Davon Fleming Wiki: Age, Net Worth, 'The Voice' & Facts To Know

Davon Fleming is a great and strong singer in the 13th season of The Voice. This is the background and career experience of the singer.

By Gerald Matiri
Davon Fleming Wiki: Age, Net Worth, 'The Voice' & Facts To Know

Davon Fleming, The Voice contestant

Davon Fleming grew up in Park Heights, Baltimore, Maryland in a rough neighborhood. As a Christian, his parents were proud of him and at the age of 3, Davon was inspired by his mom who was a choir member. Her mother wanted to be a singer but due to hardships, she couldn’t make it. At the age of 16 years, Davon was doing background vocals for various artists and learned classical and jazz music. He has worked in conjunction with renowned musicians like Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell, Ricky Dillard, and Mary Mary. Concerning the singer’s net worth or girlfriend, no information has been confirmed yet. Today, at the age of 25 years, Davon is still a devoted praise and worship leader at his church. After his appearances on The Voice 2017, he has been ranked in the Top 20 list of the BET’s singing show. Davon has featured in different press releases such as Baltimore Insider article in October 2017. On The Voice, where he also sang I’m Your Baby Tonight he has faced judgment from Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Adam Levine.

1. How The Baltimore Singer Made To The Voice Auditions

The Voice is the greatest opportunity Davon, where he also sang I'm Your Baby Tonight, has ever had. He had his first time out of America when he visited Switzerland and Italy with Serenity- a singing group. He also performed at the inauguration of President Donald Trump together with Chrisette Michele before the auditioning of the voice. At the auditions, Davon succeeded in the two rounds and then flew to LA to meet with producers and perform other auditions before he could be fully accepted. He reported to have been nervous but he knew he had so much waiting. So, he did not waste time any time worrying too much. His family encouraged him to sing out his whole heart and that is how he fought anxiety. After a deep breath, everything fell into place. He had an enriching experience in LA interacting with different musicians. He had one goal in mind: to showcase his talent in the best way to the world. Today, Davon has more than 10,000 Instagram followers. He recently also sang I’m Your Baby Tonight.

2. Davon vs. Maharasyi on ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight’

Davon and Maharasyi did I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston in the battle rounds. One judge- Miley- commended the two for the entertainment and how comfortable the seemed with each other. Adam Levine loved the fantastic voice of Maharasyi and her elegant dress during the performance of I'm Your Baby Tonight, but chose Davon over her. Blake commented that the two did equally good while Jennifer, the former American Idol star, made a remark about Maharasyi’s amazing voice and her magnificent dress. According to Hudson, Davon made I’m Your Baby Tonight fun and so he was her number one choice. This duet performance encouraged him to move from his comfort zone. He was prepared for risks and more music genres. And that’s when he started gaining more Instagram followers.

3. Davon Fleming on ‘Me and Mr. Jones’

Davon astounded the judges and viewers when he performed ‘Me and Mr. Jones’ during the Blind Audition. Adam Levin and Miley Cyrus hit their buzzers without any hesitation as Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton followed suit. At one instance, Jennifer Hudson threw her one shoe in bewilderment. The humble singer who was raised in Park Heights was liked by the four judges but chose to join Team Hudson. He even did a prompt duet (I will always love you by Whitney Houston) with Jennifer who was over-excited with his performance. She remarked that the panel had never been speechless before. Blake, who was equally impressed, told Fleming that he deserved to be the winner. Every judge made enthusiastic comments about Davon because they all wanted him in their teams but Jennifer Hudson won him over. Blake Shelton was positive that Fleming would make it to the finals. Adam Levin pleaded with Davon to join his team while Miley Cyrus wanted to hit her buzzer a thousand times. The most iconic plea was made by Jennifer Hudson who threw her one shoe. This made it hard for Fleming to make a choice. He even told the Baltimore Sun that he had every judge in his mind and got caught up in a moment. He finally followed his heart after performing a duet with Jennifer. Fleming told the Baltimore Sun that he preferred Hudson because she has a church background just like him. He had the most amazing moment performing Whitney’s song with a songstress he likes (Jennifer). It couldn’t be better. Miley Cyrus was impressed by Fleming’s style, and Hudson said she identified with him better because they had a common hero when growing up- Whitney. She recalled how he started in a similar manner before she got famous on American Idol. Davon was delighted to sing with the American Idol star he once watched and envied. He did impress everyone with I’m Your Baby Tonight earlier.

After this magnificent episode of Fleming and Hudson, the life of the 25-year-old changed. In fact, his ‘Me and Mr. Jones’ performance streamed on Apple Music. He appeared on every website and blog; more people followed him on Instagram; and boom, he became a celeb! The singer insists that his mother, Dorothy, is his biggest source of inspiration. Despite the hustles and tough life in Park Heights, Davon fought hard to be the person he is today. He said this during the introduction of the show.