First Time Sex Tips: Your Do's And Don’ts

Having sex with someone you like for the first time is something special. Here are a few tips on how to do it right and make it unforgettable.

By Tashke
First Time Sex Tips: Your Do's And Don’ts

First sex - a lifetime experience

Sex is a great thing. And anyone who claims otherwise obviously has a problem. Look at it this way: according to science, people are predestined to reproduce. And without sex, the extension of species wouldn't be possible, right? Sex is a natural need, both for males and females. And it comes down to our skill and knowledge to make it enjoyable. The first sex is a milestone in your life. It represents changes in your body once you've achieved pubescence. Back in the days when two young people first became bride and groom, they became intimate. The age limit for first sex has drastically decreased. Both male and female are experiencing their first time at much younger ages. Romantic, teenage movies teach us that the first time will be a special, and unforgettable experience. Reality has shown otherwise, in most cases. In this article, we will give you a few tips how to experience your first time in a movie-like way and make it a lifetime memory.

Sex tip 1: Choose your sex partner wisely

We have already said that the first sex is a special event. When it comes to our first time, we want to do it with the person we love. Or at least someone we really like. So, you should choose your girlfriend/boyfriend. Mostly, people decide to experience sex when they are in a serious relationship, with someone they already know. When your first time is with someone familiar, you can be more relaxed. You have probably already talked about how your first time should be. You found out some things, like what turns on your partner, what kind of a foreplay he/she wants, etc. With the person you love, you can adjust the wishes and needs,so one of the most important tips here is; choose your sex partner carefully.

Should You Have Sex With A Stranger?

Sure, first sex can be a great experience; even with a total stranger, but we don't recommend it. If it's a random person, the feeling just won't be the same. With someone we like, it will be something special. Your partner is the one who loves you and wants to satisfy you. He/she will take care not to hurt you and will do anything to make you happy. And it's hard to get that emotional support from a stranger. Rare are those who stay with the same person for a lifetime. Mainly after losing their virginity, teenagers start to experimenting, changing partners, acquiring new experiences and so on. It may happen that after sex, you get into a relationship with someone unknown. Just to be sure, let your first time be with someone familiar. When you get more experience, you will be more cautious and you can change your partners a little more often.

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Sex tip 2: Make your first time memorable in every way

In order for your first time to be an unforgettable experience, it's not enough just to find your "perfect sex crime partner". Yes, choosing your partner wisely is a very important thing. But it is also a big deal where and when you will do it. Therefore, you need to create the conditions in which you will feel most comfortable when it comes to your first sex. Times have changed, and sex in bed has become boring, so people often choose as many strange places as possible - parks, public toilets, hidden spots everywhere. According to Reddit, most users have their first sex in bed. The second place is a car, and the third place is reserved for outdoors, like parks or beaches. It's kinda cool, but save the exotic locales until you have a little more experience. Until then, keep to beds and bedrooms. This is the safest spot you can have sex and nobody will see you. You can completely relax and enjoy each other.

Sex tip 3: No pressure for the first time

Sex should always be a matter of choice. You decide when your first time will be, and it should depend only on your wish and will. It is very important that there is no pressure from your partner. If you want to have sex just because your friends have already done so, you're making a huge mistake. Many teenagers feel the need to have sex as soon as possible so they won't feel rejected from their peers. Well, this is wrong. You're not doing this because of others; you're doing this because you want to and are ready. You will know when the time for first sex is right. Also, if your partner insists on sex, and you still don't feel ready, just don't do it. Keep this in mind: no one can force you. Find someone who will wait for you; someone who respects your choice and considers your innocence worthwhile. You really should be with someone who wants to make your first time really special.

Sex tip 4: Get some tips from someone more exeperienced

We don't expect you to ask your granny for tips about first sex. Yeah, she's from the era when first comes marriage, then sex. But wasn't she a bride once and hasn't she been married to your grandpa for like 17 years? She sure has some experience, but better ask someone younger :) Times have changed and sex is no longer a taboo topic. A few decades ago, it was a sin to think about sex, never mind talking about it in public. Parents were strict: no sex before marriage and that's it. First thing first - girlfriend and boyfriend, bride and groom, then husband and wife, and after all that, yeah, you can have sex. Luckily, that has changed. With the advent of the Internet, parents have become the last option when it comes to counseling. Teens mostly can get many tips online or in conversation with friends. They are very advanced nowadays, and with the help of sites such as Reddit, Facebook, and other social networks, they became "experienced" sex masters. Both males and females mostly look for sex tips about their first time online. They find it safe because it's anonymous and they can find answers on some of the dumbest questions. They educate themselves using forum spots like Reddit, where they explain the problem and wait for unknown people to give them some useful tips.

Asking friends for first time tips

Having friends means you share secrets with them. So do not hesitate to ask them for advice about the first time, especially if you know that some of them have already had sex. Do not be ashamed because you are the last virgin among friends. If your friends are cool, they won't tease you. And if they make jokes about it, so what? What are friends for? Anyway, talk to your best friend, ask him/her for some tips about first time sex. Let him/her tell you about their first time experience. You can get some good advice for sure. Certainly, it is useful to hear different opinions, but we'll repeat, the decision about when is the right time is only up to you.

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Sex tip 5: Don't try to show off

In modern times, teens can learn most facts on the Internet. Simply, they can sit down in front of their computer, go on Reddit, etc., and open the topic of what is best for the first time. By reading various views and tips, and with enough practice, they can think of themselves as experts in sex. This is wrong. You should not boast if you are not a proven expert at something. When the first time is about to happen, of course, you don't have experience, so don't try to show off. It can all go wrong and you will only be embarrassed. There were also cases when people got hurt, just because they want to show off. This is especially important for men. Do not try to impress your partner with your porn movies knowledge or listening tips by some swaggerer. The experience will come with practice, this is your first time and it's ok to be a bit confused. Let the first time be standard, without experimenting. Use some standard poses, like the missionary style. It will be a pleasant experience for both of you and your lack of experience won't even notice.

Sex tip 6: Tips for foreplay

After a lot of thought, you decide to have sex with your partner for the first time. So now what? Before the act of penetration, you need to have some foreplay so that all your senses are awake and to make the penetration easier. During foreplay, take some time; don't rush so your whole body relaxes and prepares for the sex act. Maybe you are still a virgin, but you've probably heard about various types of foreplay. Cuddling or kissing long and with tongues are some types of foreplay. Also, soft touching of erogenous zones and a massage, from head to toe, are also recommended before having sex. By combining them, you can turn on your partner so that the sexual act will be the cherry on the top of your romantic cake. Both males and females enjoy foreplay. Even a conversation can be a certain kind of foreplay, but we don't recommend it. Let your bodies speak instead of your heads. There will be time for talk and exchanging impressions later. Instead, read some useful tips about french kissing or erogenous zones. For your first time, the foreplay needs to be very gentle. Take your time too, since it is an act of preparing for something important that is about to happen. Foreplay is one way to get closer to your partner. In order to be more familiar with how to turn on your partner before the first time, we will explain to you which spots on the body are highly sensitive and how you can stimulate them duringforeplay.

Male erogenous zones

Men are easily turned on. Of course, that does not mean that he will get excited as soon as he sees you -- you have to make some minor effort. We will give you a couple of main spots on the male body, which are the main driving force of their libido. Prostate - we assume you've heard about this gland, and it reminds you of something else, right? Forget about that and think this way. The prostate can be very useful during foreplay. Since it is located near the penis, with the gentle stimulation of this spot, you can cause enormous pleasure for your partner. Lips - this part of the body is hyper-sensitive and by that, it represents a perfect thing for foreplay. Besides kissing, which can be so sexy if you know how to do it right, you can lick, suck, bite or gently touch your partner's lips. Either way; you can combine all of this in order to give him maximum pleasure. Fingers - well, who would've thought that fingers are an erogenous zone? At your fingertips, there are numerous nerve endings, which, when stimulated can cause a similar effect as when you are touching any other erogenous zone. We will let your imagination decide what to do with fingers, and believe us, the combinations are numerous.

Female erogenous zones

Women are complicated, mostly about everything, but sex. If you know how to treat them the right way, the pleasure is guaranteed for both of you. The question is, how to please your female? Nipples - The nerve endings at the top of her nipples can be a true volcano of pleasure. Allow your partner to play with them. You'll see how eager you'll be for what comes after foreplay. You will be more excited and your desire for sex will increase rapidly. Neck - As for the neck, the most sensitive area is around the ears and nape, under the hair. Many have goosebumps at the single touch of the neck area. Just imagine how they will react to numerous touches that lead to sex. Kissing the neck from time to time during sex can be such a pleasure.

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Sex tip 7: Be realistic in your expectations

If you want your first sex to become a nice memory, one of the main tips is to have realistic expectations. If you imagine your first time like a fairytale, unfortunately, you'll be disappointed. The first time can be clumsy, awkward, and often very short. When it comes to your first time, you can begin to think whether you are doing something wrong, whether this should be this or that way, etc. Overthinking will destroy pleasure, for sure. Also, do not expect that after the first sex, you two will get married. You won't be a bride and groom after first sex, in most cases. Most of the brides nowadays are far from virgins since they mostly get married in their twenties.

Expectations about length

Your first sex can easily come to an end even before it has really started. It is possible that your partner won't get excited enough, or the opposite, that he turns on too soon and too fast. So your sex can last just a couple of minutes. Maybe you won't enjoy it a bit. Certainly, do not think of your first time as a marathon. It certainly won't last for hours, especially if both of you are inexperienced. Later you'll find out that the quality is way more important than length. So relax, and don't measure the time.

Sex tip 8: Contraception

People usually feel very excited and passionate about the first sex, especially if they are in a serious relationship. When you have a partner, it is logical that you want to raise your relationship to a higher level by being intimate with your loved one. But this shouldn't happen without protection. You should enjoy your first time, but the most important thing is your first sex must be safe. You must use some kind of protection and don't let anyone tell you different. If you don't know how to use it, google it or ask your friends who have already had sex to teach you. If you are a female, it is best to consult a gynecologist who will recommend a certain type of contraception. Pills are a good solution when you're in a committed relationship and if you won't change your partners often. Use protection, so you won't be bride and mom before your time.

Online help - Reddit, forums, social platforms

The internet is a good way to find out everything that interests you about sex, without anyone finding out who you are. You can ask a question on Reddit, find various forums to chat on or read about the various users' first time experiences. Of course, do not rely solely on online tips, but try to be timely and informed about unprotected sex. Be informed about possible diseases, pregnancy, contraception, etc. Especially now, when so much information is available, you have no excuse that you did not know what the consequences were if something happens after having sex without protection.

Last but certainly not least: relax and enjoy

If you decide to listen and observe all of the above-mentioned tips about sex, we can only tell you to relax and enjoy. Maybe the first time won't be the best for you to remember, but there will be more opportunities for having sex in your life :) Each time you will get better and better: you will learn more about yourself and your body, and you will know how to enjoy it more. The first time is just the beginning. The greatest pleasure in sex will come after you find the person with whom you want to spend your life.