfriend should make something together. Creating something new together will be your little pet project.

48. Volunteer together

Doing volunteer work out in the community can help out a lot of people. Just find an organization that is looking for help and volunteer your services. This is an excellent way to spend time together and you will be helping those in need at the same time. Your relationship will be blessed by doing this.

49. Enter a dance competition

If you love dancing, then this is right up your alley. Plus, while the two of you are dancing you will also be exercising. You cannot lose with this one so add it to your couples bucket list and you will be glad you did.

50. Fly kites together

Although flying kites are for children there are a lot of adults who like too. So, add flying a kite to your couples bucket list.

51. Move in together

The BIG move: this is a big step in any relationship so make sure this is something you both want to do. And if you both agree without any hesitations then go for it.

52. Go to the zoo

Going to the zoo and visiting the animals is always fun. Add visiting the zoo to your couples bucket list. This will be a romantic walk as you hold hands and read about the different animals which will be very interesting.

53. Go on a train ride

Train rides are always a romantic adventure so give it a try and you will see for yourself.

54. Walk around the park

Walking around the park will be a good way to exercise. You will be with your love and you will be helping your body to stay fit.

55. Have a water fight

This is a fun way to get revenge, especially when they did something that made you angry. Get them soaking wet! That will teach them a lesson so definitely add this to your couples bucket list and you will be very happy that you did.

56. Get engaged

This will be a big step in your life, so be very careful and make sure this is something you both want to do. This decision can only be made by the two of you so make your choice wisely.

57. Get married

This is the biggest decision you will ever make in your life so be sure you want to do this without any doubts. This is where we hope all relationships end up. So, add this ultimate activity to your couples bucket list.

58. Have a baby together

This is a very big step and you will be responsible for another life so if you are to choose this idea make sure the two of you are married and are able to raise a child together.

59. Go surfing

Surfing is a fun thing to do. So, if the two of you love the water then this is something you should add to your couples bucket list. Have fun and enjoy hanging ten.

60. Ride in a hot air balloon

This idea is only good if you are not afraid of heights. However, if you are then maybe the two of you can work on conquering your fear together. This is a very good way for you to see how high you can go before you are afraid and how much you trust your partner.


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