25 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are tough but they have their own surprises. If you want to keep your love burning here are 25 tips to make it work.

By Gerald Matiri
25 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance Relationships Advice

Adhering to the clichéd rules of long distance relationships is hard. How do you effectively communicate without body language? How does it feel to see cute couples hugging and kissing on the streets while your boyfriend is miles away? If you were to choose, you wouldn’t want to have a long distance boyfriend. Too bad you can’t take away the opportunities and responsibilities of your partner. He could have stayed near you forever but has to pursue his dreams elsewhere. While you blame it on bad lack, you should look at it as a chance to foster your love. If you can keep a long distance relationship, it means you are not together because of convenience or comfort. Your relationship will get stronger as you spend time apart. Long distance relationships are like love tests. You’re tested on your independence as well as the trust you have on your boyfriend. That said, spending time apart is a blessing in disguise. No one said it’s easy. Nonetheless, long-distance relationships can stay alive if a number of tips and advice are followed. If you show that care, he will reciprocate and both of you will feel happier and closer.

1. Maintain less communication

Being overly possessive and sticky is both unwise and boring. Just because your boyfriend is far from you doesn’t mean you should call him 8 hours per day. It is tempting to compensate for the long miles by communicating more over phone calls and text messages. You might worsen your relationship with excessive communication. You don’t need to exhaust yourself. The best advice is to tease him at the right time and tug him at the right spot. You should communicate creatively and when you do, update your boyfriend on what’s going on in your life. Send him pictures, short videos, and funny clips to make it interesting.

2. Long distance relationships need faith

At some point, you will feel like the relationship is not worth it. The long distance is discouraging; without faith, you won’t make it through. Have a little faith. When you feel lonely and disillusioned, try to remember the good things about your boyfriend and your future dreams together. Write down the reasons you fell in love with your hot boyfriend and count down to that time you will be together forever. Take a look at the pictures he sends you and imagine him with you. There is a reason you are with him, and that reason must be a good one, so hold on to it.

3. Maturity goes a long way

The maturity of long-distance relationships has a huge impact on whether they can work or not. A certain degree of maturity is needed to keep a promise. For instance, 18-year-old partners going to different universities can never keep the promise of love. Learn how to delay gratification and work hard to keep in touch with your boyfriend. To resist temptations, you must be a strong woman and trust in your boyfriend’s love. You have to believe in him; otherwise, if you are the type that doesn’t trust people, the long-distance romance is not your thing.

4. Be honest

It doesn’t matter whether you planned for it or if it happened spontaneously or accidentally; you will need to have a serious talk with your man. Lay every matter on the table and keep in mind your destiny. To make concrete steps towards reaching your goals, both of you need to be honest. Being straightforward will help you work quickly with your future plans. Organize practical matters such as who should visit who and how often; how to stay connected; division of shared assets; and how to handle the travel expenses. Take a good look at where the relationship is headed, determine if your feelings are mutual, and have a serious talk. Be honest, and you will save yourself a lot of agony in future. You have to be sure that you have the cards.

5. Long distance relationships are great opportunities

Someday you want to live together with your man. First, learn how to stay apart so that you can appreciate him in future. It is a learning journey and a relationship test. A pessimist thinks that long-distance relationships pull couples apart, but an optimist sees them as opportunities which bind lovers together and stronger. Remember that you can be far from him yet so close to his heart. What you need is to fuel your mind with positive energy to keep the relationship hot and burning. It’s true that the long wait is exhausting, but think about the final outcomes when you move in together. Some tips on how to stay positive include being thankful all the time and reminding yourself why you are with your boyfriend.

6. Know your boyfriend’s schedule

This advice sounds weird; think about how you would feel if he wishes you good luck early in the morning before you take a driving test. So, make sure you understand his schedule so you can know what to tell him. After he makes a long presentation at work, ask him how the whole thing went. Put some effort to recall his routine and show him how much you care about his life even when you are far away.

7. Visit your long distance boyfriend

This is the ultimate experience for a long distance relationship. You get a chance to fulfill the small things you’ve been carving- hugging, kissing, making love, walking together in the park, laughing together, etc. After the long wait and abstinence, it is refreshing to be finally in your boyfriend’s arms. A moment together is so special and intimate for a couple who haven’t seen each other in a long time. It is like some glitter bombs, fireworks, rainbow, butterflies, and confetti all over. Before you plan a surprise visit, make sure that the relationship is mature enough and trusting. Otherwise, your boyfriend will think that you are trying to catch him cheating! Do not tell any other person that you are giving your boyfriend a surprise visit lest they spoil everything. To make the surprise more interesting, plan it when he is with friends at his place. It would be romantic and fun to show up when there’s a group of people witnessing your arrival.

8. Make your long distance relationships normal

When trying some long-distance romance, you better make it as normal as you can. This entails snaring special moments such as birthdays and graduations. Involve him in your daily ups and downs which normal couples go through and sometimes take for granted, Thanks to communication apps, sharing life moments is easy. FaceTime, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are a great help. But it will take a lot of your efforts because the distance between you makes things harder.

9. Plan goals together in relationships.

Do you have goals as a couple? Define for how long you want to live apart and what you want to do in future. After all, you won’t stay in the long-distance state forever. Eventually, you either settle down or fall apart. So, making plans together is critical. It is of utmost importance that the two of you stay on the same page so you can work towards similar goals. A serious couple plans for that time when distance will no longer limit their relationship. With plans in mind, you can move forward easily, and your relationship will not live in a suspended state. If you follow this advice, your love might end in a happily ever after.

10. Prioritize, commit, and share

Dedicate yourself to spending more time together besides the weekend dates. Deep bonds are created when people see each other more often. You will also have more opportunities to grow as a couple. If you prioritize your boyfriend’s love above other social commitments, you will enjoy the relationship better, and he too will follow suit. Ensure that you don’t simply spend time at his house only. Go out and share the love with other people- his friends and family. Do not cut him off from your other life so he can know you much better.

11. Send snail mails and love letters

Who doesn’t like getting a real mail? You have probably heard this cliché a thousand times: a physical copy speaks louder than anything else. Even in the real world, sending resumes in hard copies, writing down thank you notes, and love letters show how serious your message is. A single mail would be more exciting than fifty text messages every day. Your snail mail doesn’t need to be elaborate. You may color a photo and write down something romantic at its back. You can also include a care package in the mail to show that you think about him all the time. Don’t you feel excited when you open a package from a loved one? Again, don’t make it too complicated for yourself- if you are a student, buy a low-budget present. The feeling you get when you receive a letter from a loved one is priceless. Take advice and be your boyfriend’s pen pal. Letters are unique communication methods, very intimate and romantic. You can stay all day long on webcams and phone calls, but letters are more precious. These romantic ideas sound simple but will brighten his day. So, you can call it a win-win.

12. Video-call him when you can

A face to face interaction through video call can be a substitute for a hand or a lunchtime date. This communication mode establishes more personal and trustworthy relationships. You already know that trust is a valuable element in any form of relationship and thanks to video communication you get to see your boyfriend’s face, not just his voice. Unlike text messaging which gives a false sense of togetherness, video calls give full attention to everything you communicate. If you truly want to know someone, you have to see them as you speak. In a face to face conversation, you cannot miss an important clue or reaction from your boyfriend since there are no delays as in the case of text chats. No emoji can replace a video call. If there is tension between you two, seeing his reactions is paramount when trying to understand him. You may date a guy for months, but text communication is not enough to help you know him completely. Hearing and seeing each other makes things feel just right.

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13. Give your long-distance boyfriend a sweet nickname

Pet names are cure and romantic- they keep your lovey-dovey thing going. Typical endearing names like babe and honey are classic, but you got to try more interesting and romantic ideas of referring to your better half. Come on; your boyfriend deserves a cute nickname. For your information, a pet name can turn even the most unromantic guy into Mr. Romantic. This is one secret of a happy couple who wants to keep their romance hot no matter how many miles they are far from each other. If he is an easy going person, he will not mind being names with an adorable nickname. Be creative and think beyond the obvious. Do you want some romantic ideas on cute names you can call your boyfriend? Check them out. 1) My Prince 2) Sugar/cutie pie 3) Sweet cheeks 4) Sugar daddy 5) Boo Bear 6) Waffle 7) Mr. Amazing 8) Cosmo 9) Gumdrop 10) Binky 11) Mr. Handsome/ Cutie 12) Nightlight 13) My king 14) My favorite 15) Pumpkin 16) Sugar bear 17) Dreamboat 18) Champ 19) Romeo 20) Cuddly 21) Snugglebug 22) Lovebug 23) Tiger toes 24) Mr. Cool 25) Papito

14. Do interesting things together

There is so much you can do online with your boyfriend. Some tips include playing online games, watching a YouTube documentary together, walk as you video-call, shop online, or sing together on Skype. It all depends on your level of creativity. But you have to be spontaneous. When you come across something interesting, recommend it to your long distance boyfriend, e.g., TV show, a book, a movie, new music, and so on. As he reads or watches your recommendations, you will have something to talk about. It is all about creating shared experiences while living apart.

15. Engage him when you go out

You must have a balance between the time you spend with your boyfriend and other friends. You might be tempted to switch off the phone when you are on a girl’s night out but what’s the point? When you are at a party, he is obviously wondering what clothes you are in, whether you are drunk, or if other boyfriends are hitting on you. And even though your boyfriend trusts you, switching off your phone is not going to help minimize his anxiety. While you are still having fun, send him an interesting text and ask for his advice before you grab another glass of wine. He will know you are safe if you maintain a conversation throughout the night.

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16. Saucy long-distance games

There are many games you can play on the phone to keep you awake all night long. They are some of the best tips to stay on your boyfriend’s mind. You may not be talking, but if he sees you making a move, he gets you back into his mind immediately. A little competition in relationships is healthy. Here are some games tips. 1. Never have I 2. Talk dirty to me 3. Guess where I am 4. Battle by ships 5. Lame quotes game 6. Fill in the blank 7. Truth or dare 8. Strip cam 9. Video tease 10. Celebrity role-play 11. 20 questions 12. Letterpress 13. I spy 14. Would you rather 15. Draw something

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17. Have a motivating factor

The idea of a romantic relationship is to be engaged to someone you love. To keep long-distance relationships real, there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. You should set a date when you will finally move in together. It is easy to drift apart without the hope of a reunion. So, count days, weeks, and months to the day you will no longer have to endure the inconvenience of the long distance. Supposing you find an interesting guy online; if it is clear that the two of cannot meet, you’d better invest your love elsewhere. The key motivation behind a long-distance relationship is the guarantee that you will eventually end up with your boyfriend. You should be with him because you know he is ‘the one.' Otherwise, if the relationship is casual, you could as well be happier with a local boyfriend.

18. Set long distance relationships rules

It is important that you and your boyfriend clarify what you expect from each other. Ground rules will do you good and avoid unexpected surprises. Start by defining the relationship- is it exclusive or open? Determine the level of commitment and be thoroughly honest with one another. You have to promise each other that you’ll stay away from dangerous situations. For instance, if there’s a night party in your school, inform him beforehand, so he stays reassured. Don’t be reckless just because he’s not around. If you give him reasons to be suspicious, he will be upset because you put him in a situation he feels powerless. Without him around, you might be tempted to hang out occasionally with other boyfriends after work, or bad girls from college. Recognize the dangers of such circumstances and stick to your long distance relationship rules.

Keeping Hot Romance In Long Distance Relationship

How can you keep a healthy sex life if you and your boyfriend are hundreds of miles apart? Maybe he is on a military assignment or pursuing his studies abroad. Even if absence makes you grow fonder of him, keeping a sexually fulfilling relationship can be challenging when his touch is out of reach. Here are some romantic ideas to keep long-distance sex life interesting.

19. Dirty talks

One of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship is sexual tension. Intimacy is the greatest connection that keeps partners from drifting apart. Note that sexual desire is both a biological and emotional need. So, you need some romantic ideas to keep the flame burning. You will need a good messaging app if texting is your most frequent communication means. You will need a platform that facilitates romantic interactions beyond emotions and words. Certain apps are very effective as they incorporate funny and flirty stickers which are absolutely free. If your idea is to have dirty conversations at night, you can download adult stickers with sexual themes. Send him a flirty text whenever you feel naughty and include sexual innuendos and descriptions. You’ll be surprised how it gets interesting.

20. Download ideal apps

There are so many apps you can download for a long-distance relationship. Examples include Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. These tools will keep your hot chats separate and secure from regular phone messages. Once you have these apps, give your all to sex chats. Whether you are having a coffee break, commuting, or going to bed, sexting will keep things hot with your boyfriend.

21. Use long distance relationship sex toys

Keeping your romance alive and kicking is fundamental to making a relationship work. Good news is that there are products on the market which can reinforce your intimate connection and make the long distance less daunting. Even though your boyfriend’s far way, your sexual desires are still on. So, your sex life will involve a lot of solo play. Vibrators and dildos will help you have fun when he’s not there. Some high-tech sex toys are designed for the long distance. He can actually operate one from his smartphone while you enjoy it. Take advantage of this technology if you want the relationship to work. A remote-controlled vibrator can be all you need for your long-distance sexual needs. You will work magic with this toy from far away.

22. Write him erotica

If you are not so much into sending dirty pictures, you can switch your writing chops to erotica. Imagine a romantic scenario and write your boyfriend an email or a snail mail about it. Use your best language to captivate all his senses and drive him crazy with erotic imaginations. You have to warn your boyfriend that these erotica messages are not safe for work!

23. Fantasize and actualize

Rather than choosing to forget about the sex when he is away, you should fantasize about it. Come up with romantic ideas in your head and share them with your long-distance boyfriend. The next time you meet, make sure you actualize the fantasies. Plan together for an interesting and hot lovemaking session before you visit him. It could be something like staying in bed all day long to enhance your physical intimacy or trying something outrageous you watched on the internet. When you visit with a plan to increase your intimacy, it will be more fulfilling and bring you closer than ever.

24. Replicate his private parts

Did you know that you can clone your boyfriend’s manhood, literally? Using a home kit, craft a penis mold which you can place beneath your pillow. You can also create a replica of your private parts and put it in his backpack as he leaves. When you crave to get intimate with him, use the replica to excite yourself.

25. Skype sex

This is one of the best romantic ideas and the closest thing to the real physical intimacy (as long as both of you are not shy). At first, it would seem silly, but you will enjoy pleasure and satisfaction in the long run. It is okay to play a little dirty on webcam with your intimate partner to meet your physical and emotional needs. If you trust and are comfortable with him, then, Skype text is one of the greatest tips you can apply to keep a lively sexual spark between the two of you. Seeing him in the flesh and exploring your body in front of him is kind of hot.

Summed Up Tips

A lot of people think that long distance relationships never work. Given the advice and the romantic ideas you’ve read here, you can transform your love life into an exciting experience. Forget about what most people say; even your relatives might discourage you, and your very best friends will give you all sorts of advice like to find another boyfriend. A little faith will count. Believe that the extra distance will make everything achievable. While a few things might become complicated and you’ll feel lonely sometimes, the long distance can turn even the smallest things into sweet opportunities. Thanks to the dynamic technology, today you can connect in the most interesting ways. From tagging your boyfriend in cute memes on Instagram to FaceTiming, the communication platforms are limitless. Regardless of the available technology, it is not always a walk on the part to keep successful long-distance relationships. If you are visiting him frequently, you’ll incur traveling costs and try to balance your work demands and the time you see him can be draining. The bottom line is, long distance relationships require relentless commitment, realistic targets, and above all they need action. Since it’s easier to ignore some issues as the time you spend together is limited and precious, be careful not to live in fantasy. You need to work it out in reality and see whether it swims or sinks. Take caution not to fall into a fantasy trap most long-distance couples find themselves in. Base your love on practicality and reality of life, and your relationship will thrive.


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