How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology

Use psychology to make someone fall in love with you. These are the mind games you can use on someone to make them quickly fall in love irreversibly.

By Mausam Bharati
How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology

When you make someone fall in love with you

The mesmerizing feeling of love is beyond the explanation of words. It is the enigmatic feeling of attraction and addiction where you find the person you love passionately addictive. Love is inexplicable because you probably never notice when have you fallen into it. Life is incomplete without love. The racing of heart, flipping of stomach, dilated pupils, indecipherable attraction. This is love ​when you have no control over your emotions for that person, and when you can't get enough of him or her. There is no feeling above the electrifying incredibility of love. The mere sight of your lover is breathtaking and lands you in a mythical landscape of fantasy. Love transcends boundaries, defies orders, changes you from within, and keeps you on the edge. Love is simply madness, the lunacy you deliberately want to indulge in. Romantic infatuation, the one mentioned in literature, is like a legalized insanity. You don’t want to stop thinking about your lover, anytime. When you fall for someone deeply and passionately, there is nothing that can hold back your mind from the thoughts of your lover. Love engenders narrowing of focus, where all your attention is concentrated and feels everlasting. When you are irreplaceably and irrevocably in love with someone, your gut drops when you see your lover. The initial stage of a relationship is even more palpitating and heartening when you simply can't get enough. This addiction is more astonishing than innumerable shots of liquor. It reduces the entirety of the cosmos into the deepness of your love. It dims the surroundings, and you wish to get closer and deeper into the pool of being in love. Love is intense, complicated, and all-consuming. You don't understand why are you so attracted but you still love it. You won't let the person go and always find excuses to stay. Look deep into the eyes of your lover and you can't resist anything. You will want to succumb to those moments, and probably never want to fight back and erase those scintillating feelings. Researches have shown that a majority of men and women do not fall in love at the first sight. This simply suggests that most of our humanity is open to being persuaded in love. There is a deep psychology behind how to make someone fall in love with you genuinely. Let's have a look at some ideas that can make someone become crazily in love.

1. Be a great listener in addition to being in love

We all love to talk about ourselves, and it is scientifically proven that we are naturally attracted to someone who will listen to us. Spoken language is the most powerful means of communication. You should listen more to the person you desire to make them fall for you. Make the right eye contact and lean forward, appearing genuinely interested in the conversation. It simply enlivens the speaker who is inadvertently ​and unknowingly attracted to the one who listens so patiently and encouragingly. This gesture shows how deeply interested you are, in not just in the conversation but in his or her life.

2. Ask the right questions to make someone fall for you

A simple conversation can upgrade relationships and help you decide if you're wanted. Asking the right questions can be quite decisive. It helps remove all anxieties, inhibitions, nervousness, or any turn offs​. Moreover, this acts on the subconscious psychology of the person opposite to you. The questions asked must be subtly personal that make your partner feel more comfortable and optimistic. These can be asked often over text to arouse even more curiosity. Research has also proven that both men and women like partners who are cheerful and optimistic. Thus, a set of personalized questions that tug at the right heartstrings can make the person fall for you forever.

3. Be unpredictable

Unpredictability is an exciting trait if it is adventurous and astonishing. Anyone would love to plunge into celebrations at the right moment if they were previously uninformed about a pre-existing party. An unforeseeable romance or date is definitely more charismatic than a pre-planned one. Take your lover on a sudden long drive, or out to an exotic dinner. An unplanned trip would be terrific, and so would be a surprise gift oustide of a special occasion. This plays with the mind of the person you want to fall in love with you forever. Small surprises and acts of playfulness are​ heart-filling. This keeps him or her begging for more from within and it plays perfectly for your fierce love.

4. Make yourself desirable for that someone special

Now that you've already proven your own worth demonstrating your wit, magnetism, and vivacity, make yourself even more wanted. You always fall for someone who is famous and admired by all. The simple psychology behind this is that we crave for things that are rare and more in demand. In fact, this defines the fundamental principles of economics that determines inflation. Scarce resources are always costly and utterly desirable. If you're too hasty and clingy, that might be a huge turn off​. Try to become busier and more into your own work or chores. Give adequate attention but don't relax too much. This is a foolproof trick. People instantly get attracted to the quiet one in the room who is mysterious yet the center of attention.

5. Be highly engaging and watch someone fall in love

Let me share an interesting anecdote. Once, while dancing outside an open café in a college around midnight, my friend was approached by the DJ of the party to ask if she likes the music. When the party was over, he went after her and requested genuine feedback for the music. They ended up talking for hours while walking around the campus. They didn't part ways until the dawn rose over their heads. This level of engagement is captivating and irresistible forever. Someone you're doting on won't ever get enough of your delightful words. Falling in love becomes inevitable.​

6. Correspond in likes and dislikes

If you're somehow aware of your crush's interests, you can try to develop some convergence. People of similar profession or hobbies love to hang out with each other. This can be a golden opportunity for you to be close to him or her. Frequent conversations and meetings can prove to be magical. If your opinions converge and your thought processes run close together, there are high chances the person will be involuntarily attracted toward you. It's the psychology of our mind working in this direction, making people eventually fall in love.

7. Use manipulation to let someone fall in love

We all have some predetermined criteria in our head about the kind of partner we would like to have. He or she could be a traveler, a reader, an actor, an athlete and so on. This simply indicates that you have to be fast and smart enough to do some homework even before attempting such manipulation. A certain amount of diligent research work has to be put in to comprehend the preferences and tendencies of your crush. You need to try harder to fit into their desires and be the person of their dreams forever.

8. Use your mutual friends for the one you're in love with

Mutual friends are the best tool for your purpose of using psychological tricks. Our brains are preemptively programmed to trust someone we know already. An introduction by a mutual friend, words of praises by common friends, and frequent apparently random yet planned meetings can do wonders for you. You can be a part of the common chat groups, where you yourself get a way to text your crush. ​This method is safe, fast, and forever reliable, a subtle way of brainwashing. You might have to cutely bribe your friend to make your love fall in love, but that gesture is absolutely justified.

9. Remind them of your presence subtly

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A gentle yet constant reminder of your presence can be good for their minds. However, in this case, you need to be careful about not nagging the person in any circumstance. Besides, sporadic interruptions can have a negative effect also. The point suggested here is to ensure that you're never out of the scene. Your constant presence in some way or the other does wonders to your love's subconscious, and will encourage them to fall in love with you too. You will eventually become indispensable and that is when you can attempt other moves of seduction.

10. Project a positive image for someone to make them to fall in love


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Every individual gets instantly attracted to a positive personality and an assertive person. Such people are encouraging, lively, less controlling or jealous, and more amicable in the long run. You need to project yourself as an optimistic person who believes in the power of positive light. This would further emphasize your temperament as humble and caring. Try to eliminate the negative qualities fast and use this positive approach towards the psychology of attraction. This impression will get embedded in your lover's heart, who henceforth will always imagines you to be a positive beacon of hope. This is tantamount to being contacted or consulted in tough times. If you can prove to be cheery and frolicsome in depressing times for your lover, there is a massive chance of being the person of his or her dreams forever.

11. Prudent text messages

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In modern times, most relationships are built or evolved over text messages. This shift in communication has made it easier for people to remain connected at any point of time. Your text messages need to be carefully crafted for the laws of attraction to work with accuracy. You must never be a disturbance or be too cold. I remember how my friend began a conversation about the aurora borealis and completely mesmerized his crush with how he would love to go watch the northern lights with her. Those text messages created amazing visuals in her head, making her heart flutter, and she began falling for him.​

12. Make the right eye contact and be surprised with how they fall in love

Couples who are attracted to each other are likely to look into each other's eyes for longer than necessary. Eyes are the most expressive part of a human body. Our innocence, love, passion, desire, happiness, and eagerness are directly reflected in our eyes. The science of pupil dilation explains how our pupils dilate when we look at someone we love. That is an encouraging sign. You should look at your lover deeply in his or her eyes for longer than expected or anticipated. It has a magical effect. Those hypnotic eyes show confidence and charm. When you gaze at someone adoringly for an optimum amount of time, it engenders affection and makes their heart race. This is what is called going weak in one's knees. It is beguiling, appealing, and something we all secretly want.

13. Develop trust

The trust factor is an endangered species. Almost each one of us has faced some form of betrayal or deception in our lives. This is something everyone is scared of, or simply rather wary of. Love thrives on the pillar of trust. It cannot be fast and instant. Trust can be built patiently over time and with technique. Although our gut feeling is always right in giving warnings, we often ignore them when madly in love. This can result in heartbreaking treachery. You never know if the person you're trying to woo has been under such emotional condition at any level. Thus, it is crucial to assure him or her of your reliability and credibility. It might be painfully slow but once this building of trust is created with strong foundation, there are no chances of wreckage and you can thereafter build monuments of your love forever.

14. Indulge in appreciation

Being praised genuinely is an amazing feeling. You might not always realize how validation and appreciation acts as a love potion. They truly work wonders. It takes a lot of compassion and benevolence to praise someone. If you notice your lover's tiny habits, behavior, fashion sense, choices, or anything you find unique, don't forget to mention it. This gives them a chance to realize how adept you are in your observations, and that if you can notice such seemingly insignificant things, how passionate you would be about more important things. This trick might sound cliche but the success rate of this method depends on how articulate and forthcoming you are. Just mention innocently that he or she is a unique exception and there's practically nobody like them.

15. Use their name more often and touch them gently

Using names is always appealing and attractive because it adds a sense of personalization. This perfectly fits into the psychology of humans. We love to talk to someone who often says our name. I'm sure each one of you must have felt the feeling of your heart skipping a beat every time you see your name appear in a text. This anticipatory trick works wonders. Listening to one's name definitely draws attention. In addition to that, you can make gentle physical contact. Don't worry about being seen as a molester. Actions such as the sudden holding of hands, instant hugs, and anything that involves subtly touching your crush is highly seductive and worth remembering. You yourself won't realize how you've unintentionally and unknowingly aroused your crush. It can be the beginning of a new relationship. Flirting is always one way to make someone fall in love and everyone cherishes it.

This is the magic of love. It can be persuaded, programmed, leveraged and channeled. It's not always pre-designed or pre-determined. If you're passionate about someone and keep those feelings deep in your heart, it's time to get started. It is time to make the call, be the charmer and get your lover to love you madly and irrevocably. Humans are easy to convince if we use positive psychology. That will be long-lasting and more effective. A greater amount of communication is required to lay the bricks of love and cement it with passion and emotions. It would be tough to encourage someone who has been heartbroken or misguided in love. Your love should have that requisite strength and resilience to undergo this rigorous process of approval and disapproval. Giving time to your love is an investment in the future. If it is approached slowly and gently, your future would turn out to be happier and safer. Be playful and mysterious. You should never overwhelm them with your actions or information. Timing is important. There will be a perfect time when you can actually confess how ridiculously you're in love with him or her. You never know if they're already anticipating or waiting for this day to come. Women for instance absolutely love men who are daring enough to come out and just say it to their face.

If you both belong to similar backgrounds or have similar interests, it is a big advantage to attain a healthy relationship in the future. If such incidences do not occur, you can make it happen as explained earlier. People have a natural tendency to rush to their comfort zone first. Never let love be pretentious by going too far or overdoing things. That would end up being a disaster. All you have to begin is with making your presence felt more often. Try to hang out with your love interest more, making it look more obvious than premeditated. Repeated exposure to your lover can make mutual attraction fast and easy. Those meetings must be followed by quickly disappearing for a while. This arouses curiosity and the level of appeal. You being invisible suddenly will make you more wanted instantly. This works perfectly with a person's psychological orientation, heightening emotions and feelings of affection. Ask him or her for advice more often. That would make them feel more wanted and desirable, thereby instilling confidence.

Your pleasant smile, entertaining banter, overtures of benign friendship, and simple acts of caring will work magically to make the person fall for you gradually but surely.



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