Does He Like Me? 25 Body Language Signs Of Attraction

It is important for a woman to know the signs that show a man likes her or not. This can be perfectly done through the study of his body language.

By Auntrone89
Does He Like Me? 25 Body Language Signs Of Attraction

Use his body language to tell if he likes you

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If a man is attracted to you, there are signs that he exhibits. It therefore means that it would be a tad easier to know just by checking out his body language. And so, as a woman, you need to be armed with this kind of knowledge to know if a man is interested or not.

1. He likes you if he keeps touching his throat

As a woman, you can simply tell if a man is into you when he keeps on touching his throat over and over again. This is because when someone likes you, there are some things he or she does subliminally and for men, it so happens when he constantly touches his throat. This is the first thing that you ought to look out for and then the next step will be looking out for the other signs. You can’t miss out on these especially if he likes you.

2. If his legs are wide open, he might like you

Another very important body language that you need to look out for is his legs. More often than not, a man will always close his legs or cross them when he is uncomfortable during an interaction. But when he opens his legs and especially when he is facing you, then it just shows that he is trying to show you how much of a macho he is. Again, he might be doing this consciously or subconsciously. Either way, all he's trying to show you is that he's comfortable and dominant and that he has his eye on you. So, if a man likes you, check out this particular body language.

3. Licking his lips is a body language that shows interest

Another one of the very important signs that he likes you is when he consistently licks his lips when around you. Again, he might be doing this consciously or subconsciously. But at the end of the day, all he is trying to communicate to you is that he is deeply attracted to you and is probably thinking of kissing you. But you shouldn’t rely on this sign too much because he might just be enjoying the chicken breasts that both of you had while on your date. So, to be sure that he likes you, you need to check out other body language signs.

4. He likes you if he smiles all the time

Ladies, you can tell if he likes you just by looking at how he smiles. There are different kinds of smiles that a man can exhibit. One of these smiles will include smiling from ear to ear, meaning that his entire face is smiling. When the entire face is smiling, it just shows that he is interested and is genuinely into you. But if he rarely smiles, and when he does smile his face is just straight, then chances are that he might not be into you. Worst case scenario, he might be thinking about someone else.

5. Check the pupils

Someone wise once said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and they didn’t lie. As the smart woman that you are, you can easily tell that someone is into you or not just by looking at their pupils. If they are bigger than usual, especially when they are around you, then it is a strong body language that indicates liking. And the good news about this body language is that you can’t fake it and it is almost always the real deal. So, the next time he is flirting with you, try to check out his eyes and tell by that body language sign whether he likes you or not.

6. He likes you if he shares

Let’s be honest for a second or two – if a guy likes you very much, then he will almost always share his dreams and goals with you. One thing that you need to understand about men is that they never reveal their moves because they believe in letting the success do the talking. But since he likes you very much, he will let you in and even ask for your opinion. Always put the latter among the signs to look for when a man is attracted to you.

7. Everything fades in the background

Another way you can easily tell that a man likes you is when his only focus is on you. One thing about men is that they will always focus on one thing. So, if he is into you and not someone else, then he will almost always focus on you and that is as easy as telling a B from a bull’s foot – if that dictum is still relevant today.

8. He always glances back at you

“I hate to see her go, but I like to watch her leave.” That is a normal hip-hop line that perfectly explains how a man behaves when he is parting ways with a woman that he happens to like. Men can’t get enough of the woman that they are interested in and will most certainly look over just to see if she is still as cute as they remember. They will also couple this with that big, naughty smile and dreamy eyes. This is why you need to observe more than one body language in order to be sure.

9. The deep voice shows he likes you

As earlier stated, if a guy likes you, then he will try showing his “macho” side by any means possible. So, it would always be a good sign when he automatically switches to his deeper voice, especially if he likes you. And even if his voice isn’t that deep he will try and make sure that he is pulling this off so that in the end, you are in a position to appreciate him. Again, check out the above-stated signs just to know whether or not he is attracted to or likes you. And once you do, please act accordingly so as to avoid wasting his as well as your time especially if you don't like him at all.

10. He can't stop staring

Men are quite an easy read especially if they like particular girls. So, if they tend to stare too much, maybe it’s because they like you too much and can’t help it. So, when he is out there looking at you in a nice, less offensive manner, cut him some slack for a second. Maybe it’s just because he is drawn to or likes you and can’t really help but take a glance for a couple of seconds. So, if you are out of a date or in a social gathering and you catch him staring, chances are that he is interested/likes you. Staring is, therefore, one way to tell if someone, and not just men, is into you.

11. Leaning is a body language that shows he likes you

If you love someone, you would want to be closer to them. That explains why pets, especially cats, always love leaning around their owners’ legs. And that is the kind of body language that you should expect a man to exhibit when he likes you. He will always look for ways to lean over towards you either for a hug or a high five. Either way, he will always want to be as close to you as possible and that shows that he likes you.

12. He might avoid you if he likes you

Hey, let’s be honest for a couple of seconds here. Not every guy that is into you is going to be James Bond confident. So, there might be cases where he might avoid you, especially in public. It might be because he feels inadequate and doesn’t really want to embarrass you. He might always be extra happy seeing you afterward and make a lame excuse as to why he avoided you by saying that he didn’t see you. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to be extra careful so as to not miss on the signs that he is actually attracted to you.

14. Touching is usually a good body language

You can tell that someone is into you when they constantly find a reason to touch you. It might be because they are looking to whisper a joke into your ear or just tell you how much you mean to them. As a matter of fact, any form of touching is usually a good sign because it is usually a sign of intimacy. And nine out of ten times a man usually likes you when they are constantly touching you which is actually good news. Always be on the lookout for this body language and you can never go wrong at all.

15. He is polite when he really likes you

Most men use cuss words, especially when chilling with the boys. Unfortunately, the same kind of language is used when other women are around them, well, except for their mothers, their daughters and the girls they like. If anything, men become unusually polite when speaking to women that they like. And for some reason, their body language usually complements their polite language which is always charming to some extent. So, if you know of a guy who is always using rude language but is always polite when around you, he might just be into you.

16. His body language reflects jealousy when you talk to other men

Jealousy is a very strong emotion that men exhibit in the face of competition. Men don’t like competition especially when it comes to girls or women that they are interested in. One of the signs that they might be a tad jealous might include rolling their eyes when you aren’t looking (oh yes, we do have our eye-rolling moments too). They might just look uncomfortable and more often than not, they might wave at their competition just to show that “hey, that cute lady you are trying to seduce is with me, better move!” without actually saying it.

17. He never wants to say goodbye if he likes you

It is always difficult to tell someone you like goodbye. And that also applies to a man who likes you. It would definitely be difficult for him to see you go especially after hanging out with you and clearly having the time of his life. It would, therefore, be a good idea for you to always pay attention to this and you will definitely realize that his hugs aren’t just longer but tighter. He might even want to walk you to your house, ask to come in, then ask if it’s okay to have a drink or two.

18. He will protect you

This is the most common thing that a man does to a woman that he likes or fancies. He will always be there for you and defend you whether verbally or physically which is always good. And that is why whenever you're the girl or woman that he likes, you will always feel safe around them. In a bid to protect you, they will also offer to walk you to your door, open doors for you, open bottles for you and offer you their overcoat when it gets all chilly especially when you are out on a date. He will also walk on the side of the road when you are strolling on the sidewalk. Always watch his body language while on walks because his chest will most certainly be forward, showing that he is ready to protect you.

19. Fiddling his hair and shirt

Another subliminal body language that you need to look out for is fiddling. If he likes you, he might end up fiddling his hair or shirt and it’s for good reason. He will quickly run his hand through his hair just to make sure that he looks at his most attractive and then proceed to talk to you. So, if you are keen enough, you might catch a glimpse of him grooming himself so that he can look good for you. The same happens when he fiddles his fingers with his hair which is among the strong signs that he is deeply attracted.

20. He sits facing you is a body language showing interest

No one wants to face you especially if they aren’t interested in you. So, you can easily tell that someone, especially a guy, is interested in you especially when he sits facing you. That just shows that he is welcoming and will more or less listen to everything you have to say. The opposite also happens to be true when a guy isn’t interested in you because, well, he will always strive to face away from you. You should, therefore, check his body language before you jump to conclusions.

21. Performs his best when you are around

If you are keen enough, you will get to see this on a regular basis. Have you ever been in a gym and guys all of a sudden start pushing two hundred pounds of iron? Well, they are just trying to show off their manhood and the same applies to guys all around the world. So, when you have been wondering whether a certain guy likes you or not, try checking out their body language and you will get your answer almost immediately. If they love sports, then they will be at the forefront making sure that those hoops are getting in from a three-point position, just to impress you.

22. He is always nodding

It is easy to tell whether a man is paying attention to you or not. So, when he is interested, he always wants to make sure that you know that he is. Apart from the eye contact, he will also make sure that you know he is listening to you. More often than not, he will always filter other people out just so that he can listen to you much more clearly. And since the universal body language for comprehension is usually nodding, it also counts as one of the most salient signs that a man is completely attracted to you which is an added advantage altogether. He might also ask a couple of questions especially if he isn’t sure about something you just said which is almost always a good thing.

23. He likes you if he doesn’t flinch at your touch

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You can also tell that someone is into you when they don’t flinch when you touch them, even if it happens unexpectedly. More often than not, it is usually that way because he usually fantasizes about the time you will touch him. And so, when it finally happens, he would have been anticipating it for some time. And that can only happen when someone is thinking about you in a positive light. You can, therefore, use this technique just to see if they do have a thing for you and you will most certainly find out.

24. He gets nervous when around you

Men feel the pressure whenever the women they want are around. So, you wouldn’t be surprised when you are in a position to make the most macho of them all weak in the knees. It is a natural occurrence when a man happens to like you and it is, therefore, one of the body language signs you ought to look out for.

25. At your beck and call

When he likes you, it wouldn’t really matter whether you are stranded a couple of states away and it’s heavily snowing. When you call him, he will always drop everything that he is doing and come get you. You can, therefore, consider this among the vital signs to tell whether or not he is attracted to you.


There are way more ways you can tell that someone likes you and one way to do it is through body language. But sometimes it might just be a misreading and they might actually just be good friends. So, despite exhibiting all of the above-mentioned signs, it is still important for you to just ask. But that doesn’t mean that understanding a man’s body language isn’t important and that is why every woman ought to make an effort to learn how to pick these signs up, for their own good.